Cha Seung Won Admits He is Not the Birth Father of Son Cha No Ah in Light of Paternity Lawsuit

Cha Seung Won is one of my early K-actor faves and continues on to this day when I’ll check out any drama if he’s in it. With that said, it’s shocking and sad to hear that he’s embroiled in a legal case aimed at unearthing his personal life privacy by turning it into something as makjang as a weekend K–drama birth secret episode. Cha Seung Won has just been sued by a man claiming to be the real birth father of Cha No Ah, the eldest son of Cha Seung Won and his non-celeb wife (they also have a much younger daughter Rachel).

The man is suing for alleged defamation (what?) for Cha Seung Won being publicly known as Cha No Ah’s dad. Well, considering Cha Seung Won raised the young man for 22 years, I think he’s Cha No Ah’s dad in every which way that counts. Due to this lawsuit, Cha Seung Won was forced to acknowledge that he is, in fact, not Cha No Ah’s birth father. Cha No Ah is the child of Cha Seung Won’s wife and her ex-husband, so when they married Cha No Ah was already 3 years old and Cha Seung Won willingly adopted him and to the outside world was his father in all respects.

Is it my imagination so they actually look like father-son with the same features? I’m not seeing things, right? No wonder no one suspected, not that it’s anyone’s business whether they are blood related or now.

Cha Seung Won’s son Cha No Ah, a professional video gamer, was actually in the news last year for being busted for smoking pot and an alleged sexual assault of a 19 year old girl. Back then Cha Seung Won publicly apologized for his son’s misconduct and took the blame for not teaching him better. The K-netizens that excoriated Cha Seung Won last year for raising a bad son are now praising him for being so loving that he would raise a son that wasn’t his blood and continued to protect and care for him even through his brushes with the law.

Cha Seung Won, in response to this lawsuit, stated that he sees Cha No Ah as his son in all ways and will continue to protect his entire family. Cha Seung Won’s close industry friends have spoken out that no one knew Cha No Ah was adopted and Cha Seung Won was always a caring and hands-on father towards him. I hope Cha Seung Won’s lawyer hits back the despicable birth father lawsuit with everything they got for filing such a meritless claim clearly intended to embarrass Cha Seung Won.


Cha Seung Won Admits He is Not the Birth Father of Son Cha No Ah in Light of Paternity Lawsuit — 25 Comments

  1. Wow. What an ass the birth father is! He isn’t doing himself any favors here with his defamation allegation. Why wait 19 years to claim your child?
    Does he need money? Is he being chased by loan sharks?

    (You are right, there is a resemblance. It’s eerie if it isn’t genetic.)

    • Defamation would be if the dead beat dad is not a dead beat dad! How is it defamation when what appears to be a deadbeat father who didn’t appear to have anything to do with his birth son for the past 19 years, worms himself out from the woodwork to say now, that he is the birth dad when he hasn’t raised his son nor taken responsibility when his boy got into trouble with the law?

      What a scumbag!

  2. This is pretty much as makjang as it gets, which makes me super surprised those stuff in KDramas actually happen in real life too. But mostly I’m really sad and empathize with him because this family affair etc really isn’t anyone’s business. Hope he gets a really good lawyer that’ll hit back justifiably.

  3. My poor sexy Cha. I hope his son comes out and make a public statement as to who his real father is. Always money. My gosh no matter how old a person is they would like to be wanted for them and not the money that comes with. Cha No Ah hwaiting!!!

  4. Netizens are really flickle. An artist gets love but suddenly if they make a mistake or are in the midst of an scandal they start posting hateful comments. Don’t know if repressed haters or what, but everyone hates them, no matter if you created a good reputation with one mistake they’re bad people. And if it turns to be a misunderstanding they love them again.
    I like Cha Seung Woo and even if Cha No Ah was his son he doesn’t have to stand the blame for his actions. He is a grown up man to stand for his actions on its own. And even so, even if you were a good parent, that doesn’t make a child good. Frienships and society can throw away the values you are teached.

    • But I kinda understand them here. When his son did an error, CSW came out to apologize and owned up to it as a responsible father. The fact that he did that and then we find out he’s adopted proves that, at least publicly, CSW is responsible and has taken care of him as a father. Honestly I don’t see what difference it makes. He brought him up they lived together for ever since the son can remember so I think, netizens shouldn’t have any kind of say in that regard

  5. All I can say is if the judge or the public doesn’t acknowledge that one can be a father without being a biological father; that the Korean society view then would be really backward. I am thinking of all the parents of adopted children. I would feel gutted if people feel that if I was an adoptive parent that my son is not my son. Just because I am not his biological parent.

