Lee Byung Hun Apologizes at the Airport Upon Returning to Korea with Lee Min Jung

Oh boy, that kid’s face says it all, doesn’t it? Incheon airport was a frenzy yesterday as A-list but scandal prone actor Lee Byung Hun returned to Korea with his pregnant wifey actress Lee Min Jung in tow. The two have spent the last two months in the US likely to lay low as the legal proceedings wrapped in the blackmail case where Lee Byung Hun was extorted by two young aspiring starlets. Now that Lee Min Jung is about two months away from giving birth the couple have returned to Korea for the remainder of her pregnancy.

The media frenzy at the airport was no joke, which leads me to wonder who told the press beforehand they were coming back that day. The expressions say it all, and not just of the random kid in the picture above staring in “da fuq is this?” shock at the proceedings. Lee Min Jung’s “I don’t give a fuck bitch face” is pretty epic while Lee Byung Hun looked like he hadn’t slept or shaven for a few days, either in severe agony or helping the apology tableau look more authentic, take your pick. After whisking the unamused wifey away to the waiting car, Lee Byung Hun returned to directly address the media and gave his first direct apology to the Korean public for his actions in this entire mess. Continue reading

Running Man in Hot Water with Ill-conceived Twitter Campaign to Pressure Yoon Eun Hye to Guest

The bad publicity keeps dogging SBS recently and I can’t help but feel it’s primarily self-inflicted by the bad decisions made by the network. There’s the desperate effort to revive audience interest in the flagging prime time drama Hyde, Jekyll, … Continue reading