Kang Min Hyuk Hits Up Taiwan with CNBLUE for a Two-night Performance on the Can’t Stop Tour

It’s odd being crazy about a particular member of a music group since it leads to thinking about them as “my (insert fave) and his band mates!” whenever the ensemble shows up. The perpetually adorable Kang Min Hyuk was in Taiwan this past weekend with CNBLUE for the two-night leg of its CNBLUE LIVE: Can’t Stop Asian tour. The tickets weren’t sold out but that’s likely due to the band performing two nights rather than just one gig, and even then it was pretty much as packed show for both nights. Goes to show just how popular they are as a quartet. The Taiwan media was noticeably annoyed with member Jung Yong Hwa‘s sour visage during the press conference, keeping a poker face on and being rather curt with answering questions, and reports have been rather snarky about it. He explained that he was just tired having come from filming his upcoming sageuk drama Three Musketeers and hopping right on a plane for Taipei.

I actually thought the whole band was rather serious and dour though Kang Min Hyuk cracked a smile now and then. It likely is just exhaustion setting in after nearly two months of tour dates and promotional activities. The band has one more set left in Kuala Lumpur on August 9th before jetting straight for Los Angeles to perform at KCON. I don’t know how Yong Hwa has the energy for his music commitments plus being one of the male leads in a currently filming sageuk, I’m surprised he didn’t fall asleep at the Taiwan press con. The reviews for their concerts have been uniformly strong since they have a very loyal fan base plus their rock and ballad music is a lovely exception to the overly synthed synchronicity of most other K-pop boy bands out there. They manage to make rocking out in simple t-shirts and jeans look hotter than ripped abs hopping around on the stage for fanservice. I’m hoping with the tour wrapping up soon Kang Min Hyuk will also come back to drama land, hopefully as a male lead for me to have more screen time to droolz over.


Kang Min Hyuk Hits Up Taiwan with CNBLUE for a Two-night Performance on the Can’t Stop Tour — 40 Comments

  1. I love him. He’s the only reason I pay attention to CNBLUE. I can’t wait for him to come back to dramaland. Bring on the pretty!

  2. Cn Blue in live is really great ! They have a lot of energy and the arrangements are better than on the cd. And Cn Blue is little shy when they don’t speak the language and with the exhaustion…

  3. He was tired bcs he filmed until 4:00 AM then he went home to fix his things for their trip and then straight to the airport. Don’t know how he was able to function bcs after they arrived they went to the hotel and got ready for press conference, i would probably sleep on the press con if i was him.

  4. yonghwa cannot smile cause he’s too tired but still he rocks the stage that night.
    i like to see minhyuk in dramaland but i still want cnblue world tour concert again *my country pleaseee*
    hope they keep being healthy, act in drama and goes anywhere to do a concert is not an easy thing

  5. Omg I’m a huge yonghwa fan so I went to watch them when they came singapore a few months ago and the whole cnblue was so energetic and fantastic ahhhh I watched them last year too haha. yonghwa must be super exhausted with concerts and a drama, I hope he takes care of himself well )-: I’ll rather the drama premiere later than see him so tired gosh. But jungshin is filming temptation too, so hope both of them can stay energetic and healthy!

  6. YongHwa must be exhausted shooting action drama, rehearsing drama & rock shows AND performing live. He’s lost a lot of weight and says he’s now eating 5x daily but can’t stop losing weight.

  7. CNBLUE works as a team in concerts, not just the drummer or the vocalist, that’s why their live performances are great.
    Yonghwa was filming until 4.00am that day then flew straight to Taiwan, the presscon was held shortly after they arrived. If you care to watch the press con vid, yonghwa was only less smiley and less playful as he usually is. But then again, yonghwa is almost always serious in formal press conferences of their concerts.

    • the problem is not cnblue because they are cool…it’s their rabid fans that are a TOTAL turn off…it just makes you NOT want to listen to their music

      • lol stfu. all celebrities have rabid fans. koala does this on purpose to get page views because her otherwise pathetic website designed in 1998 would not get any.

        we’ve chosen to ignore her drama reviews but now she’s writing about their concerts and inserting bullshit. yonghwa was praised in all the post-concert reviews, and if you watch any of their fancams, you’ll realize he gives his 100% during concerts. I don’t care if koala wants to bash his acting but leave his music career alone.

        but hey, here’s more page views for you 🙂

      • lmao ok I just noticed your comment up there. so you’re a fti fan and you’re dissing cnblue fans? let me point you to google where you can google “pot calling kettle black”

    • Lullaby – you nailed it. If you’ve ever watched ANY CNBLUE press conference, the boys all tend to be pretty serious. That, on top of the exhaustion of coming from filming till 4 am, led to to a pretty stone faced Yonghwa. But it’s not something new like Koala is trying to make it out to be.

