Domestic Violence Charges Withdrawn Against Kim Hyun Joong After A Receives Personal Apology

For both sides in a legal dispute the common element is the sense of relief and closure when the litigation comes to an end. Regardless of the outcome, closure brings the chance to pay penance or move on. With Kim Hyun Joong offering a very public apology to his ex-girlfriend for his actions leading to the assault allegations, his ex-girlfriend “A” has now officially filed a withdrawal of her complaint with the police station. Her lawyer made it clear last week that she wanted his sincere apology first and foremost, and reportedly Kim Hyun Joong also met with A personally to apologize this week, so with that A has decided not to continue with the lawsuit. In cases where there is a living victim, the cooperation of the victim in pressing charges almost always dictates whether the prosecutor will pursue the case.

A living victim that refuses to press charges and won’t testify pretty much makes the case DOA but an overzealous prosecutor could still go ahead with the case. In cases where the victim is dead such as murder or manslaughter charges, that’s when a prosecutor makes the sole determination whether to charge the accused since there is no victim alive to weigh in on the case. A’s lawyer issued a statement that A’s withdrawal of her complaint was completely voluntary and there was no financial settlement with Kim Hyun Joong or money changing hands in any way. She really just wanted him to apologize for beating her up. Key East has stated that Kim Hyun Joong will enlist in the military next year and will continue with his prior entertainment activity commitments until then. Kim Hyun Joong released a statement that he’s thankful this matter is behind him now and credits the support of his fans for getting him through this tough time.

Kim Hyun Joong’s performance in Age of Feeling (Inspiring Generation) will likely be the last he’s seen on Korean television for a long time. TV viewers are notoriously sticklers for good conduct and currently the K-netizens are overwhelmingly on the side of the victim and think Kim Hyun Joong’s career is down the drain for the foreseeable future. To recap the facts of this case that are undisputed and confirmed by both sides: Kim Hyun Joong dated ex-girlfriend A for two years, in the spring of this year they had a big fight and A ended up with bruises from being struck by Kim Hyun Joong during the fight, she went to the hospital afterwards and her condition was documented by the doctors.

There are further allegations of another fight where Kim Hyun Joong pushed A so hard she cracked a rib, but his side has denied it was a fight and was just a couple fooling around to cause the rib fracture. A was finally persuaded by her friends and family to go to the cops and press charges against Kim Hyun Joong for multiple cases of domestic violence. His side countered it was just one big fight and not multiple cases. Her side asked him to apologize sincerely and she would consider dropping charges. Kim Hyun Joong issued a very public apology to A where he accepted that ALL the fault laid with him and asked that A not be criticized or blamed in any way for what happened. He then followed up with an in person apology and subsequently A dropped the charges.

This whole saga was thankfully not as drawn out as some previous K-ent scandals and more than anything I wish A the best in healing emotionally and being able to move on fully from a toxic relationship that has thankfully ended now. I don’t care if folks will or won’t watch Kim Hyun Joong in the future but let’s try not to perpetuate baseless conspiracy theories like oppa was framed and he’s just admitting guilt to end the false persecution or any shit like that. The only props I give Kim Hyun Joong is owning up to his misconduct and hopefully he will get anger management counseling. Violence prone Gu Jun Pyo in Boys Before Flowers was watchable because he’s a fictional character in a silly drama, in real life knowing that Ji Hoo oppa has a trigger fist when he gets mad is not okay and needs to be addressed so he doesn’t do it again to anyone.


Domestic Violence Charges Withdrawn Against Kim Hyun Joong After A Receives Personal Apology — 37 Comments

  1. If I am going to reborn … In my next life I want to born as rich and powerful man of South Korea … They are so above law … Fuck the system
    Even You broke your Girl friend of two years’s ribs and accept worng doing, you can fucking still travel around the world laughing, singing, dancing and making whole lots of money … WOW what a country … What a system … And What a society … It’s really hard to born as a women in that type if society … Very sad

  2. Rib cracking? Bruises? Hell no! I wouldn’t drop the case if I were her. For all I know, it might be a lot more complicated than it is and it was probably better for her to drop it.

    • She wouldn’t gain anything from dragging the lawsuit,for probably KHJ would have gotten a light sentence, which could be easily settled with money. And Miss. A would have spent unnecessary money on lawyer and other legal fees.

