My Lovely Girl Episode 1 Recap

It’s too bad that My Lovely Girl (My Lovable Girl) didn’t premiere on a Thursday because this K-drama fairly screams a perfect fit for Throwback Thursdays. There is absolutely nothing/zero/nada about MLG that hasn’t been done before and probably done better. This is the most benign and unimaginative work to arrive in a long time, yet it has one thing going for it that will either make or break this drama for each viewer. It is completely easy to watch. It’s like pressing play and for an hour there will be the exact same rigmarole that we’ve come to expect for a K-drama romance except this one has an additional cute canine. Episode 1 flew by for me in watching and recapping and barely put a dent in my thought process. Even the wide swath of bad acting, some absolutely cringeworthy and others simply not up to par, doesn’t ruin the delivery of brisk entertainment. There is the niggling feeling like Rain is babysitting an entire drama worth of youngsters to develop their acting careers rather than showcasing his own, but if this is his comeback drama in four years then so be it.

I was expecting the drama to be lovely to behold since it comes from the PD behind Scent of a Woman and Dr. Champ, but oddly even the visuals are uninspiring and the story telling herky jerky with narrative jumps aplenty. Krystal feels way more suited for her character than Rain does in this whole drama, her age and relative inexperience pairs well with her character’s career and life struggles, not to mention she does make her Candy less saccharine and more edgy. This is probably the weakest Wed-Thurs line up in a long time with MLG going up against two newly premiered dramas in Iron Man (Blade Man) and My Spring Days. You can pick your poison/treat but I’m throwing the dice with MLG for being the one that kept my attention and/or sanity intact the most. If you’re game for yet another Candy heroine, rich talented and prone to yelling male lead, unexpected death and upcoming cancer, daddy disapproval issues, clingy second female lead, wise best friends who show up just to help out the leads, and the only happens in dramas almost fell in the swimming pool but the guy catches the girl in time twirl, then MLG might be the right drama for you.

Episode 1 recap:

A couple is arguing in the car with the girl complaining about why he has to keep upsetting her all the time? The guy Hyun Wook tries to defuse her anger by suggesting that she nap and bringing up how she was the one who wanted to go see his dad. The girl So Eun plans to break up with Hyun Wook so none of this will happen again. Hyun Wook turns on the radio and then turns it off after he hears what song is playing. So Eun turns it back on and compliments the new song he wrote for the new singer in his company and how the media keeps speculating why he has something happen in the recording studios with the girls?

Hyun Woo argues back that nothing happens in the recording studios and he just met that singer he wrote the song for. It was his first time handling a new singer which is why he put so much effort into it. And to spend time with So Eun he’s put his work aside to be here. So Eun doesn’t care about this explanation and Hyun Wook accuses her of testing how much he loves her. So Eun tells him to leave then and Hyun Wook angrily gets out of the car to calm down after he pulls over to the shoulder.

A passing SUV busts a tire and slides sideways into an oncoming car. The two cars collide and then create a blockage in the road whereby an incoming truck flips over and directly slams into the parked car that So Eun is still inside. Hyun Wook tries to get So Eun out of the car as he sees the truck coming but he’s too late.

The truck hits the car and Hyun Wook manages to get So Eun out before she dies in his arms. Hyun Wook cries for So Eun to wake up but the final words she leaves with him are “We fought for nothing.”

Three years later and So Eun’s little sister Se Na is taking out the trash at her part time job. She runs into a regular stray cat in the alley and feeds it come snacks while encouraging the cat to hang in there in this tough life. Two debt collectors track down Se Na and corner her in the alley but she manages to distract them before grabbing her bag and guitar to run away.

AnA music company Director Shin Hae Yoon is walking through the backstage of a music show recording and ordering her underlings around. She gets a call from a friend who is currently at Jeju island and claims to have run into Lee Hyun Wook.

Hyun Wook is living the simply life in Jeju tending to his backyard organic garden. He plucks some fruits and vegetables and prepares a salad for a lady. She suggests he hang a sign and make it an official business since word has spread of his cooking talents. Hyun Wook isn’t interested and is even less interested when the lady tries to invite him back to her house. Hyun Wook claims to have a girlfriend and the arrival of Hae Yoon makes the lady leave thinking she’s Hyun Wook’s girlfriend.

