Junho of 2PM and Singer-actress Qi Wei Release Delightful MV for Collaboration Duet Single

Chinese singer-actress Qi Wei is having a superb Summer so far. She’s currently the female lead in a popular airing modern C-drama called Love Comes Back with C-actor Chen He. She’s getting positive reviews for her lively animated performance as a woman who vows not to get married because she thinks romance dies in the graveyard of marriage. Of course her romance with the leading man gradually changes her perceptions of marriage and in the drama the OTP end up having a beachfront wedding. The C-media is marveling at the coincidence that Qi Wei’s real life boyfriend Lee Seung Hyun (Nathan Lee) proposed to her last weekend on the island of Saipan and invited her friends and family to surprise her for the subsequent impromptu wedding ceremony on the beach. Talk about life imitating art in the best way. This week Qi Wei’s singing career got a major collaboration boost as the official music video was released of the duet track “You’re the Right Person” with Junho of 2PM.

I’ve only watched Junho in his promising movie career with a supporting turn in Cold Eyes with Jung Woo Sung and Han Hyo Joo but singing-wise I absolutely loved his first Chinese-language collaboration duet “Unbeatable” (Invincible) with Vanness Wu. His Mandarin pronunciation is serviceable (on par with Choi Siwon and Donghae singing Mando-pop songs) but his confidence and vocal playfulness makes the collaborations a lot of fun to listen to. The Junho-Qi Wei track is the title song for Qi Wei’s drama Love Comes Back so the full track has been around for a few weeks but the official MV makes it a much more enjoyable experience to sample the easygoing fresh ditty along with gorgeous Qi Wei and charming Junho flirting with each other in a supermarket. Highly recommend and if all cross-border collabs continue to be this good then keep bringing it on! On a shallow note, Qi Wei is drop dead beautiful with the long hair and much as she rocks the edgy bob it might be time to grow out the tresses again.

Official MV “You’re Right the Person” by Qi Wei and Junho:


Junho of 2PM and Singer-actress Qi Wei Release Delightful MV for Collaboration Duet Single — 7 Comments

  1. Mrs Koala, there is a typo up there – one should read “her leading man/male” inwtead of “lady”. 😉

    I quite did not recognize her, having first spotted her in her boyish/short haircut wedding outfit. Glad she and Junho collaborated. He seems like a potentially good actor and the C/T-market might work for him once he goes solo – soon, veryyyyy soon. Best of “luck” to both.

  2. When the MV first came out many of us online were like, “Does this remind you of a Target commercial?” LOL.

    Anywho his pronunciation keeps me feeling annoyed that EXO is so very bad

  3. Yup, she’s beautiful and has a decent voice.

    Junho has a pretty good voice, though something didn’t sound quite right when he was harmonizing. I’m not sure if it’s the actual harmonies being weird or whether it was him or her that sounded slightly off, but it sounds kind of weird.

    Cute MV.

  4. I enjoyed the series “Love Comes Back”. Qi Wei was funny, but my favourite couple was the veterinarian and the barbie doll friend. They were hilarious.

    Qi Wei also wore that red dress briefly in the series. Looks good on her!

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