C-stars Fashionably Wow at the Esquire China Man of the Year Gala

The 12th annual Esquire China Man of the Year awards took place in Beijing this week but it ended up being a lady star who stole the night. C-actress Alina Zhang (Zhang Ming) wowed in an exquisite eye-catching dress, accentuated with a soft updo and perfect makeup finished with ruby red lips. The dress is such a winner for me, not overly sexy and instead playful and feminine with an artistic bent in the watercolor print of the skirt. This is light years ahead of what typically passes for awards show dressing, even if there is nothing wrong with a beautifully designed black dress or all those white/gold/ivory confections heading down the red carpet. I love starlets who take risks and do so in a chic way, which is something that A-list C-actress Fan Bing Bing almost always pulls off, and what Alina has managed to showcase here. The men were a nice sight to behold as well, especially Nicky Wu who took home a big award for his star style and popularity. Continue reading

Star-studded Wuxia C-drama Ancient Sword Fantasy with Li Yi Feng and Yang Mi Premieres in Early July

Sometimes I wonder if SARFT releases decrees and suggestions and the Chinese networks give a collective shrug and go back to their regularly scheduled programming. A little over a month ago SARFT issued a suggestive letter that it wished all … Continue reading