My Lovely Girl’s One-name Wonder Cast: Alex and Hoya Join Rain, Krystal, and L

I’m reserving the right to end up loving My Lovely Girl (My Lovable Girl) but right now it keeps looking like a major hot mess in the making. The casting of much younger idol-actress Krystal with only three dramas under her belt makes for valid concerns about whether she’s ready in skill and charisma to be a leading lady in a prime time drama. She could be but I don’t blame the majority opinion that she’s probably not ready yet. Then second female lead Im Joo Eun joined before abruptly departing the cast all within a day, making for whiplash and raising the red flag that this drama may have a horribly written second female lead if Im Joo Eun pretty much sprinted the other direction like her skirt was on fire. Now there are two more idol boys in the cast, the first is L of Infinite who was cast last week and this week his group mate Hoya joins him to double the dose of Infinite.

To continue the one-name trend of this particular cast, Alex has also been inked to play the part of Rain’s agency right hand man and best buddy. Alex is also a singer being the lead male vocalist in the trio Clazziquai, though the group hasn’t released an album since 2009. With this singing-heavy cast, this drama can be purely a music-based story and keep the whole younger sister of dead first love healing a broken heart romance claptrap to a minimum. The best part of the bizarrely stupid Lovers of Music (Trot Lovers) was the musical aspiration bit and once the romance there took over all remaining brain cells in the drama dug a hole and went to die. Of course my connection of the cast of MLG being entertainers with just one name totally got blown out of the water with the last minute addition of Cha Ye Ryun as the second female lead while Lee Cho Hee plays the best friend of the heroine stock character. Oh well, I so wished this cast would draw out some excitement from me other than feeling like a fast deflating balloon. 

Can I ask for more bromance scenes in this drama, please?  I really want MLG to be good so Alex and Hoya at least is a step up from last week’s casting of Krystal and L. I’m watching Hi! School: Love On and am slowly warming up to Woohyun and Sungyeol in that drama and that’s more affection that I have for L who I have seen in three dramas and continues to find just awful at acting. Hoya is actually not bad and got lots of well-deserved love in Answer Me 1997. I’m chuckling at the thought of Rain playing a music agency president guiding the careers of idols-playing-idols in Krystal, Hoya, and L.


My Lovely Girl’s One-name Wonder Cast: Alex and Hoya Join Rain, Krystal, and L — 13 Comments

  1. Nothing in this drama excites me, not even Rain. The only reason I would have watched an episode or two was because of Im Joo Eun but since she is out, I’m will avoid this like a plague

  2. Think you are right about this one, ms Koala. I would think Rain would have a little say-so about who is to appear with him, but maybe not. I’m sure he gets all his money up front, in case this turkey doesn’t fly!

  3. hahaha… casting for this drama is really turning out to be a mess…
    hope they prove me wrong but I don’t think I’d be tuning in even with Rain in it…

  4. I think this drama will be like Heirs, a hot mess thematically with acting ranging from pretty good to abysmal, which will nonetheless be a huge success in terms of ratings. They’ve thrown so many idols at this show that the sheer power of their frothy popularity will keep the ratings up.

    • Pretty sure this drama will flop. You’re beautiful, Dream High 1 & 2, To The Beautiful You etc all have as much as idols in the cast than this drama and all of those dramas flopped. Hard. Idols popularity may be high overseas but in Korea, their sole presence in a drama actually guarantee this drama’s failure. I can only think of one exception of dramas which succeeded with idols as leads: Gu Family Book. Top actors and actresses have a real power in terms of ratings success, 80% of the dramas starring top stars do well.

      Nevermind, the drama will do well overseas with all the Hallyu idols they have thrown in it but as for Korea, it would be surprising if it exceed 10% ratings.

      • Not sure if Dream High is considered a flop – the sequel definitely was, but the first one didn’t do too badly in terms of rating or international audience if i remember correctly. What’s ironic is that honestly speaking, compared to You’re Beautiful, Dream High (the first one, not the second) and maybe even To The Beautiful You, Gu Family Book was the real disappointment in terms of plot and acting.

  5. Off topic but Clazziquai released an album last year and they did a single for their 10th anniversary last month…and I thought a 10th anniversary album was coming but Alex doing this drama makes me think I heard wrong

    • Huge, huge Clazziquai fan here since Kim Sam Soon came out with that catchy theme song. Was about to make the correction but you beat me to it. 🙂 Blesssed came out last year and it’s awesome. If a 10th anniversary album comes out, I would flip.

  6. I think it would have been better (more amusing/interesting) if they could have cast Lee Joon or G.O. from MBLAQ. Both of them have acting experience and it would have been sooo funny considering the meta from being from the boy group Rain actually did raise. Actually I’m pretty sure anybody from MBLAQ would have been better than L based on acting skills… On the other hand L wasn’t terrible in Shut Up: Flower Boy Band when he was supposed to be a musician so I’ll cross my fingers for him.

  7. Well, if it turn out to be mediocre as trot lovers is, it will be such a shame to name this as a comeback project for Rain. At least in trot lovers eun ji is not annoying. So i can keep up with the stupid story line. I haven’t watch krystal in other drama than heirs so i can’t say much. But limited range of acting will sure left this premise as somewhat forgetable.

  8. Er, what happened to Rain’s star power? Since his scandal, is he a persona non grata in some industry circles? How can you go from starring with the likes of Song Hye Kyo and Gong Hyo Jin to a newbie like Krystal.

  9. I don’t understand all of these negative comments. Not one episode has aired but people are already predicting doom for the show. My Lovely Girl is about a man who falls in love with his dead girl friend’s younger sister. The story sound plausible to me and with Krystal as the star very believable. She’s a very lovely girl of 21 and it’s quite easy to fall in love with her. Krystal has been acting since she was 16 and has enough experience to handle the role of Lee Se Na. I think comedy is harder to perform then drama and Krystal has perfect timing and excels in funny situations. I thought she stole the show in Heirs. Her scenes in Heirs were the highlights of the series. I’m just saying give the girl a chance. She may surprise all of you.

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