MBC Mon-Tues Drama Two Cops with Jo Jung Seok and Hyeri Hold Script Reading

I see the casting for the upcoming MBC drama Two Cops and deciding to be optimistic I notice the reunion of a bunch of Answer Me alums. Leading lady Hyeri from Answer Me 1988 gets to work with supporting leads Hoya and Lee Si Eun from Answer Me 1997. If all three bring the same level of heart and acting sincerity as seen in their Answer Me performances, then things are looking promising for male lead Jo Jung Seok who really is too talented to waste his time in a drama with a decent story that is hamstrung by limited acting. Two Cops is about a dogged detective who shares his body with a swindler and together they end up solving more cases with the usual opposites double the effectiveness mantra of K-dramas. The drama will take over the Mon-Tues time slot from 20th Century Boy and Girl, which got a one week late premiere so Two Cops just started filming and will likely have a good head start. Continue reading

MBC Holds Script Reading for Radiant Office Led by Leads Go Ah Sung and Ha Suk Jin

Script reading commenced last week upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama Radiant Office (Glowing Office), the drama by newbie screenwriter Jung Ho Hyun that won a MBC script writing competition. The most memorable competition winning drama script to be made into a … Continue reading

Happy Mid-autumn: My Secret Hotel Preempted and My Lovely Girl Prepares for Premiere

Happy Zhong Qiu/Chuseok everyone! It’s the annual mid-autumn festival in the Asian countries that still celebrate it, namely Korea and Greater China (Mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong) for us following along with its dramas. Japan celebrates it as Tsukimi or … Continue reading