    That man should just approach his legally adult son. Not sue- he’s such an opportunistic man.

  6. What kind of ridiculous lawsuit is that? And where is he when that boy is in trouble or has trouble growing up. He’s only a sperm donor. What has defamed him? Ridiculous man.

    • I am wondering about the circumstance of the adoption. I guess the adoption wasn’t the legal kind where the birth father relinquish his rights in writing. Then, Birth father should be sued for child abandonment and retro pay child support, to make the lawsuit valid in my opinion. How’d he like that?!

      • I will soon ask my mom’s boyfriend to adopt me. My real dad doesn’t technically have a say in it because my mom legally full custody of me. As long as she had legal full custody of her son then the father has no say and they wont need his signature on the documents.

  7. What a weird lawsuit. Do Koreans have the same meaning for the word defamation as we can find in the English dictionary? I can’t see how CSW defamed/damaged the reputation of the birth father in any way. If anything, it is the birth father who is ruining his own reputation with this lawsuit.

    • I was totally thinking the same thing. What does defamation mean in Korea? I can understand the bio dad suing if he didn’t know Noa was his son but defamation???

  8. It’s clear that the birth father is a real piece of work. This lawsuit proves it for sure. What kind of lawsuit is this? I don’t know anything about CSW’s personal life but if he has been a good father to the boy, then he is the father… regardless of DNA.

  9. Whoever blamed Cha Seung Won for his son’s misconduct is either a non-parent or living in a secluded lala land. Seriously, it is akin to laughing at other’s misery. His son is mature enough to make his own decision. Cha Seung Won is not Cha No Ah. It appears that CSW has humble attitude to take all the blame that his son did. People can criticize and say whatever they like. Unless they have encountered similar situation like CSW with dignity, the best way is to show some compassion.

  10. They do look alike, that’s why I couldn’t believe this.
    All my respect to Cha Seung Won for raising the boy and becoming a great father.
    The biological father, where was he all these years? Waiting for a opportunity to demand money and maybe hope that CSW reputation would suffer.

  11. I was waiting to hear your take on this story because I was getting it in bits and pieces from other news sources, and My Korean is still not good enough. I thought I did not understand because I didn’t understand the Korean. Turns out that I didn’t understand because the lawsuit just does not make any sense. How can the biological father believe he can and should win?

  12. The biological father should instead be made to pay Cha Seung-won for all the child’s maintenance support and everything.

    Where was this dead-beat Ex all this while anyway, all the time CSW did the job on his behalf parenting the son from 3-22?

    Awesome dad!:)

  13. If the adoption was legal that means the birth father gave up his rights, after it is final the adoptive dad is the REAL father. Under the law Cha Seung Won IS the father.


  14. It saddens me to hear a great man such as Cha Seung Won…even having to explain his love and abilities of being a father. I was not raised with my bio-dad, but the great man who loved and cared for me is truly my GOD given father. I feel no bitterness toward my bio-dad, just the sense of knowing that sometimes when we get or end up in situations such as mine and Cha No Ah…it is a true blessing fdom The Lord. I will not say that it can be easy on any parent dealing with my own ups and downs (my mother can vouch) but people like Cha Seung Won makes the aorld more hopeful to those children out in the world that suffer with abandonment. Matters of our individual lives should never have to be justified or polluted by garbage…but to be a true symbolic image of faith that Love is beyond bloodlines…it is the sacrifice of great men like Cha Seung Won and my recently deceased father. I pray for the man filing this lawsuit and I pray that he finds love and peace with the knowledge that it is not a matter of pride that will heal young Cha No Ah…it is the added understanding for him and love like his family have been giving him. A true hero Cha Seung Won…may he be given a medal of Honorable Father…because I know that any parent that can love children that are like me and his son…and be not just a presence in his life, but a parent. ..SoKo I nominate this man for all great men who are a true image of honor and hope. Thank you Cha Seung Won for being you and showing us all that we may not be perfect, we may not come from a rose garden…but we are able to be the clear waters of a spring, even running through mud…GOD bless you Cha seung Won and your family.

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