Pleasantly Surprised Dials Up the Romance with Adorable Date Preview for Episode 13

I normally don’t post episode updates on Pleasantly Surprised (Love Myself or You) since I’m not recapping and also because it’s been relatively uneventful to follow along with this drama. I said before it lacks sizzle from the crescendo excitement of a more passionate OTP romance but conversely hasn’t tripped up on stupid plot developments either. Coming from the same network as Fall in Love with Me, it’s like watching the same set of parents produce two kids, one a quiet unassuming Rhodes Scholar and the other a high school dropout in jail for selling crack. So weird is an understatement. With that said, PS is now heading towards dialing up the volume in the romance department after male lead Ah Jie finally made the move in a major way in episode 12 with two big kisses that won him the girl.

I still feel bad for Hao Wei who honestly would have been just as good for Kai Qi, but his situation reminds us all that missed opportunities sometimes doesn’t lead to second chances. This drama has produced two great male leads, one a childhood best friend and the other a college first crush, and lucky Kai Qi can’t lose either way she chooses. I did wonder if her relationship with Ah Jie would be more chaste but it sure doesn’t look that way with all the skinship coming up in just released preview for episode 13 as the new couple head down to Pingdong to visit the aquarium and get in some night out together. I’m pleased that Kai Qi has opened up fully now that she’s in a relationship with Ah Jie, her beaming smile in the episode 13 preview was breathtaking, and all I ask of SETTV is to keep bringing on the cute kissing and cuddling and hand holding for as long as it can until the inevitable angst hits.

It’s reassuring at least that Ah Jie isn’t going to bend over backwards anymore to listen to his bitter and unreasonable brother’s demands that he has to leave Taiwan. Stay put, dude, and stop groveling for an accident that happened twenty years ago and merely led to a change of professional dreams. Big freaking deal, annoying older brother, keep crying us all a river and then get the heck off my screen.

Preview for episode 13:


Pleasantly Surprised Dials Up the Romance with Adorable Date Preview for Episode 13 — 12 Comments

  1. Fall in Love with Me…sigh. Slice it down the middle and it’s two completely different shows. It was never great, now it’s simply on crack and bearing no resemblance to reality. Even the prospect of an hour of Aaron can’t make the show watchable now.

  2. Yup, I am still watching this show. Sometimes you just need something that doesn’t ask for much. This show for me, ironically, is like the classic second male lead: on paper, he has everything anyone would want, but doesn’t light that fire in the main girl. I have a fondness for second leads because I don’t need that much excitement all the time. I have high blood pressure as it is.

    I am glad that you mention the brother story line. I was done with him when I found out he beginning of the background story about the accident and blaming Ah Jie, but the stuff he does beyond that to make himself out to be so much better?

    • Ah Ji seemed like he was a beta male, second lead type who wanted to befriend, help the heroine until he finally got jealous, wanted more in ep 11-12. I do like rom com where the leads start out as friends that have good chemistry, relationship as friends first.

      This drama is good, sweet to me. The brother, other conflict can happen later on. You dont have crazy conflict in the first 10 eps.

    • I dont like watching long previews that give away too much. I will watch ep 13 for that.

      HW rival thing? He lost the game as soon KQ told him her feelings for AJ. Cute rivalry is fun but not clingy guy trying to ruin a happy couple.

      Man it shocking to see KQ being so excited, looking more feminine because of smiley faces when she is normally angry looking towards people.

  3. Post “Just You” drama battle between Aaron and Puff, and I will say that Puff is winning by a landslide. Maybe Puff purposely planted fellow Dream Girls bandmate, Tia, in the female lead position opposite Aaron in order to sabotage him. LOL just kidding. Your comparison is pretty much perfect. Aaron’s “Fall in Love with Me” is an utter mess when it comes to story line AND acting. Tia literally has the acting skills of a rock and the rest of the cast does not really help, maybe adds a little to the mess. Aaron has been great with his acting skills and he is looking better and better with every drama, but that is not reason enough for me to continue watching. I gave up long long ago, but Puff’s “Pleasantly Surprised”, on the other hand, has been a total success for me. I love the lighthearted simplicity in the storyline, and the acting delivered from the entire cast has just been a delight. I am glad that the directors decided against the crazy plot-twists and pain in the ass side characters. Puff is on fire!!

  4. I enjoyed the pacing of this show until a few episodes ago, when it became a bit more draggy for me, at a stage where a drama should pick up, so ep 12 was nice. This show itself is a pleasant surprise for me hehe- the otp’s natural attraction, the petty and cute side characters, the sweet and supportive second leads, the glorious shots of food porn, Puff’s colorful bags, and the engaging BTS. The only thing that feels odd is the immaturity of the older brother.

    • Ehhh that last line of the preview makes me wary that ep 13 is not going to be just a series of fluffy dates, like this is the period of sweet bliss before the storm. I’m ok with some drama to spice up the show, as long as the otp ends up working together in taiwan or france.

      • I hope the angst is her, him trying to keep their work, love going. Not just the silly brother.

        He is still hiding his rich family that owns the restaurant from others that isnt KQ.

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