Puff Guo Rocks the Purple Spiky Bowl Cut and Couture in the Pages and Solo Cover of Vogue Taiwan

The sky-rocketed popularity of Puff Guo over her two other Dream Girls group members Tia Li and Song Mi Jin makes me wonder how long the group will last. When the group launched three years ago, Tia was the most popular one due to her pretty doll looks and a built in fanbase that considered her the Goddess of Nerds. Since then the tide has completely turned and it’s maknae Puff Guo that has become the most popular member of the group by a long shot. She was one of the top CF earners last for her individual endorsements even stacked up against all the Taiwanese entertainers as a group. She had the popular drama Just You and SETTV wanted to woo her so bad it even wrote a Sunday night drama for her and her JY co-star Aaron Yan called Fall in Love with Me. She had to turn it down due to he drama conflicting with her filming for the We Got Married global edition season 2 with her oppa hubby Heechul of Super Junior.

SETTV got Tia to replace her in FILWM but then hounded her to do the premiering later Friday night drama Pleasantly Surprised (Love Myself or You) with Liu Yi Hao. On June 1st the popular guy magazine FHM Taiwan published its reader’s vote Hottest Taiwanese Ladies poll results with Puff is a repeat winner after also winning the poll last year, with Tia joining her in 4th place to squeeze more DG popularity in there. I’m actually surprised she’s that popular these days. I’ve liked her since she debuted as an actress in Inborn Pair though she faltered playing the antagonist in Miss Rose but successfully transitioned in Just You turning her long-time acting persona from cool rich girl into plucky earnest do-gooder. None of Puff’s acting projects has been truly worth checking out until now, her performance and character in the currently airing Pleasantly Surprised is so awesome it’ll likely become her acting calling card. She’s also landed the solo cover of the June edition of Vogue Taiwan in a lovely photo spread that combines edgy purple hair, high fashion duds, and an aloof yet playful personality all together. I love it!


Puff Guo Rocks the Purple Spiky Bowl Cut and Couture in the Pages and Solo Cover of Vogue Taiwan — 9 Comments

  1. OK, confession time: I’m really enjoying “Pleasantly Surprised” but have up until now not found Puff registering on my aesthetics radar in any notable way. Cute, yes, but no “wow!” factor for this old man. That second photo though, is definitely “wow!” She totally ROCKS the purple! Very pleasing to my eyes, and a refreshing change from seeing countless K ent names going “blond” and looking hideous for it. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I really love Pleasantly Suprised ! I couldn’t finish Just You…It was just too much for me. I can stand only a certain amount of cuteness :p

  3. I like Pleasantly surprised but I’m not feeling Ah Jie as an actual lover but rather a friend. Not sure about Hao Wei because they have both changed and need to reconnect. Though anywhere else they’d be the OTP I’m pretty sure Ah Jie will get the “First Girl Wins” rather than “Unlucky Childhood Friend” treatment.

    • Haha, even with all the dirty dreams Ah Jie has of Kai Qi? Lol, that was was hilarious! I think he’s still in denial, because he’s used to think of her as his long-lost childhood friend, so maybe that’s why you’re feeling Ah Jie like a friend? I like Pleasantly Surprised for the reversal trope of having a warm, friendly, cheerful male lead versus a cold, arrogant female lead (reminds me of Flower Boy Next Door in the sense that the male lead is trying to open the female lead’s eyes and heart to the world out there).

  4. Puff Guo so pretty here, kinda reminds me with Park Shin Hye but with tomboy image. The second pic looks like Sunny thou.

    And Koala *big hug* once again, thank you for you recommendation. Excatly like the title, I pleasantly surprised with how good the drama is, its like a comfort food. Nothing new there, but you love it anyway.

  5. Is it just me or does she look a lot like Ivy Chen here? If I hadn’t known it was Puff, I totally would have thought that this was Ivy’s pictorial

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