K-ent Wondering if SM Will Allow Rumored Couple Go Ara and Kim Min Jong to Go Public

I’m going to have to apologize virtually to the lovely Lee Yeon Hee since her picture is splashed all over this post even though she has nothing to do with it. Happened that way because she happens to have attended the Busan Film Festival back in 2012 with Go Ara and Kim Min Jong who are in fact the subjects of this post. Lee Yeon Hee is gorgeous always and I never mind seeing more of her anytime, but back to the topic at hand concerning Lee Yeon Hee’s same agency acting mates Kim Min Jong and Go Ara. SM Entertainment is so big and filled with so many good looking virile idols and acting talents the depth and breadth of dating within the agency is higher than almost any other K-ent agency out there. So the question isn’t who is dating within SM but when and if the agency will allow that couple to be outed, and then which couple it’s going to be. Earlier this year when Nichkhun of 2PM and Tiffany of SNSD were outed and confirmed as dating, the tabloids actually had a second SM couple (with pictures to boot) that it wanted to out as well. SM reportedly allowed Khunffany to go public without a fuss in order to bury the other couple because of the age difference and the fact that she had a high profile drama coming out. Now that the drama just wrapped, K-ent is abuzz that these two might go public soon and the two in question are none other than talented hot singer-actor ahjusshi Kim Min Jong and his acting hoobae Go Ara who just finished You’re All Surrounded. The cynic in me thinks SM will unveil this couple whenever it needs to deflect attention from whatever crap is burbling up around it.

When folks are wondering how Yoona feels to see Lee Seung Gi kissing Ara onscreen in YAAS, the same is true the other way as well. That must’ve been an interesting dynamic on set. There is a very big 18-year age difference between this rumored couple (Kim Min Jong is 43 and Go Ara is 25) but this relationship reportedly developed slowly over the years with Kim Min Jong being a very respected acting sunbae towards Go Ara who wasn’t always a good actress when she first started acting and needed a lot of guidance. I’m totally cool with them being a couple since both have very easy going friendly reputations in real life. It is high time Kim Min Jong thinks about settling down since prolonged A Gentleman’s Dignity style life is only cool in drama land. If they do get married one day, it’ll totally be a Yoon-Me Ahri pairing from AGD come to life.


K-ent Wondering if SM Will Allow Rumored Couple Go Ara and Kim Min Jong to Go Public — 34 Comments

  1. totally thought of his AGD character when the blind item about him and go ara came out. i approve of this coupling ^^

  2. They look good together.

    I confess that I had like hot ahjussi since watch Sassy Girl ChunHyang.. that is Uhm TaeWoong-shi. <3

  3. they actually do look good together now that i see them in these pics! its still a little weird for me considering Go Ara is my age and I personally cant see myself with someone that much older than me…however the pressures of this industry makes it very difficult to even have normal relationships so it makes sense for people to be with those who are most comfortable for them

  4. I also read that dispatch posted an article about seohyun where they wrote
    we will see eachother again…….
    but nobody seems to care that this was an hint or? i didnt see anyone write about it

  5. OH MY GOD. Kim Min-jong? With Go Ara??? Buh… but, i mean he’s… and she’s….


    Okay, incoherence over. I still haven’t read the contents of this post but the title alone is enough to send me into a tizzy. I did not see this one coming. At all. I’m still reeling. Though I suppose I’ll get over it eventually.

    If this coupling is true, good on them. Also, this feels a little bit like life imitating art with both of them having played characters who were OTP with someone years older/younger. Kim jong-min married Me-ahri (Drat, I can’t recall her name. In my heart she’s just Me-ahri.) in “A Gentleman’s Dignity” and Go Ara was with Yoon Kye-sang in “Who Are You?”

    • Am I the only one who thought that Lee Jun Ki actually seemed to have problems with Shin Min Ah or that his offscreen relationship with her wasn’t as close as some of his relationships with other leading ladies?

      I mean they didn’t seem to get interviewed together and I remember thinking that he seemed more chummy with his Two Weeks’ love interest Park Ha Sun even though everyone was pairing him up with Shin Min Ah after Arang….

      On the Go Ara/Kim Min Jong front, I totally thought of The Gentleman’s Dignity plotline and wondered if that might have been strange playing something sort of happening in real-life, though he didn’t have a long dead wife to keep her away.

