Kang Ji Hwan Leads the Cast and Crew of Well-received Big Man at Drama Wrap Party

The happy and proud cast and crew of the just ended KBS Mon-Tues drama Big Man hied themselves off to a cast wrap party on Tuesday as the drama prepared to air its final episode. What can I say about Big Man? It wasn’t great but it had heart, and more importantly, it stuck to its guns and told a story exactly the way the writer mapped out. There wasn’t a moment of wonky that pointed to fanservice or uncertain rewriting of the script. In the end, all the bad guys got their comeuppance for trying to off the titular big man time and time again. The rich daddy went to jail for his misdeeds while young baddie Daniel Choi‘s character died from his failed heart. The romance was always on the backburner of this drama and in the end Kang Ji Hwan‘s character did end up with Lee Da Hee‘s aloof leading lady despite the majority of fan preferences for spunky second female lead Jung So Min.

I didn’t mind the ending at all, ultimately the drama was not about romance and who ended up with whom. BM successfully delivered on its story about rich people thinking they can do anything and get away with it, and the underdog(s) fighting back and proving that money doesn’t always win. The main cast of BM at the wrap party was all sorts of sartorially hilarious. Jung So Min looks like she just rolled out of bed and pulled on a blanket over her, though with her young age and looks she can get away with it and manage to look adorable. I don’t have the heart to point out to Ji Hwan that his hat-shirt combo reads a derogatory slang term for women but I’ll assume he had no clue. Either the hat or the shirt would be fine, but together in the order where my eye hits the H and then goes down to the O, I just can’t even LOL.

I really wish Lee Da Hee would eat more. She is wayyyyy too skinny and in the picture above her legs actually freak me out.

I enjoyed BM but not enough to rewatch it again or recommend it since I liked it most for the acting and chemistry of Kang Ji Hwan and Jung So Min. Their characters were also the most interesting in the drama regardless of whether a romance blossomed between them, he was the nice guy daring to fight back, she was the angry rich girl who found a hopeful future outside of her shitty family. They were lovely together and I hope Kang Ji Hwan and Jung So Min can reunite one day in a drama where they do play the OTP, and if it’s a rom-com then I’ll be rolling on the floor with the resemblance chuckles thinking it a Lie to Me v.2.


Kang Ji Hwan Leads the Cast and Crew of Well-received Big Man at Drama Wrap Party — 23 Comments

  1. Jung So Min reminds me so much of Yoon Eun Hye it’s crazy. It’s more than just physical resemblance, it’s the overall aura.
    Although usually, I tend to disagree with the “she needs to eat more” comments, LDH is really too thin. It’s not the natural sort of thin, it’s a very planned out “I already ate this week” sort of thin. :/

  2. Lee Da Hee Should develop her acting the drama id well received only in ep. 16 and also please eat Da Hee she is scary like our boney in our anatomy class zzzzhhhhh I’m scared.

  3. Usually I absolutely hate stupid comments like “she should eat more.” There are plenty of people who eat a lot but still don’t gain much weight because of their metabolism/genetic conditions/etc. So those comments are not only inaccurate but extremely hurtful. But, in this case, Lee Da Hee did mention on variety shows that she hates exercising so her way of staying skinny is by not eating…

    • LOL, there are not plenty of people who have high metabolisms to the point that they can eat a lot and still look unhealthily skinny to the point of anorexic. Lee Da Hee was a chubby high schooler. She now looks skin and sharp bones. She acknowledges she doesn’t eat. My comment was directed at her, no need to get your panties in a wad over it being a generalization.

      And even if it was a generalization, then it’s the one that applies to more people than not, hence the very definition of a generalization. Most people have metabolisms are are just enough to process the daily suggested caloric intake and maintain weight. The outliers, one who eat little but still gain weight, and ones who eat lots and can’t gain weight, are numerically the exceptions in the human race.

      Comments about eating more are not stupid in general, check the context first. I guarantee an empirical study of extremely thin people will find that the vast majority are thin due to an eating disorder while only a very small minority are that thin due to natural metabolism.