Hae Yoon rails at Hyun Wook for leaving three years ago and not letting anyone know his whereabouts. Hyun Wook reveals he only recently settled in Jeju and likes it here. He has no desire to go back to Seoul despite Hae Yoon pointing out his music genius going to waste. Hyun Wook declares he’s given up only two things in his life, music and romance, and he plans to stick to it. Hae Yoon darts up to kiss Hyun Wook who has no reaction and afterwards chides her for being a mannerless drunk in stealing kisses after drinking.

Se Na sits by the Han River feeling sad about her plight while over in Jeju Hyun Wook stands out in the courtyard to watch the wind blow the arrival of a storm. His lights go out and then he hears a phone ringing from inside the house. Hyun Wook goes inside and opens a drawer where the ringing is coming from a shattered cell phone inside a box.

It’s Se Na calling her dead unni So Eun’s broken cell phone wishing her sister could be with her since all around her by the Han River are families and couples while she’s so alone. She wonders where she’ll go from here and what she should do? Se Na asks why So Eun left her just like that? The call cuts off and Hyun Wook looks very affected after hearing the call.

Se Na goes to her friend Joo Hong’s apartment to crash for the night and she brings a gift and compliments for Joo Hong’s boyfriend to get him to agree to let her crash. Se Na explains later to Joo Hong that she ran away from the gangsters and didn’t even get her owed salary before leaving. Se Na asks to borrow Joo Hong’s name to look for another job since the gangsters know how to look for Se Na. Joo Hong readily agrees since she can’t lend money to help out Se Na.

Hyun Wook goes to the cell phone store to ask why the phone rang last night with a call? The store employee assures him that the phone is broken and number disconnected so there is no way a call could have come into that phone. Hyun Wook goes back to his car but doesn’t plan on giving up his search and gets a woof woof confirmation from his dog to continue.

Se Na is now working at a hotel and finds a crying child by the pool being yelled at by her mom who is also arguing with the useless dad. Se Na plays a tune with the wine glasses which distracts the crying child and stops her tears. She then offers the kid ice cream and the dad gives Se Na a nice fat tip for calming his child down.

Hyun Wook hires a private investigator to look for Yoon Se Na, describing her as the younger sister of deceased indie group member Yoon So Eun. Hyun Wook goes drinking with his BFF Sung Jin and explains his search for Se Na and how she sounded in dire straights when he listened to her call. A song plays over the radio and is the one that was playing the day So Eun and Hyun Wook fought before she died. Hyun Wook has a panic attack and has to quickly leave the bar.

Se Na sits by the pool after dark and all the guests have gone inside the hotel. She hums a tune which attracts the attention of Hyun Wook’s dog. He bounds over to Se Na who kneels down to talk to the dog about how he can’t come to the pool since he has too much fur. The dog raises a paw to shake with Se Na before barking once at her.

Hyun Wook walks over to the pool and sees Se Na humming a barking tune to his dog. He walks up to introduce himself as the dog’s good friend and explains the dog’s name is Dal Bong.

Dal Bong gets up on his hind legs to paw Se Na and she leans backwards and almost falls into the pool. Hyun Wook grabs her and explains that Dal Hong must like her since it’s the first time he acted this way. He reads Se Na’s name tag which says Joo Hong and takes in her name before bidding her good night and leaving with Dal Bong.

The hotel manager is informing all the employees about the big AnA music company concert tonight at the hotel with its group Infinite Power. She reminds the whole staff to do a good job with the expected crowd. Se Na is then directed to go to the suite where a guest has asked for her. Another employee is impressed since they call the guest “doggie flower boy”. Se Na realizes she met the guest last night and her manager doesn’t seem happy about it.

Se Na reports to Hyun Wook’s suite and hears that he wants her to watch Dal Bong whenever he needs to head out since Dal Bong barks at everyone else. Se Na accepts the task and smiles later at getting to work for the doggie flower boy.

Se Na is serving out by the pool and another employee points out Hae Yoon as a director at AnA, admiring her for being so beautiful and talented. Hae Yoon runs into Sung Jin in the hotel lobby and finds her way to Hyun Wook’s suite to drag him out to lunch with her. Hyun Wook agrees but asks her to wait since he’s meeting someone.

Se Na arrives at Hyun Wook’s suite and he asks her to watch Dal Bong since he’s heading out. Hae Yoon puts tip in Se Na’s hands since they will be out for awhile.

