Lovers of Music Abounds with Bad Fashion and Concept Teaser Cheesy Romance

The concept teaser is out for the upcoming music-themed K-drama Lovers of Music (Trot Lovers) and I have to say it’s interesting. I like how some K-dramas prepare concept teasers which don’t contain footage from the actual drama but instead might be like a tiny MV of sorts where the lead(s) act out a heightened scenario of what the drama is about. K-dramas also do concept posters which can be quite far-out, like Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won in a Mary Poppins-esque floating away pose for Secret Garden or the boy bad in You’re Beautiful looking like a bunch of fairies. The concept teaser for Lovers of Music is definitely of the far-out and wacky variety, and a tad too wacky for my tastes. It’s not bad but takes some getting used it. The teaser is set to trot music and features leads Ji Hyun Woo and Jung Eun Ji going through various outfits and hairstyles as he romances her. The grandpa and granny get-up is pretty cute and their final outfit definitely screams trot performance on stage. I can’t tell if they have chemistry with each other because the scenes are so over-the-top in their gestures and facial expressions.

Looks-wise they definitely are easy on the eyes and I love the major height differential. Ji Hyun Woo’s character may be a top music producer but looks like his attitude is balanced out by having wickedly awful sartorial tastes. The granny flower print track-and-field outfit complete with matching jacket and paired with running tights underneath takes the ugly cake. Please don’t let this become an ugly trend like Binnie’s blue sequined track suit in SG. I wonder if KBS is trying to spark more audience interest by throwing in bad fashion to make fun of. Ji Hyun Woo’s sandy-colored hair is also going to take some getting used it, it’s a bit too light for his complexion. It’s going to be hard to gauge what mood this drama is going for until I see a proper trailer containing scenes from the drama. Will it be goofy like You’re Beautiful? Uplifting and dark like What’s Up? Cute and simplistic like Dream High? I also wonder if it’ll spark a tiny trot revival, or at least get some youngsters to pick up trot as an alternative play list. Big Man is barreling towards the ending so hopefully Lovers in Music will drop a real preview this week and then I’ll have more to say about it. For now check out the bad Ji Hyun Woo fashion and the silly concept teaser below.

Teaser for Lovers of Music:


Lovers of Music Abounds with Bad Fashion and Concept Teaser Cheesy Romance — 9 Comments

  1. am I the only one that gets reminded of your beautiful comic scenes? hahaha eunji is so cute ♡♡♡

  2. Gray/blonde-streak hairstyle on JHW seems reminiscence of Lee Min Chul in Beautiful Days, some 13 years ago. Both characters being music producer.

    Well.. just a random observation. ^^

  3. Oh god, that flower suits Looks like he shot a cushion. It’s really bad. Not a fan of his hair colour either. But it doesn’t matter, I’m still looking forward to seeing this.

  4. Hmmm. There’s quirky and clever, such as in You’re Beautiful (remember Mother Superior emerging from the locker?) Joseon X-Files, or Master’s Sun, and then there’s quirky and stupid (Fashion King, for example, or a number of annoying jdoramas like Delicious Gakuen). I just hope this is quirky-clever, not quirky-stupid. I can’t find out anything yet about the writer, so I really don’t know which direction it will take.
    I do know that the leads alone cannot save this story – both of them have shown that they can be brought down by sub-standard material, Eun-Ji in That Winter The Wind Blows (in which she could do nothing with a nothing part) and Ji Hyun-Woo in A Thousand Kisses (and the less said about that train wreck, that made me (temporarily) swear off his dramas forever, the better).

  5. I have been trying to avoid all trailers and teasers, but I caved.

    Hmmmm…I can’t tell what this story will deliver, but I do love the leads. Both looked cuter as old folks than 70’s dressed.

    Even though it was only one slice of one moment, I liked the twirl and the dip in the end. JHW’s hands seem to hold her so confidently yet tenderly. Maybe I just love JHW doing anything…

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