      • Did you not read my last sentence at all? I’m agreeing with you in this case. Lee Da Hee DID mention in a variety show that she does indeed eat less so she doesn’t gain weight. You can speak for yourself in how much you eat and how much you can/cannot gain weight. But you’re not everyone else. Everyone’s different. You can’t just look at someone and judge their eating behaviors. I know plenty of people who do eat and they’re barely 90 pounds. So your generalization doesn’t account for everyone. Just cause you pull random facts out your butt but that doesn’t make them true. I wasn’t trying to argue with you in the first place. So the only person whose panty is in a knot seems to be you. I get it, this is your blog and you can write what you want. But this is the comment section and I’m entitled to my own opinion (so long as I do it respectfully, which I did). It was never meant to attack you. If you saw it that way, then that’s just too bad. All I’m saying in it’s hurtful and wrong to accuse someone of being anorexic without knowing a single damn thing about their life style. If you want examples feel free to google Lizzie Valasquez. Thanks and goodbye.

      • I didn’t pull any facts out of my butt or my mouth. It’s called science and doctors and researchers do the study. There are overwhelming studies that a wafer thin portion of the human population suffer from metabolic syndrome. Hence comments suggesting very skinny people eat more are not per se stupid since in fact MOST super thin people do not have the syndrome. And it’s silly to say a comment shouldn’t be effected if there is even ONE person out there who doesn’t fit that criteria. There will never be absolutes, generalizations exist to state a norm, not to capture 100% of the field.

        “What I’m saying is if you have really skinny people—people who don’t have ectopic fat—there might be some with metabolic syndrome, but less than 1%.”


        Of course you can disagree with me, I welcome it and am merely suggesting you need not get hurt since you started off your comment by saying how hurtful my comment can be. Let me make a less touchy analogy for you. If I saw a very pale celebrity in a public photo at an event and suggested he/she ought to get a tan since looking so sallow isn’t very attractive, will you leap to the defense of the tiny portion of the populace suffering from vitiligo who can’t get a tan? Or say that generalizations about being tanned is stupid or upsetting because there are people who can’t get tanned? Of course there are always people out there who can’t do something because it’s beyond their control, but that shouldn’t stop the discussion of something that is the vast majority of the norm.

        And by the by, I didn’t accuse Lee Da Hee of being anorexic, suggesting she’s too thin and should eat more does not automatically translate to accusing someone of being anorexic. She could be working hard and not eating well, not a biggie. You jumped to conclusions and said a comment that she needed to eat more was hurtful and that’s such a leap I can’t even.

      • Your “websites” and random quotations don’t prove a damn thing. I’m not saying everyone has the same genetic condition as Lizzie Valasquez (especially considering it’s a rare condition). But I am saying that there are men and women who are thin due to underlying medical conditions. And there are people who stay thin due to exercise. In Lee Da Hee’s case, it’s probably neither, but I’m not talking about her. Lifestyle may account for a large proportion of underweight and overweight individuals, but let’s not forget genetics also plays a large role as well. (Ah, the age old nature vs nurther debate. But let’s not go there…) I’m obviously not a doctor, but neither are you. And as normal people, we don’t know what others are going through. Therefore, we shouldn’t jump to insensitive conclusions. You would probably agree (or maybe you won’t) that it’s hurtful and rude to point out that an overweight person needs to eat a salad. So what makes that statement different from “she’s thin and so she needs to eat a hamburger?” What difference is it to cyber bullying?

      • You bring up topics and then don’t follow through. Is it merely the “weight” topic that is sensitive for you and can’t be generalized, or any topic that is generalized should never be because it’s hurtful since it doesn’t cover a sliver of the outlying populace who don’t fit into the majority?

        As for pointing out to overweight people he/she needs to eat a salad, it totally depends on the context. If it’s my family then hell yeah I’ll tell the person to eat well and help if I know it’s not a medical condition. It’s called caring. Obesity causes countless medical conditions. If it’s a random stranger, then none of my business and I would not point it. Same goes if the stranger is wearing a hideous outfit, has a peg leg, whatever it is that stands out I would have no right to comment because it’s rude. If it’s a comment in the context of an actor or actress, then it’s a professional critique based on the criteria of the job.