Hae Yoon brings Hyun Wook to a restaurant he used to frequent with So Eun. The ahjumma asks about the girl Hyun Wook used to bring around all the time and can see by his expression that she mentioned something awkward. She quickly goes to get food while Hae Yoon wants to leave this restaurant. Hyun Wook refuses and explains to the ahjumma that Hae Yoon is not his girlfriend. Hae Yoon storms out and is upset Hyun Wook didn’t follow her, grumbling about why Hyun Wook still can’t let So Eun go.

Se Na is getting ready to eat a snack when Dal Bong stares at her with pleading eyes so she feeds him a few bites. Se Na asks Dal Bong what that woman’s relationship is with Dal Bong’s master? A few minutes later Dal Bong has collapsed on the floor which is when Hyun Wook comes back. He finds out she fed him a human food sausage and screams at her before taking Dal Bong to the vet.

The vet informs Hyun Wook that the Dal Bong had his stomach pumped to get the sausage out, but during the process a cancerous tumor was discovered in his stomach. The vet doesn’t recommend surgery since Dal Bong’s age is so advanced and might die during surgery. He suggests Hyun Wook to let Dal Bong enjoy his remaining days left.

Hyun Wook tearfully checks on the resting Dal Bong and remembers getting a puppy Dal Bong with So Eun. Hyun Wook later takes Dal Bong to to the same park and lets Dal Bong rest on the park bench. He calls the investigator for an update on the search for So Eun’s little sister.

Hyun Wook returns to the hotel with Dal Bong and Se Na is worriedly waiting for them outside. She is relieved Dal Bong is fine and offers to pay his medical bills. Hyun Wook is about dismiss her but then brings her back to his hotel room to offer her a job taking care of Dal Bong full time.

Se Na is surprised thinking Hyun Wook must be furious at her. Hyun Wook is but Dal Bong likes her so he has to let her take care of him. Hyun Wook has Se Na take down very detailed notes on what Dal Bong can and cannot eat as well as his daily routine.

Se Na brings various food items to Hyun Wook and he nitpicks at everything she prepares for Dal Bong and even has her pick out chicken bones from the porridge since it was meant for Dal Bong and not himself. He then has her toss it and make beef stew instead.

Se Na sits at home that night and strums her guitar to sing a ditty about that crazy bastard ordering her around all day. She then stops complaining and starts composing for real.

The members of Infinite Power arrive at the hotel the next day to the screaming throngs gathered outside. Hyun Woon asks why it’s so loud at the hotel today and hears that the idol group is performing at the hotel tonight. Hyun Woon hands off Dal Bong to Se Na and informs her that he will be back late today.

Hyun Wook’s meeting with the investigator nets him good news that Se Na has been located and she’s currently staying with a friend. He gets the address and goes to Joo Hong’s apartment but can’t bring himself to knock on the door.

The boys of Infinite Power start their poolside performance that night at the hotel while the directors of AnA watch from the VIP booth. Se Na is with Dal Bong and can see the performance from the window. She brings Dal Bong down for a walk and runs into her hotel employee unni who is complaining about all the hard work to come as the guests will surely party all night long. Se Na asks to switch jobs with her tonight so she can work the pool concert and we see Se Na slip her demo CD into the serving cart.

The concert is over and everyone goes to the nightclub to party. Lead singer Shi Woo lights up to see the arrival of Ra Eum but his face falls when he sees fellow band mate Rae Heon greet her first. Se Na arrives at the party with the drinks and starts to serve the guests.

Hyun Wook waits outside Joo Hong’s apartment until the real Joo Hong comes home and asks her about Se Na. Joo Hong claims to not know Se Na’s whereabouts and quickly runs off. Hyun Wook gets a call from Hae Yoon to meet her quickly at the hotel lobby. Dal Bong gets lose from Se Na’s friend who is watching him at the hotel.

Hyun Wook returns to the hotel and runs into his dad in the hotel lobby. He calls him President and his dad wonders why he seems to be doing well despite giving up on life. Hyun Wook assures his dad that he still has royalties to collect from old songs and doesn’t plan to live his life according to his dad’s dictates. Hyun Wook storms off and Hae Yoon tries to convince Hyun Wook to reconcile with his dad and reveals that Hyun Wook’s dad health is poor lately. There is an announcement over the loudspeaker about a missing golden retriever and Hyun Wook quickly goes to the front desk and orders the hotel staff to find Dal Bong no matter what.