      I think they make a good looking couple and I love both Go Ara and Kim Min Jong as actors, and they seem to be nice people, so I say to hell with the age difference and I hope they find happiness.

      • I feel like they were both very careful around each other, she used to correct herself in bts and call him Lee Junki-sshi and not ‘oppa’ (she called hi ‘oppa’ once or twice but then corrected herself and spoke more formally)

        Probably they wanted to avoid even the shadow of a dating scandal with him being fresh out of the army and her CF queen status to protect, but they had beautiful chemistry. Goes to show that reel chemistry does not always reflect real life.

      • They had the outmost fun interview together ever. Many fans of Shim Mina said so.

    • You’ll have to wait a long time, Lee Jun Ki has always said he’ll never go public with a relationship/will lie about it to protect the woman’s privacy, and Shin Min Ah has spent 13 years in the industry without even one confirmed boyfriend. Even if they did date, they’ll never admit it. Not that I think they will date anyway.

      • Yep true, though who would’ve thought Seunggi will go puplic with his relationship. But yeah he was caught and it’s not Seunggi who will lie to the public.

        @Requiem idk, I feel like it’s SMA’s character, umm less friendly or more closed to herself, I suppose. I really loved their chemistry offscreen though, like in that Section TV interview and the bts of the last kiss.

      • Sometimes you have no choice. Lying when there is proof just gets you hate. Wasn’t it pretty much confirmed she dated TOP? They were even caught.

  6. Go Ara looks much womanlier on your pics than in her recent acting roles though it does not impact their age abyss. I should get used to the trendy daddy/mommy issue, but I still am not.

    Soon you’ll be writing about KhunTiff tying the knot, and the upcoming disbanding of both SNSD and 2PM. 😉

  7. Interesting to see this when I’m the middle of rewatching A Gentleman’s Dignity (just the Yoon/Meahri parts). If he and GAR were already a couple at that point, I wonder how KMJ felt about his plotline in the drama mimicking his RL romance.

  8. First of all, I can’t believe she is only 25. Maybe because she always plays wiser than her age characters, maybe because she is wiser than her age.

    She seems to have been around forever.
    Good for them! KMJ can be with whatever adult woman he wants, why not a pretty fun one? Go, Go Ara!

  9. just saw on twitter that a tabloid is releasing stuff on a couple tmr. Kinda hope it’s not them (although i would support them) because it has been a really bad year for SM in terms of scandals.

  10. Seems they already have a plan to deflect attention because they decided to debut their new GG [after canceling f(x)promotions], doing new EXO/Rookies/Leeteuk and TTS variety/reality shows, debuting Taemin solo, doing a Zhang LiYin comeback, and a TTS comeback…all in August. Covering up JYJ comeback, dating scandals, Kris suing, Sulli leaving, and unpaid taxes all in one go….

  11. There has been so many unexpected couplings that nothing or no couple surprises me anymore.

    The only surprise is that or how long it stayed secret. Before being outed.

  12. I’ve liked him in AGD and this is totally gonna be Yoon-Me Ah Ri pair. I think they look pretty good together. I’m sure SM would use this to bury another more scandalous thing that comes up.

  13. I don’t see them as a Yoon-Me Ah-ri pairing, because Me Ah-ri had the emotional maturity of a child and wasn’t ready for an adult relationship. Go Ara is waaay more mature and seems like she could make a relationship with a much older man work.

    Wishing them much happiness for however long they end up being together.

  14. Shin Min Ah, if I remember right was once rumored to be in a relationship with Lee Byung Hun after their movie A Bittersweet Life so many years ago.

  15. I’m not feeling it. I think its true i did hear rumors of them. Maybe I’m not over SS/DG yet. It almost looks like dad and daughter.

  16. if only based pic when kim min jong and go ara in PIFF it’s very nonsense,it’s just rumors,kim min jong is very close with all juniors and the last interview he said still single.

  17. its been 3yrs and i’m still waiting for this to happen :/
    but recently oppa said he’s interested in someone who’s a non-celeb

    honestly i don’t think their age gap is a problem at all, as they as they love each other then its all good (so cliche but true)

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