Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi Shine in First Couple’s Stills for Joseon Gunman

The two cuties of Joseon Gunman have unleashed their adorableness on the drama world and seriously brightened up what was an otherwise crazy start to the drama week. Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi are seen together in the first ever couple stills for the upcoming sageuk drama in what looks like the pre-gunman days. Wearing various pretty outfits, the two characters Park Yoon Kang and Jung Soo In partake on the usual meet cute and fall in love dance of attraction so common in dramas. I saw Nam Sang Mi’s yellow hanbok in the first filming stills from the set and thought it too bright and bold for my tastes but in the official stills it’s beyond stunning. I hope KBS knows what a potential gem it has in hand and doesn’t interfere with the great cast or the vision laid out by the production team.

Lee Jun Ki looks fantastic in period clothes, nothing new there. He’s one of those rare leading men that actually shines in any genre, be it thriller (Two Weeks), gritty revenge (Time Between Dog and Wolf), sageuk (Arang and the Magistrate and Iljimae), rom-com (My Girl), and social commentary (Hero). I’m still disappointed that his version of Faith never got off the ground before he was shipped off to the army. Lee Jun Ki mentioned earlier this year that he was potentially going to do a rom-com next after last year’s thriller chase drama Two Weeks, but ultimately the script for Joseon Gunman lured him back to the small screen. Judging from the posters, trailers, and now the first couple stills, this drama will follow in The Princess’s Man‘s footsteps and be utterly breathtaking to watch.

I haven’t loved a Nam Sang Mi drama since years ago with Invincible Lee Pyung Gyung opposite Ji Hyun Woo and it’s actually her earlier stuff such as Bad Family which are true gems that showcase what a warm wonderful actress she is. I’m glad she’s breaking out from years mostly in weekend dramas to rejoin Lee Jun Ki in an action-romance-intrigue-patriotism combo from the PD of The Princess’s Man.


Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi Shine in First Couple’s Stills for Joseon Gunman — 12 Comments

  1. Looking forward to it.

    Lee Jun Ki has been on a role for me with Arang and Two Weeks, and I loved Nam Sang Mi from Bad Family.

    I might have to check out Time Between Dog and Wolf if I start liking Joseon Gunman.


      The last kdrama I watched completely was Master’s Sun. The more recent dramas have been huge disappointments and I so desperately want to get into kdramas again.

      This one has caught my eye and I really hope it turns out well!

  2. I really hope this is as good as its posters and teasers suggest. I loved Arang but am quite ready for another sageuk to win me over, all of last year’s fusion sageuk crop were duds in the end.

  3. Omg – I can’t say how breathtaking these photos are. Wow!!! I absolutely love the yellow, purple. Gorgeous! Now to make sure the plot is good.

  4. If this can be anywhere near as good as Princess Man, then this is potentially going to be the best sageuk for the year.

    Please be awesome show.

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