Lovers of Music Holds Press Conference and Unveils Slapstick 5-minute Long Preview

The first big music-themed K-drama is right around the corner as Big Man wrapped up this week and Lovers of Music (Trot Lovers) readies itself for an upcoming Monday night premiere. KBS has been doing a decent job of toggling around genres when lining up its dramas and a fun rom-com will be a nice treat from the mostly serious intensity of Big Man. The cast attended the press conference this week including Ji Hyun Woo, Jung Eun Ji, Shin Sung Rok, Lee Se Young, and Son Ho Joon. Almost the entire main cast can sing, and some are very very good singer-actors with plenty of stage credits to boot. This ought to be a great showcase for their dual talents and hopefully deliver some great hum-along performances. I’m still scratching my head over Ji Hyun Woo’s ashen-colored hair and he extended his horrible wardrobe in the drama to the press conference itself by showing up in an outfit that is just not very attractive. Worse yet are his rhinestone rimmed house slippers doubling as loafers. Jung Eun Ji is getting notice for her slimmed down figure which she modeled very nicely in super tight little black dress, though my attention was riveted on the rainbow-colored stilts masquerading as her shoes. The production released a long 5-minute preview that continues to hammer home the point that this drama is likely spastic and very cartoony. I can handle the slapstick elements and an overall silly vibe since I watch so many TW-dramas and many are like that, what worries is is leading man Ji Hyun Woo’s character coming across like an annoying self-absorbed clown. Already my attention is drawn to Shin Sung Rok’s second male lead and his interactions with Jung Eun Ji send a frisson of excitement down my spine. The music is nicely boppy and even if trot is most people’s cup of tea I think it’ll be a nice change of pace from the surfeit of K-pop cookie cutter songs these days. 

Long 5-minute preview for Lovers of Music:


Lovers of Music Holds Press Conference and Unveils Slapstick 5-minute Long Preview — 9 Comments

  1. I think I’m going to be a sucker for Jung Eun Ji & Shin Sung Rok cuteness. With this talent, I’m looking forward to awesome music performances 🙂

  2. There’s so much more of a romantic vibe between her and Shin Sung Rok’s character… I will never understand dramaland’s fetish for immature men.

  3. SSR “Aloa” at 1:20 creeps me out. I’ll need time to get off his ‘I-kill-everyone-who’s-in-my-way-including-my-hyung’ vibes from his last drama. ^^
    I’m looking forward to this, though. The fight in the wardrobe seems funny, but I need subs to understand it 😉

  4. looking forward! happy that there is even shin bora who sings well!

    m sure the immature ji hyun woo will change along the way…:)

  5. In that 5 minutes preview which I don’t understand since I don’t speak korean, the only thing made me laugh is ‘aloha’ from shin shung rok!!
    Gaahhh I can’t wait to watch him 😀

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