Shi Woo is downing whiskey shots while staring angrily at Ra Eum dancing with Rae Heon. He finally storms onto the dance floor and drags Ra Eum off.

Shi Woo drags Ra Eum out to talk and Se Na happens to be outside so she quickly hides behind the serving cart. Shi Woo wants to take Ra Eum home but she refuses to go and plans to continue having fun. Shi Woo demands that she not hang around Rae Heon and confesses that he likes her. Ra Eum shoots his confession down flat since she’s not interested in guys who like her first.

After Ra Eum saunters off, Shi Woo notices Se Na and goes to confront her. He demands her cell phone and then checks the entire cart for a recording device. He finds Se Na’s demo CD and hears that she’s a music composer. He drags her off back to the party. Hyun Wook searches the hotel grounds for Dal Bong and finds Dal Bong’s necktie on the ground.

Shi Woo pulls Se Na on the stage informs the party guests that Se Na is an aspiring composer and puts her CD into the player. Se Na turns off the music and tells Shi Woo that her music was never intended to be heard this way. He asks if she wants to play it in a room to seduce a guy and for that gets a slap across the face. Se Na apologizes to the guests and storms off.

Shi Woo chases after her and announces that he’s Infinite Power’s Shi Woo and she’s just a lowly hotel employee so how dare she! Se Na calls him on being embarrassed that she saw him get dumped by a girl and is taking out his anger on her. Shi Woo’s manager arrives to drag Shi Woo away and apologizes to Se Na for the scene Shi Woo caused before telling her that he will pass on the CD.

Hyun Wook arrives and accuses Se Na of chasing after idols and leaving her job of watching Dal Bong. Se Na explains she had a personal reason for being here but Hyun Wook screams that he lost his dog because of her. She’s going to get fired regardless of whether he finds Dal Bong or not and is upset that he handed his dog to someone like her. Se Na asks what he means by that? That she’s not as good as a dog? Hyun Wook says Dal Bong is his family while she’s just a random hotel employee. Se Na asks why he’s treating her this way since she didn’t lose Dal Bong and didn’t feed Dal Bong anything poisonous.

The hotel manager arrives to announce that Dal Bong has been found and then takes Se N away to fire her. The manager derides Se Na for thinking she can be a composer with her lowly education and series of part time jobs. Se Na apologizes for changing jobs but asks the manager not to insult her background. The manager orders Se Na to grab her things and leave.

Hyun Wook gets a call from the investigator asking if he’s seen the little sister yet? Turns out she is working at the same hotel and using her friend’s name Joo Hong. Hyun Wook rushes to the front desk and hears from the manager that Se Na has just been fired.

Se Na takes her things and walks dejectedly to catch a bus. Hyun Wook runs after her and sees her sitting at the bus stop. Hyun Wook calls the cell number for Se Na and she takes out her phone to answer it, confirming for Hyun Wook that she’s really So Eun’s little sister. Hyun Wook doesn’t speak and just stares at Se Na who notices him from across the street.

Thoughts of Mine:

I’m so curious whether this episode worked for folks? I really clicked with me despite ticking off every cliche in the K-drama book and leaping like a hyperactive frog from scene to scene. The music was decent, the cinematography serviceable, and the acting averaging out to barely mediocre, and yet I still watched and felt the urge to recap. Diving into the story, it may be redundant central in terms of having nothing unique to offer, but still what was presented has enough hook to keep the narrative going. I felt zip for Hyun Wook’s relationship with So Eun, her death was neither sad nor meaningful since we got nothing of why their romance should matter before she bit the dust. As least she went out with a bang, literally getting hit by a random truck out of nowhere. Was it a homage to Rain and Gong Hyo Jin in Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School but without any context? Maybe.

With that said, Se Na missing sister So Eun was actually heartfelt, both in the way Krystal sold the solo phone call scene and knowing that most sisterly bonds are very touching. The problem with Hyun Wook and So Eun is meeting her for the first time when she’s in full bitch mode, I’m sad she had to die since there is nothing wrong with being a bitch, but that also means I’m unconvinced of the central reason for Hyun Wook’s three years of wandering angst. Same goes for Hae Yoon’s crush on Hyun Wook which just feels obligatory since the drama needs her to like him and play a future third wheel between the OTP. He seems as warm towards her as he is to a random hotel employee, how the heck does she sustain liking him for ten years? She’s better off remaining a successful career woman rather than traipsing around Jeju and Seoul looking for Hyun Wook to harass into doing things he doesn’t want to do.

