The Exes Weigh in on the Epic Reunion Romance of Faye Wong and Nic Tse

The confirmed┬áNicholas TseFaye Wong reunion train has left the station and is understandably gaining steam. It seems like everyone whether HK-C-TW entertainers or the public has something to say about it. The yay team think it’s uber-romantic that a pair of seemingly destined lovers found their way back to each other after 12 years and a marriage apiece with some babies added to the mix. The nay faction think it’s horribly insensitive to the reunited lovers respective high profile exes since it basically says the earlier marriages were just stop-gaps and destined to fail if each carried a torch into it. Both sides have valid points but neither is understanding that this has nothing to do with anyone other than Nic and Faye! Let them handle the fallout, the well-wishes, and how to balance the admittedly messy situation with their families. The other two people whose names have been all over the Chinese-speaking newspapers along with Nic and Faye have been Nic’s ex-wife Cecilia Cheung and Faye’s second ex-husband Li Ya Peng. Either by coincidence or the breaking reunion news really sent her into a tailspin, Cecilia was admitted to the hospital the day the news broke for a gastrointestinal ailment and needed to be on an IV drip. To make matter worse, a picture emerged of her laying in the hospital bed with an IV inserted into her frail skeletal arm.

Cecilia has battled depression and anorexia in the past so her fans are worried the news of Nic getting back with Faye has or will send her spiraling. Let’s hope not, they’ve been divorced for three years now and she’s been on the up and up slowly building back her entertainment career. Her manager did fan the flames by telling the media after the news broke that Cecelia called her sobbing and railing at Nic for being a bad daddy, claiming he has no time to come see his two sons, with the implication that he clearly has time to romance Faye. Ouch on the shade. On the other end of the spectrum, Faye’s ex Li Ya Peng finally broke his silence five days after the news and wrote a super positive post on his weibo. He wrote “To be with each other until death, to do everything humanly possible, or to step back and allow others to be…….in this world love has many types. Every type ought to receive well-wishes. Our daughter’s mom, my well-wishes to you, good luck!” His post is generating an outpouring of thumbs up for his graciousness and well-wishes that he’ll find the right woman for him. On the reunion front, both Faye and Nic remain mum while their respective managers have confirmed the rekindled romance, though the baby story may be premature as Faye’s manager emphatically denied she was pregnant.


The Exes Weigh in on the Epic Reunion Romance of Faye Wong and Nic Tse — 10 Comments

  1. I really do feel sorry for cecilia here. She is a single mum who has to tske care of two young sons and it seems like that she never got over Nic… hope she will realise now that Nics long gone and will bounce back and find her own happiness.

  2. It’s all very very messy. But it’s their lives and if that’s what they want, I hope it works out for them.

    Cecilia has her own demons to work through. I hope she gets the help she needs and can start over. No matter what she’s the mother of two and those children still need their mother.

  3. Oh my, that arm looks frighteningly emaciated. I hope she finds the strength to pull herself together for the well-being of her children.

  4. Didn’t you read the latest news on Cecilia was spotting to dine with her two sons in Singapore and the netizens took pictures of her and she appeared to be all good? and the news stated that the HK press were once again made up some reports? lol

    Cecilia was angry that her ex is busy spending his time with his new loverand had tme to flew 20x to see her yet did not bother to spend/visit his sons at all. I think any mother will feel upset for their kids but that does not mean that she is still not over Nic. But it is up to us to believe whatever we wants whether to buy the papparazi BS or have your own opiniona With papparazi? esp HK’s? look at Bernice Liu vs. Moses Chan for example.

  5. No 1 on a technical point, her hands are clenched it makes the veins more prominent. But boy she is skinny.

    No 2- eek, isn’t she well off in a good hospital? What the heck is with that IV line? It’s got RUBBER on it? I haven’t seen those for more than 20 years. What hospital is she at????? In… actually, which country uses that antique lines these days? And is it running? The povidone iodine swab is on the dorsal surface and the line is running from a different direction? It’s a true photo right?

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