      Also I’m not sure what reports or papers Koala’s basing this article off of, because all of the reviews of the con were stellar and from the MUSIC PRESS, not the crazy fans that are being eluded too.

      Getting it wrong (or only printing half of the truth to fit your biased views) once again…sigh Koala, when will you ever learn?

      • Here are just a few of the source articles from the Taiwan media. Sigh, enjoy reading:

        CNBLUE來台臭臉! PSY將接力開唱 – http://video.n.yam.com/20140726446661/CNBLUE%E4%BE%86%E5%8F%B0%E8%87%AD%E8%87%89%EF%BC%81%20PSY%E5%B0%87%E6%8E%A5%E5%8A%9B%E9%96%8B%E5%94%B1

        軋戲兩頭燒 CNBLUE鄭容和來台臉臭臭 –

        CNBLUE鄭容和軋戲累垮 記者會呆滯面無表情 –

        I can dig up a lot more news articles but please enjoy spamming them with your complaint. And no, reporting on news articles is not and never will be anything that a writer should shy away from.

      • How about a little perspective Koala and including the *many* articles that praised the con? Oh wait sorry…that would be unbiased reporting which obviously isn’t your strong suit.

      • Perspective is fine, but you keep changing your accusations. First you claim not to know what reports I based my article off of, insisting I got it wrong, then when I show you the source articles you switch tacks and ask that I report both sides. I never said anything about the concert at all in my article other than it was almost sold out which was amazing since it was two nights rather than just one night, which would definitely have sold out.

        This article was only about Min Hyuk being in Taiwan with CNBLUE and the main articles about their press conference was that Yong Hwa looked very poker faced and dour but he explained he was exhausted and I said he was likely exhausted as well. That’s it.

        If you read Taiwan’s number one entertainment online paper, the only two articles written about CNBLUE’s arrival was discussing YH looking very serious and withdrawn at the press conference. I’m sure the concert was great, never heard a bad thing about CNBLUE concerts ever and never said as much in this article or in anything I’ve ever written about YH or CNBLUE. Your complaints are bizarre and unfounded.


      • god this layout sucks so much that I don’t even know if I’m replying to the right person.

        koala, are you chinese? if you are, then you would be well aware that the Taiwanese media is bs. Not even the natives take their media reports seriously.

        and no, you do have something against Yonghwa and/or his fans. Which is fine but don’t act all innocent when they don’t sit down and accept your bs. In case you haven’t noticed, dramabeans isn’t fond of his acting either and yet none of his fans are ganging up on them. why? perhaps because they don’t seem to have some kind of personal agenda against him.

  8. a little bit of advise if you want to increase page views to more than 10 comments per entry:

    1) upgrade the layout. no right-clicking or text-highlighting on a website in 2014? that automatically reduces the time I want to spend on a site.
    2) perhaps structure your writing in a way that does not resemble my high school Xanga journal entries.
    3) I see you’re trying to get the SEO (search engine optimization) with those wordy titles but remember: less is more.

    soon, my dear padawan, you’ll be able to attract people to this site without having to write wank posts. cnblue fans can only get you so far 🙁

  9. Koala you’ve really sunk to a new low. WTF is the point of this? You’ve never been shy to show your dislike of Jung Yonghwa but it’s getting to the point where one wonders whether you’re just thirsty for page views? Perhaps things have been too calm around here? It must be hard when you’ve still got a few weeks to wait for The Three Musketeers to air and you can bash Yonghwa to your hearts content…had to kill some time before that? Seriously, stick to your (mediocre) drama reviewing.

    I don’t give two sh*ts whether you want to rag on his acting – you don’t seem to like much of anything in the kdrama world so as a fan I could care less – but when you start insinuating that his ability as a musician and LEADER of CNBLUE (as the headline tries to confuse) is lacking, you’re gonna piss off a lot of people.

    I look *forward* to your continued ranting of how you can’t write anything here without Yonghwa’s “brainwashed, obsessive, rabid” fans coming to defend him. My question, why do you seem so obsessed with him? Just let it go. No one’s putting a gun to your head and forcing you to watch ANY of his dramas, let alone write about a group that you seem to care less about. You just sound bitter.

  10. I love that most of the comments on here are “cnblue is great live!” – nice try koala LMAO. Even your brainwashed readers disagree with this article, you’d be better off deleting it

  11. What’s worse is that she is not even insulting him as an artist anymore at least then it would somewhat be taken as a critique, but she just very passive aggressively insults his persona and starts rumors without actual sources (insiders from korea she only knows of supposedly do not cout) Any credibility she had of not being unbiased against him keeps to slowly dissolve with every entry she mentions him in, hardly anyone ever comments on said entries anymore because honestly what can you comment on when she is now like a dog with a bone when it comes to her dislike for the man. Lol.
    But then again she’ll just say it’s his fans being irrational.. *rolls eyes.