        An actor or actress is in the public eye and physical features are part of their job description. It’s fine to discuss. But I didn’t generalize that Lee Da Hee was anorexic. I simply wished she would eat more. Not sure how one led you to conclude the other. If my wish is impossible bc she has a medical condition whereby she can’t gain weight, then so be it. Not sure how that would lead to conversations about cyber bullying.

      • Please read my original post. “These comments are not only inaccurate but extremely hurtful.” Again, you and I are neither scientist nor doctors. So neither of us can prove nor disprove whether or not being underweight is due to eating behavior or genetics. But the second portion of my comment states that is hurtful and insensitive. Why? Because you don’t know this person. You don’t know their eating behaviors. You don’t know whether or not they’re throwing up after each meal. So why make the assumption? Why accuse someone of something you don’t know or understand? I’m not speaking of “generalizations” in general (heh, what a mouthful). I am, however, saying that it is insensitive and hurtful for someone to leap to conclusions about someones weight. If she’s happy with who she is, and her health isn’t compromised, then what gives you the right to say that she needs to “eat more?” We aren’t aware of other people’s struggles and insecurities. We’re not them.

      • Okay, since you won’t answer my queries and want to stay on the one topic of weight and eating disorders then I’ll let this conversation end since it’s not going anywhere. I doubt Lee Da Hee is sitting somewhere feeling abjectly hurt that I wished she would eat more. If you’re standing up for people the world over who are hurt by that comment, then as legal parlance would say, you lack standing my dear since the comment didn’t apply to anyone BUT Lee Da Hee and there is no evidence that it inflicted any real harm to her psyche.

        Btw, medical science can prove WHY an individual can’t gain weight. You and I can’t, but scientific studies have proved that the vast majority of the populace who are thin are not suffering from a medical disorder whereby they can’t gain weight. Anecdotal stories are the ones that claim my cousin’s next door neighbor is 85 pounds soaking wet and eat whole cows for dinner and still can’t gain weight. Of course there are exceptions but the majority have metabolisms correlated with the weight needed to live a healthy life, and most people are over or under based on eating habits and lifestyle choices.

      • I get it. We all judge and make observations about actors and actresses. We’re all equally guilty of that. But let’s not forget that there are many instances where actors/actresses commit suicide because of such comments. we can sit here and blame neitizens for being cruel, but let’s not forget that we’re netizens ourselves. Actors/actresses are humans too. Lee Da Hee may not have been personally hurt by your comment (heh, she probably doesn’t read your blog), but what makes you think there aren’t people who make similar comments like that to her face? Again, this conversation isn’t going anywhere. So let’s stop it mutually. I’m not being disrespectful and I sense that you aren’t either. I’m just making my point.

      • Agree. Point taken. 🙂 Thanks for the chat, I enjoyed the discussion and feel this convo will be nice for others to read as well.

      • Well, if we’re getting into debating….

        Science, TRUE science, CANNOT prove anything.

        We use the scientific method to DISPROVE things, and when we run into a hypothesis which we can’t disprove over and over again, then, we start to believe that this is likely a truth (theory in scientific terms) BECAUSE we can’t find anything to disprove it even though that’s what we’re looking for.

        I’m not so sure whether medical science follows this tenet of science, but to truly be a science, it should.

        That’s the main misunderstanding that most people have with science and why regular people have such a hard time of differentiating scientific truths from other “truths” like religion.

        Scientific truths come about through thorough testing and actively countering one of our strongest biases as humans (confirmation bias). Most other “truths” are anecdotal and usually gain incorrect support through that same confirmation bias.

  4. I don’t have time to watch BigMan but I will try to catch up sometime. And, oh Koala, it’s been while since someone tried to argue on your commentary. I had fun reading your conversation though.

  5. with your comment here koala i agree 110% about the da hee’s body. No need to argue her bms is WAAAAYYY ABNORMAL!!!

  6. I couldn’t watch this drama at all, despite my love for Jung So Min.

    So I really hope her next project is a lead role in a drama I can actually like. And hopefully she’ll act again very soon!

  7. Funny when koala mentioned bout Lee Da Hee coz I watched her wore skinny jeans in BM. And I thought to myself, her thighs look funny. Like almost unbalanced. Not I’m critizing her body weight or anything but I’d go with healthy thin look than just thin thin

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