Rain and Krystal Lead the Script Reading for My Lovely Girl

There’s a genuine nerve-wracking frisson of worry that flits by anytime I come across updates for the upcoming SBS music rom-com My Lovely Girl (My Lovable Girl, She’s So Lovable). A rom-com always gets my interest purely because I’m always hopeful that this could be the elusive one that will get it right. When Rain signed on to the drama it was after two earlier passes, he was reportedly also courted for Lovers of Music (Trot Lovers) but that was never under serious consideration while the media did report on him being wooed for the intriguing melodrama Indian Summer which ended up being a no-go. I like to think Rain put considerable effort into picking his comeback drama after military service so whatever happens with MLG at least it looked good on paper enough for Rain to say yes. The drama held its script reading late last week which seems fast since the full cast was only confirmed last week, but is actually not fast enough considering the drama airs after It’s Okay, It’s Love.

The entire cast was present for the table read led by Rain and leading lady Krystal Jung, L and Hoya of Infinite, Alex, Dani (the newest member of T-ara), Cha Ye Ryun, Lee Cho Hee, and elder Park Hyung Gyu playing Rain’s onscreen daddy. The production team behind this drama has worked together three times prior in the dramas Could We Love, Scent of a Woman, and Dr. Champ so there is a lot of familiarity and comfort as a team. PD Park Hyung Gi asked the cast to work hard while screenwriter Noh Ji Sul also asked her cast to do their best while she does her best to write a story that doesn’t become an embarrassment on the acting resumes of the gathered actors and actresses. I appreciate the candor and the enthusiasm of the production team so here’s hoping the acting side also steps up to the plate and fully expresses the characters and brings them to life.


Rain and Krystal Lead the Script Reading for My Lovely Girl — 17 Comments

  1. Sorry for such a question, but is my HOYA the third one from left to right, bottom line, last pic? He is my perfect match out of I7 members (according to Allkpop), and I cant even regconize him?!!! Hoya-ah, mian T_T

    I dont intend to follow this drama, hope some kind soul from I7 fans please upload some L and Hoya’s cuts when they’re available ^^

    • yeah me too… the line up seems so so… i can count in my one hand how many can truly act, and that’s including the senior actors

      • Same here, something very much amiss for me, but there should be good scenes of bromance, camaraderie of the idols and performances. Wishing Rain well too.

  2. Krystal… there’s something off about her. Maybe it’s her facial expression in the picture. Hopefully this drama is good!:) RAIN AND ALEX 😀

  3. Wasn’t Krystal just a blonde for f(x)’s Red Light promotions? Her poor hair must hate her. Bleach job and now a dye job back to black.

    I love a good rom-com so I’m hoping this one turns out fun and quirky, but with a good story and acting from all those involved.

    • I dunno but something just not feels right but still, good luck to this drama.

      Krystal’s hair color was the first thing i noticed. Poor hair, but she looks better in darker hair color.

      • I would totally watch this drama for rain’s sake… last week i kept saying to myself i don’t mind her (krystal) being the leading lady as long as she gets rid of the hideous hair…Oh well she did thanks Krystal… Good luck Rain 😉

  4. RAIN is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s been years waiting for HIM to come out for another hit drama, looking forward to it!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hot damn Rain looks as smexy and young as he had back when he did A Love to Kill. Loving Krystal’s bangs; makes her way more mature looking. I honestly think they’ll be fireworks together so hopefully the script holds up as well as everyone’s acting.

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