Jaw-dropping Evocative Individual and Group Posters for Joseon Gunman with Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi

It will be a travesty of everything good in drama land if Joseon Gunman turns out to be a dud after dropping the most ridiculously gorgeous and eye-catching promotional materials in all of K-drama fare this year. I suppose the consolation prize is knowing that even if the drama sucks leading man Lee Jun Ki will be bringing it in acting intensity and character charisma no matter what. He’ll be bringing to like a speeding race car screeching to a theatrical slo-mo halt and leaving skid marks on the concrete. I was off by a week in my calculations and happily for me Joseon Gunman will be premiering the last week of June, which may in fact save this lackluster month with two exhilarating premiere episodes. Please do just that, drama, my brain will likely need to be rearranged back into a semblance of functional normalcy after a few more weeks of battering by Dr. Stranger.

The production dropped individual character posters today and continue to take by breath away. I find myself gasping each time I see something new from this drama, a reaction rare and precious nowadays when I merely hope a drama doesn’t suck and don’t even dare expect it to actually be amazing. There is also the first group poster showing all five leads photoshopped into the same frame. It’s the only one that isn’t totally awesome but everyone looks great which rescues it from the doldrums. The individual posters feature swordsman-turned-gunman Park Yoon Kang played by Lee Jun Ki, his beloved Jung Soo In in a reunion OTP with Nam Sang Mi, ambitious second female lead Choi Hye Won looking fabulous in Jeon Hye Bin, illegitimate son and second male lead Kim Ho Kyung played by Han Joo Won, and rival gunman in the guise of Yoo Oh Sung. The color scheme of the posters continues the first two featuring Lee Jun Ki in the grassy plains back lit with the Autumnal colors of the Joseon countryside. It’s haunting and breathtaking, KBS has really outdone itself this time around.


Jaw-dropping Evocative Individual and Group Posters for Joseon Gunman with Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi — 12 Comments

  1. i’m hoping for a brave lead woman and not clingy and sappy, waiting for his prince charming to rescue her. (even though in reality i will definitely pretending to be weak if my prince charming is Jun Ki :P).
    I’ve watched Nam Sang Mi in Goddess of Marriage and i really dislike her character. So I’m hoping that she will be a kick ass heroin in this drama.

  2. Yup, here’s to hoping the female lead will also have some fire in her. This drama needs to come soonerrrr. Please don’t disappoint

    • If the female character is anything like Moon Chae Won’s character in Princess Man (same production as this drama), we will get an awesome female lead. She was one of the best female written characters ever in dramaland. Seeing how they have similar stories as well, I can’t wait for Nam Sang Mi’s character.

  3. oh, my god. hats off to their creative design team, although it doesn’t say much about the quality of the show.

  4. Is it me or is that poster of Nam Sang Mi just about the most gorgeous and evocative poster you’ve ever seen of a Kdrama heroine?! I mean it is a still picture and yet she manages to be acting in it – and beautifully. I’m just blown away! I mean of course I love Lee Jun Ki and he is my reason for not even being able to sleep I’m so excited to watch this drama, but Sang Mi-ssi looks absolutely amazing in that poster!!!!

    • OMG, I found someone who shares the same sentiments as me regarding Nam Sang Mi’s poster! And that person is you! Luv it! You totally nailed what I thought when I looked at that poster.

  5. Okay after reading Jeon Hye Bin’s character description and her tagline: “Even if I had to exchange you for the entire world, I wanted to have you. –The flame of desire” I think I might just have fallen for an early second lead syndrome. I have weakness for second lead females who are part bad-ass, part-possessive, to a point that they’re willing to sabotage their big dreams of villainy or what have you, to posses the protagonist. I think it’s really sexy, whew.

    Credits to dramabeans for the translation.

  6. Breathless. Can’t wait for this, looks stunning on paper and then Lee Jun Ki is just awesome in anything. Fingers crossed it’s no dud lol

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