  3. What I can’t understand is how he could keep doing his tour and promotional activities after this scandal broke out. And then taking weeks to give a WRITTEN apology!

    Other K-celebs, when scandals broke out, immediately disappeared and stopped all activities for quite a while. Park Shi Hoo, PSY, Joo Ji Hoon, Park Shi Yeon, … just to name a few.

    So Kim Hyun Joong will keep working right up until his enlistment next year? And pretend like nothing happened?

    Basically all he had to do was write a little apology online and a big fat check to Miss “A”.

    • What big fat check? It was said that no money exchanged hands. She gets an apology – so at least the people in this world who are not delusional fangirls will know him for what he is.
      It would be great if he actually got counseling for his violent tendencies – I just read an article in the Wall Street Journal that said that treatment for abusers has a 70% success rate – but I doubt he will because he has too much support from his “fans” and his staff to have much impetus for change.

  4. I usually don’t comment about these scandals but the result in this one is absurd!! A big WTH? A grown man, an ABUSER, walks away free and all he had to do was publicly write a apology letter to her (doubt it is from *him*). South Korea’s law is so messed up and obviously favors those with money and power. I really hope all of his fans leaves him.

    • Sadly, his fans are still supporting him. I wish someone would hack into this website and write “Woman Beater” all over it. That would be a hilarious attack.

  5. OMG, he might still be charged. Likely it will just be a fine. Looks like he may not go scout free. If so, there is definitely hope in Korea Justice System. Good news for DV victims.

    Move on young lady. You will find a more deserving man who will love and protect you. What goes around comes around. Your good deed will not be forgotten. His bad deed may be forgiven by you but he will still be karma coming back to him in future.

  6. I’m relieved when I read all the comments above, thankful for sane reasonable people like u all. Two other websites I came across, the majority were bashing Ms A, saying things like she was attention seeking, she must hv secretly squeezed lots of money from KJH, KJH is so brave, etc etc…. Made my blood boil reading them …

  7. All I have to say is good on Miss A, for knowing that she deserves better than an abuser, getting out, and getting what she wanted from being in such a rotten situation.

    I don’t know if it’s enough to compensate for what she experienced, but if it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for me.

    I’m just glad that she got out before he could do irreparable harm to her.

    Sadly, it looks like fangirls will be fangrils in being crazy supportive no matter the situation.

    At least, it’ll hopefully open a dialogue for people in SK about domestic violence along the lines that the Ray Rice videos have in the US.

  8. It takes 2 to Tango, if I may say. In any situation. I just hope that Miss A will not again stoop down to his level just because she still loves him or that he is KHJ. There is a big world out there … much better man and better life. Crazy people will never change. Hope she moves on and focus on making herself a better woman who deserves love with respect.

  9. I am overwhelmingly sympathetic to A.
    Sometimes u always hold still a soft spot for someone you love no matter how bad he hurts you.
    I can say it’s obvious she’s willing to let it go so as not to completely destroy him as her intention was probably just to understand why the heck her boyfriend would hit her to that extent. Her family and friends must have pushed the police report ( I would)

    Anyone who says she’s an attention seeker or crazy vile bitch, you are so f up. What good does she get? Her face is not even shown and all she gets is hate from people like you. Let ur oppa own up to his mistake, he did the right thing to apologize. Sincere or not I don’t know, as long as it’s enough for the victim that’s good enough. He should also seek counseling, whatever the story is, he DID hit her and the injuries are awful. It’s absolutely wrong to treat anyone like that. I’m glad korean netizens see it right

  10. Domestic violence is never acceptable under any circumstance. Kudos to him for owning up (with a little pressure from the media) but I wouldn’t miss him if he never showed up in dramaland again.

    At least it reinforces the korean non tolerance of DV and I’m all for that.

  11. I am upset that he didn’t get any actual punishment out of this but I hope A is at least okay and not suffering any further because of that (insert a very bad word here). I hate the fact that I admired this guy for so long. A pretty face can be deceiving. I just hope in future he doesn’t hurt someone else.
    Thanks, Ms Koala, for keeping us updated and for giving your legal opinions on the case!