Krystal as Se Na is mostly a spectre of a character with a Candy life and pluckiness but nothing beyond that to fill in the blanks. She really is playing Cha Eun Sang from Heirs except even more woeful since she doesn’t have a dead mute mom or older sister around. She also doesn’t quite have the dynamic charisma that is required to step into leading lady shoes and command the screen, it’s the same reason a veteran actress like Cha Ye Ryun playing Hae Yoon here never has the chops to move up. Krystal gets the lead because she’s a big name idol and I like her well enough in the past and here to accept it, but honestly she needs to work on really commanding the screen and own in the camera. That’s a big reason why Rain succeeded right out of the gate as an actor in how he blazes a direct connection with the audience through the screen.

L is so laughable “acting” here it makes his cringeworthy cameo performance in The Master’s Sun award fodder. I thought he was okay in Sly and Single Again but having a bigger role just highlights his awkwardness. But he looks the part and has good chemistry with Krystal so I can handle him going forward already dialed down the expectation of emoting properly to zero. I can’t wait until he falls for Se Na and starts moping over her since he was such an ass in their first meeting. I hope doggie Dal Bong survives the entirety of this drama’s run and succumbs to cancer only in the last episode, so far he’s the best actor by far in the entire cast not to mention the most naturally pretty onscreen. MLG is a drama lifted straight from a decade ago in the heyday of early Hallyu in every conceivable trope and perhaps I’m in a nostalgic mood because this first episode tickled my happy nodes just enough to keep giving it a chance.

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My Lovely Girl Episode 1 Recap — 41 Comments

  1. I liked it well enough that I found myself looking forward to ep 2. The music is lovely, slightly poignant but low key. No over zealous violins and piano and strings signaling a Very Important Scene.

  2. seriously? the weakest wed-thurs line up? I completely disagree with you, i think that blade man and my spring life is two very good drama in two differents style. The writing, cinematography and acting in my spring days is excellent (soo young stunning). The chemistry between the lead is perfect even with the age gap.
    The blade man is funny, over the top in a good way but also moving. And the work of the PD is great. It’s like a fairy tale in the mood with shin se kyung in a wendy wannabe role with all the lost boys.

  3. Hahaha! Love how you said that thedog is the best actor by far in the entire cast. Hehehe.. So true but my vote also goes to Rain who is just as good. I too hope the dog doesnt die but he prob will to bring Rain and Krystal’s character closer. 🙁

  4. It was an easy watch like you said koala, though nothing of it really has caught me yet. It wasn’t bad nor was it good, over all a yawn-worthy first episode. For a comeback drama, Rain seems to be really constrained for some reason that he’s unable to eke out that emotional punch like I used to know. Though much of that I could probably attribute to the lackluster first 5 minutes of the show which highlighted a short-lived fight between him and his former love. It just set a dry tone afterwards and it made me unable to emphatize with his pain. In a same way, as much as I’m liking Krystal’s performance (more than Rain ironically) with her missing out her older sister, it hinders the effect when we know too little about her, aside from the fact that she was being bitchy in her last moments on Earth. All in all that’s my gripe with this first episode–Sena’s sister dying and leaving an unremarkable impression. That’s a vital piece, especially when a bulk of the emotional core of the show hinges upon the two leads love for her. Ijust wished that they have done a better job with it. However, it did accomplish one thing as it managed to introduce every single one of the character in one sitting–both human and non-human alike, which is usually an impressive pacing for a first episode.

    Despite my lukewarm reaction to the its premiere I’m still very much invested to see this one through. Perhaps once Hyunwook starts falling in love for Sena, then the show can start showcasing its bread and butter with the warm and breezy romance feeling. Onto other aspects of it, I personally liked the quality of cinematography despite lacking color or just a vibrant feel which we initially got treated to in its teasers. Acting-wise, I’m liking Krystal and slightly underwhelmed by Rain. L, ehhhh.