  12. @shady @icu and @ohyeah – I can see your IP address and know you are the same commenter posting under different user names. You should feel proud and keep commenting as one identity and stick with it. No need to keep generating different usernames just to make it seem like more people are commenting. I told this to the KimBumLove12SNSD fanclub once and shall proffer the same advice to you – doing so is douchy and decreases the opinion you’re espousing.

    • Oh dang you *caught* me — except I just used a different name because I didn’t want to spam your blog, not because I wanted it to look like there was more “attention” being brought to this article…because what’s the point in that? sighhhhhhhhh

    • What!!!!??? That’s some funny shit…. It’s the same person!!!
      After reading her comments I went back to read your post and I’m scratching head thinking … Why they mad?
      Can only say….. She is for the birds.. Craaeeyyzzy!

    • I’m not trying to catch you but you’re spamming regardless of what username you use to post. I genuinely enjoy hearing points of view and if you have something to say then say it loud and proud and own the opinion.

  13. I think the problem is really Yonghwa’s fans. They are too over sensitive about any and every article that doesn’t glorify Yonghwa. Key word, GLORIFY! They’re in the religion of Yonghwa and he’s their God.

    To them, if you ain’t gonna glorify, then don’t speak for nothing else will be good enough for Saint Yonghwa. It’s really getting so out of hand. They might probably move on to dramabeans for that article they did making fun of the TTM (and Yonghwa) teaser now. >.<

    • I have to say the problem is with SOME of Yonghwa’s fans. Just some, statistically it can’t be all, except the some are so overbearing with their perceived slights and disproportionate response it overwhelms the normal fans of Yonghwa. I do feel bad for them because it must hurt to have your bias be constantly critiqued at half of his job by a majority of the drama viewers.

      • I like how you continue to ignore the entire heirs debacle which is the only reason yonghwa fans are even aware of this site. That misinformed casting rumor was spread onto actual relevant sites and taken as fact by a lot of people, so his fans were curious about where it came from, which is how we ended up here. So yes, you’re totally innocent. You have absolutely no agenda against Yonghwa. which is why you made up a rumor. yes.

        (I’m being sarcastic in case it’s hard to tell. I know it can be difficult at times to detect sarcasm over the internet)

    • are you even aware of the history yonghwa’s fans has with koala? do a little research. this is the site that propagated false rumors about Yonghwa rejecting Heirs because he felt he was too good for the part. Something that Koala has yet to correct. You can backtrack and the only entry with a lot of complaints is the heirs casting one. And no, they’re not going to complain on dramabeans just like they never have.

      I don’t know how much life has failed you that you feel the need to suck up to a random internet blogger, but I advise you to love yourself and aspire more with your life tbh!

      and lastly, I have no idea if I replied to the right person because the format of this comment section is so messy lol.

      • This is exactly the point – AOA nails it. People don’t complain on other drama websites, even when those sites don’t like Yonghwa, because those sites don’t post reviews malicely. No snark. They just post news or reviews but without the condescending nature that koala does. People respect drama beans. Unfortunately, after the many “reviews” that were basically a front for koala’s anti-YH campaign (not to mention the false reporting), fans started to post in protest here.

        Trust me, in the CNBLUE fandom, most fans avoid your site like the plague. You want fans to respect you, like we do other drama sites, but perhaps you should take some tips from them on hiding your outright snarkiness and unnecessary side notes.

        Sum it up: we don’t have a problem with your opinion on Yonghwa’s acting, we have a problem with the misinformation on top of the rudeness. It’s not professional. Good luck at KCON.

        And if you didn’t want commentary, you didn’t have to create this public site. You could write drama reviews in your diary.

  14. Koala, I guess i need not defend you since i believe you’ve been through all sorts of nonsense anyway…in all your years as a writer and blogger. Shan’t be bothered with immature, self-centred comments. Well, I definitely sense no malice nor even a hint of your need to “put down” Yonghwa when your article was about your fave member Minhyuk and the taipei concert. Thank you for the post and the photos. I too hope to see cutie Minhyuk back on the small screen soon!

      • High five and hugs!

        Seriously wonder why people bother to still visit here when they do not like what they read here. Hmm…

        Oh well, be gone bad vibes! Mid-week in asia now. Looking forward to the weekend and more drama episodes! 🙂

  15. We already know that You don’t like YongHwa. Capturing the negative comments in the prescon and ignoring the positive reviews about him in the concert. PLEASE IGNORE him totally and Praise your biases to the highest level.

  16. sigh, it’s hard to stear away from the mess that is this comment section.

    At the end of the day, the only thing worth me noting is that CNBLUE live is really amazing (London concert ftw) and that as long as they keep high presence and musical quality during concerts I don’t think it really matters if they are sometimes reported as less animated/pro-active in other instances such as presscons (as long as they’re respectul, which they always are).

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