Thirty K-ent Industry Experts Pick Junho as Best Actor Among the Top Idol Turned Actors of the Younger Leading Man Generation

So its a runaway vote win for idol-actor Junho, netting 21 votes to be the top industry insider experts pick for best young idol turned actor of his gen group. Thirty one industry honchos were each given two votes to pick the best idol turned actors and it was Junho that may have taken longer to break out but is currently the most award winning of the lot. Next with 11 votes each are Im Shi Wan and D.O., good picks and makes sense. The next one is head scratching as Cha Eun Woo was third with 4 votes. And rounding out the top group is Park Hyung Sik and Ro Woon each with 2 votes apiece. Now I wanna know who is BOTH the best actor and the best idol combined.

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