  5. Well, I guess you haven’t watched My Spring Days yet because there is no way you could have compared MLG to it and say that MLG is the better end. Compared to what many believed/believe, it is not hard on the melo but really light and heartwarming with lots of comic moments. The chemistry between the leads are so great that you dont even care about the 20 years of age difference. Gosh, Sooyoung is even having chemistry with the child actors ! All the cast is doing a wonderful job and the second male lead isnt as perfect and sweet as it seems so yeap, Lee Jun Hyuk didnt get wasted in it so far.
    But yeah, you should check it . Despite the low hype, the show’s ratings keep increasing and it has gotten a lot of positive reviews. It may become one of this fall’s surprising and unexpected hit 😀

    • Good recommendation! I really enjoyed those first three episodes of My spring days! Let’s keep our fingers crossed it remains watchable ( that the dr. Brother doesnt get all psycho)

  6. I think this is one of those dramas that at least is easy to watch, I mean, I was burned pretty badly by that Doctor from the North that even went South plot-wise I can hardly comprehend the ridiculousness of where the story headed and how it ended. Phew! I’m hoping MLG will not leave me scratching my head once more.

  7. I really dislkiked se na when she tried to argue her case when she was clearly at fault!! Gah. Cant aatnd that in real lufe and cant stand that in dramas! Te story is full of incredible coincidences and drama cliches but if one goes in expecting that, then it is ok i suppose. Rain looks posed sometimes but my gosh, he has such an imposing presence and body :p.

    Thanks for the recap and thoughts, koala.

  8. Like you said Koala, something about MLG just clicked for me. Although the story may be cliche and typical been there seen that, I think I’ve just been wanting to watch something just like this. I haven’t been able to cling onto a drama in a recent while, but I think I have finally found something with MLG. The cast is easy to watch and I like what Krystal’s cool aura adds to her character. The best scene in the 1st episode has to be Krystal’s solo phone call. It was very touching as Se Na left a voice mail for her dead sister, talking about how there are so many families and lovers around her, but she is all alone. I can’t say Krystal has improved, but she is definitely showing something other than quirky and cute LBN from The Heirs. Rain, although I find I’m not really matching with his character, is Rain and he knows how to command the screen with his natural charisma no matter how cringe worthy his acting may be at times. L doesn’t even know to emote in real life let alone while he is acting, so I didn’t expect much. L looks good, has a killer smirk, and he looks good with Krystal, so that is enough for me. I will continue to tune into MLG, for sure 😀

  9. After watching It’s Okay, It’s Love and Marathoning Nine last week, I am kinda okay with basic kdrama (at east while my brain is still working on Nine). It kinda does remind me of the beginnings of Trot Lovers, good but not spectacular but there is nothing wrong with that as long as it sticks along those lines. I haven’t checked out Iron Man yet because Nine was absorbing all my sci-fi/fantasy brain. I’ll probably check that out and decide if I’d rather do magicy or traditional. FYI – I was slightly amused the dog was the one with the cancer, especially just coming off of Nine.

  10. Thanks for the recap!
    I, with brain running on low, liked it, too.

    The flying deathmobile! I thought of the same thing as the jumping truck of doom went after poor Sang-do AGAIN!! Leave him the Eff alone, will ya?

    Rain is very easy to watch. Krystal is easy to watch. I didn’t cringe at all with her.

    That second lead girl is so forgettable. Why do they write parts like that anymore? How lazy are these writers? Cheezus. Make her a drunk, make her funny, make her have a crush (she won’t admit to) on a younger man, make her a ballerina assassin, make her swear like a sailor, but, for god’s sakes DON’T make her the girl who has loved him for ever and has a job with some power but would be willing to put her career and pride aside for a man who has NEVER noticed her EVER.

    I like what I saw of the 25 different locations. Couldn’t the fit any more in?

    L? Loved when she called his sorry ass “trash.” HIs stare off with Hoya was LOLable.

    I loved seeing fluffy-haired baby Daddy brother-in-law from Emergency Couple, but I want to see the Fluffy-haired baby now!

  11. When to watch this: for something predictable and easy, and/or Rain. The first epi worked for me only because I have hope for the story but it really had every cliche down…

    I agree that Krystal lacks screen presence, at least she isn’t outright bad. After watching the epi, I kind of wish Rain had a more gruff appearance rather than the clean cut young look.