  12. i won’t ever watch or listen to any of his stuff anymore…he’s still a jerk in my opinion but glad that the victim got an apology to her satisfaction, he probably had to kneel and beg for forgiveness…but i still won’t watch of listen to any of his stuff

  13. His worst punishment by far was from his canceled show. If more people cancel his shows and sponsors pull out that would be even better. I hope more people look at what the NFL is doing and saying it’s not ok to hit your wife, child,dog ect..Even better that sponsors with deep pockets are pulling advertising.
    Wish Ms A the best because it takes a strong person to stand up and confront someone you loved that hurt you.

  14. No! He need a ”real punishment”! Mayve he really is sorry.Maybe the victim did forgave him. But he need to face justice and be an example for every person who use violence.

  15. Good for Miss A, I wish her the best.

    As for him, I really hope this scandal does not get brushed under the carpet while he is off in the military, he’s been shameless in his conduct and the apology (after one month!) is the only good thing he did. Good to see that Koreans don’t tolerate domestic violence even if their laws are lax, him losing cfs and acting jobs will hurt more than the measly fine he would have to pay.

  16. i really support KHJ! the case was so strange….
    i really thing he hit her, yes! i do believe it was a fitgh that was going to bad to worst! but, something is missing there…
    well, now this is over, “A” drop charges, KHJ will continue with his life…ANDi AND i will support him forever!

  17. KHJ fans are worst than criminals….The more these fans post, the more the whole world know his fan clubs consists of cult members, you know…the cults that their leaders are criminals but they still obey & pray to.
    Sickening & disgusting!

    • To Angela,

      You are the one who belong to a cult. Your leader is Ockoala. You listen to everything she said.
      At least KHJ is a good tax payer unlike Jang Geun Seuk who defraud the government by evading paying all the taxes that he supposed to pay. Which one is the worst offense. JGS should go to jail.
      KHJ never said that he is Ji-hoo in real life. He was offered the Gu Jun Pyo role first but he chose Ji-hoo instead. A role that will be more challenging for him.

      • Are you dumb or just pretend to be one? The 4 charges against KHJ was serious, it is called ASSAULT & BATTERY which caused bodily injuries. No where it sad anything about his dramas. The charges he faced can lead upto 7 years in prison. It is why he wrote a heartfelt apology to beg A for forgiveness so as she would drop charges against him.

        We & most intelligent people belong to a cult it is called JUSTICE.

        You unfortunately belong to SAESANG FAN CLUBS who will do say anything, some even involve criminal activities for oppa. LOLz

  18. I didn’t know that Koreans take this very serious. It’s good in a way because here in the U.S. people don’t really do much (and I’m talking about celebrities too).
    However I’m on neither of their side. He did bad by raising his hand against a girl. She did bad because she stayed after the first time he raised his hand. Girls with common sense would leave after a guy tried to pull a stunt like that (whether it’s a celeb or not). And it was reported that it was “multiple” times.
    I just wish that girls wouldn’t have to put up with this stuff. It makes us looms delicate. Him on the other hand, has problems with life apparently.
    People need to stop bashing on others. We are humans and we learn from stupidities that we cause. I’m highly positive he will learn from this. If he doesn’t then people can say what they want. Until then, just keep an eye on him like I do. So dramatic.

  19. Oh Im glad i found this website,others are just still admiring this low life woman abuser,what a f*** shame !!! I still cant believe I always praised him and loved him even after i heared he did that horrible thing to his girlfriend…I know what you might think but as i got more details on the case I found out that Miss A actually confirmed she has been beaten more than once and it was all after a huge fight over KHJ with other girls.
    I mean ok we are humans we can make mistakes but beaten a defensive girl to death??? How pathetic can a person be? thid jerk confessed that he has done it so to all stupid 9 year old fans, STOP BLAMING THE POOR GIRL OK??!!! Im still in a huge shock,how possibly someone can be that cruel to beat a girl twice or more and then leave her?? Cause he is a singer and has money and power then she can not do anything?? That was his strategy, God knows about all other his ex girlfriends…I feel so bad for the girl that she couldnt put her pic or even her name on the internet,this is how f*** up is the system! So the discharged him to do all his stupid concerts to laugh and dance?! Yeah thats juatice!!! I feel so sorry for you KHJ, Hope someday you act like a human…

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