  12. Rain, blah blah blah, Rain, blah blah blah, Rain. Yep. Keep throwin’ him up on the screen and I will watch all night. I am shallow like that. (Good heavens the man is fine. I, way too old to be drooling over him, but I can’t help it. Please tell me I am not alone.) Is it tomorrow yet?

  13. l’ve watched Blade Man, for me so-so, anyway there’s a long way to go for me to decide then. Same with My Spring Days, wait till few eps. For me, MLG is just a simple dramas with no adrenalin goes up and down. But anyhow, l like simple dramas which means MLG is included. But the reason l watched it, of course, Rain, Rain and Rain. l am so crazy fan of him and already watched MLG ep 1 three times just for him (LOL).

  14. You mirror my exact sentiments! I rather liked it despite it being nothing special in terms of story or acting. I dunno somehow it just worked for me and I found myself looking forward to the next episode. I also think it was unfortunate how they portrayed the sister, they should have extended the car scene by first showing the sweet couple before they started arguing. Something to make us care a bit about them and their fate.

  15. As predicted, the drama is utterly… predictable. I think I need to add another PD to my black list though (unless it’s his protégé behind the camera & he only lends his name…). Talking of 1st episodes, it was better than Heirs. Easy watching as you said. Spring Days is the better show at the time & I will marathon it later if they don’t screw the ending. People praising Blade Man on the other end amuse me to no end: No idols but damn… Cringe worthy acting & unfocused WTF plot all the same.

    • My Spring Day IS the better drama out of all 3. Blade Man is batshit crazy with truly awful acting and this MLG was just absolutely bland. Watch though to satisfy urge for Rain.

    • I find myself twitching uncontrollably and cringing nonstop while watching the Blade Man. This drama, in its simplicity, hits the right notes for me. And it has Rain!

  16. Well I will gladly trade Krystal for that first female lead from Night of a Watchman. Now, that girl is really bad. Krystal might not be really fit yet for first lead, but she is way better than the other girl who seems to be starring into space when she’s speaking to her co-stars lol

  17. Have to say Ep1 was not fantastic but i like it enough to make this my main watch going forward. Krystal is not doing too well but not badly either. Somehow there is something likeable about it. I like gloomy Sena. Spring day is good and Blademan is hilarious but i guess this will be my show for this season.

  18. Absolutely the worst wed-thurs dramas line up ever..

    Same old, typical cliche,recycled story line.

    I don’t know, for me this drama turned out to be cringe worthy. Rain’s comeback too at that.. Sigh.. And to my surprise, Rain didn’t leave a good impression with his acting in this..

    Krystal’s dialogue delivery is rather unstable. Her high pitched tone was labeled cute in heirs considering that she came hardly 5 minutes each episode. But in regards to this drama, its just awkward. She definitely doesn’t have the command of a leading lady yet. Heck, i was even surprised the girl who had this cool rocker chic aura in those fancy clothes as an fx member, to be just bland in this.

    As for L, i m sorry.. but that guy is terrible in acting. So cringe worthy. No hope. The dialogue,” I’m infinite power”. lol. Such cheesy lines. And L and krystal scene, both were awkward.

    I was honestly thinking this would be d one out of the three to watch. But guess nt.

  19. I liked it despite the plot holes, lack of continuity and who ever is writing obviously doesn’t know a thing about grain free diets for dogs. That aside pilot episodes are often slow while they introduce each character and their relationship to the others and set up the plot. I thought Krystal did an acceptable job with her role, I agree she is playing Cha Eun Sang from Heirs, but before she lost her spunk and became dull and dreary. I hope the writers are taking note and planning on avoiding that trap. Rain is playing the same character he played in Full House, and while I wish as an artist he would take a risk and stretch his acting muscle, playing the sweet arrogant young man with Daddy issues as a K-drama staple.

  20. I actually watched this because I’m a fan of L. And yes, I wasn’t expecting anything good. lol. In real life, his really awkward so there’s really no surprise with his acting. I just hoped that he will improve even just a bit, and maybe add a little dash of emotion. But bad acting or not, I’ll stick with this. Even though L’s cringe-worthy, his very good looking, so I’m sold.

  21. in the wed-thurs lineup…if you have watched spring days is definitely the superior one compared to the other two..the acting and the story are really good…the first 2 episodes are lighthearted and funny but also make you connect with the characters

  22. Ugh, I can’t believe you mentioned SD…..the drama that messed with my soul.

    Movie quality filming and sound aside, did anyone else think they where watching an hour long commercial for laundry detergent? This could’ve been anything.

    I think Rain is trying to play it safe, like, gluten free safe. Something he said in that reality show he did, about not trying to show is skin as much….And his manager saying he was okay with the concept as long as it involves showing skin. I guess Rain has won.

    Maybe he is getting married soon and wants to give a more fatherly, I can take care of someone image. I mean what’s a walking ad for baby oil supposed to do when he’s dating Korea’s sweetheart and people don’t like that?

    You pick an non controversial drama where you aren’t shooting guns, being a gigolo and getting ahjumma money, having a perpetual bad hair day in a mental facility, lapping up barf kisses, or allowing black women to kiss you;

    to balance out a current movie where you do take off your shirt and sex up a Chinese actress, a MV where you do kiss another black women (I still don’t understand the butt growing thing), and hope everyone remembers you where the best 10 mins in that Bruce Willis movie no one is talking about.

    Hey, who I am I kidding? It’s Rain, he can count all the green colored fruit loops with the dog for an hour, and I think I might watch it.

    yes he’s babysitting the kids, in a bathrobe of a sweater, but why is there another drama with the dog dying?

  23. Koala may not be impressed with My Spring days, but I have been waiting for something to watch for months since bride of the century ended. I dabbled in practically everything, but nothing got me.

    I was shocked to how well I reacted to my spring days. No one on that show was a name I was familiar with, but man did they deliver. The main actor is older but he has charisma galore.

    I want everyone to check it out. It is very good. If you like old fashion korean dramas you will love this show.

    • Yeah I am watching it too. It is funny and warm. KWS is more charming than I thought. I guess Sooyoung looks more matured than her age so it came off quite well to see them as a couple.

      But it is just a preference. I guess maybe a lot more being bias since I like Krystal, MLG is my live drama to chase. I am also enthralled by the crazy blade man. I will continue to watch spring after the whole drama is over. I think it will be lovely to watch it all at once.

  24. what are people thinking talking about a different drama in another drama’s recap?! obviously there are people watching this one and actually enjoying it, no need to harp about a different drama being better or whatever. *rolls eyes*
    out of the the three major stations’ dramas, I’m watching this one too and enjoying it… i like Krystal’s charm, and L’s face, and of course Rain. the story is been there, done that but so is My Spring Days… The only difference is 1) that My Lovable Girl is a been there, done that story that I have no problem watching again; and 2) I actually prefer the visuals of the cast here.

  25. just happen to saw this on the list and it piqued my interest.
    fortunately, it’s light and kinda like it from the get go
    well not the death part early on
    i think MLG will cure my allergy for Rain
    i already have a liking for both Krystal and of course L
    this seems an easy drama
    not much acting needed
    krystal have a good chemisty with Rain and L
    i do hope L will have to grovel and yeah
    he won’t have a chance anyways to get Krystal
    since he is no male lead

  26. Sorry, I love Bi and everything….but man I hate this kdrama set up. Is it just me? Who in their right mind wants to date the love of their dead sisters life? No sirree. I mean, even though it may not be where their head is at, but they slept together. Sorry that ugs me. Sex is not casual. I would not. I’ll just wait for the end, or the cute scenes compilation while trying to block out hat shes dating her sisters ex

  27. Cliche is fun at times. My weekly line up this month consists of My Lovely Girl, My Secret Hotel and Blade Man. While Blade Man comes off as a no brainer, the fact remains that it is extrememly easy to watch while I love My Secret Hotel, I feel terrible for HY to the poibt that I now wish that he finally gets over Yoo In Na’s character and find a heiress his worth, which is totally not going to happen.

    This drama might come of as cliche and unbrearable to watch but it could turn out to be a gem. I love the way ot is or maybe it’s just me liking Rain in the drama. And i have no clue about Krystal’s acting attempts as I am one of those few people who couldn’t tolerate Heirs post the first two episodes. Lee Min Ho and the star cast be damned.

    And though you seem to like My Spring Days, i admitvthe drama is good but I find the idea of Soo Young with a guy more than twice her age plain creepy. I just can’t seem to get over it, no matter what.

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