Hyun Bin Returns to Dramas with Hyde, Jekyll, and I Airing Early 2015 on SBS

I love this unexpected casting twist so so much. After all that happened last week and it turns out to be much ado about nothing. Much sought after A-list leading man Hyun Bin has finally ended his television hiatus and will be coming back with a SBS prime time drama, the same network that his last drama Secret Garden aired on. The drama he picked ended up not being Kill Me Heal Me or Unprecedented, both of which are airing on MBC, nor was it reuniting with his SG screenwriter Kim Eun Sook for her middle of next year disaster zone drama Descendants of the Sun. Binnie is instead confirmed for the K-drama Hyde, Jekyll and I.

The drama is slated for a late January premiere following Pinocchio with Lee Jong Seok and Park Shin Hye. This drama landing Binnie totally comes off like the dark horse winning the derby. Writing is the screenwriter Kim Jin Woon who was half of the duo behind Cheongdamdong Alice while producing will be a tag team of two PDs, one directed Tree with Deep Roots and the other did Queen Seondeok. The drama is adapted from an online manhwa about a male lead who is a second generation chaebol that suffers from a personality schism whereby he is a normally nice Dr. Jekyll who can turn into the dark Mr. Hyde. Of course there is the obligatory love story with the female lead that both his personalities fall in love with.

Binnie is no stranger to playing different characters in the same drama since in SG he had to play Ha Ji Won‘s character in his body whenever their souls swap. Like I said, there seems to be an explosion of mentally ill main characters in K-dramas going into 2015. Thus far nothing beats KMHM with the male lead having 7 different personalities, unless the bad Mr. Hyde side of Binnie’s character in this drama turns out to be a murdering serial killer like the famous novel version. That would be killer twisty and way cool!


Hyun Bin Returns to Dramas with Hyde, Jekyll, and I Airing Early 2015 on SBS — 51 Comments

  1. Only in Kdrama world can a concept like this just sound derivative… but obviously I’ll check it out nonetheless.

    Any thoughts on potential female leads? I hope they get a newcomer/ lesser known actress myself. I’m kind of tired of seeing the same faces everywhere.

      • I’d dig YEH… SYJ is just so blah to me even though I know that she’s a very good actress.

      • Is it true they’re beginning filming mid-Nov? Isn’t syj filming a movie right now?

        I would honestly rather see yeh in the role too though.

      • I’m not big fan of YEH but her name comes to my mind first. YEH have big potential, sadly she kept getting bad written dramas after coffee prince… I would love to see her explore her RAW talent in future… son ye jin is good, but I dont know why, never really attracted to watched her drama except only Summer scent a decade ago 😀

        but also somehow I imagine eunji (TWTWB, reply 1997), is she too young? 😀

    • @not,

      actors/actresses can film a drama and movie at the same time. Many have done this. Yoo Ah In filmed SLA and Veteran this spring, Lee Jong Suk had IHYV and Hot Young Bloods at the same time last summer. Or Joo Won did GD, a movie, 1N2D and a musical all together last year.

  2. YESSSSSSS!!!!! What a surprise! I’m SO glad he’s not doing KES’s drama.

    I pray to the drama gods that the female lead be someone decent at the least!

  3. I’m such a (noona) fangirl…. I actually squealed when I saw Binnie’s picture on this post.

    Looking forward to his new project and to staring at that face for a couple months!!

  4. I like that he chooses unconventional characters. I’m excited to see how he is gonna make this otherwise creepy Hyde character lovable.

  5. Yay!! I too am excited and even more excited that it’s not KES’ drama, which I kinda thought it wouldn’t be anyways. Hmm… i am also kinda blah towards Syj although I acknowledge that she can act. I would love to see YEH only cause I want to get her out of the bad project slump in terms of dramas. i think a binnie YEH pairing would be awesome.

  6. I really wish it’s YEH…
    and when the kiss scene happen…boom.. another Lie To Me hot kisses will be hot. To me, Ms. YEH never fail to give the best kiss performances with her all co-star. ^^ So ..the pair of Binnie and YEH.. would be explosive *my wish*

  7. Hooray!! I honestly don’t care what the story line is, I just need HIM to be on screen again lol.
    As for the female lead, I wish wish it could be somebody like Han Hye Joo. Her last drama was in 2010 and I miss her so badly. T_T

  8. Wow, this sounds interesting.
    Well, maybe i’m a lil bit different coz i don’t really like YEH acting. The only time i like her acting was a long time ago when she’s in Coffee Prince.
    I would like to see Gong Hyo Jin as the female lead but i doubt it coz she’s just finish IOIL 2 months ago.

  9. Glad he’ll be in a drama again! Sadly, YEH doesn’t do nothing for me. I saw goong and it was ok. Coffee prince bored me to tears.

    Hopefully, whoever it is, they’ll have great chemistry!

    • Oh nono, I LOVE SYJ (as with a few of my RL HBinnie gfs), imo she can be a better actor than HBinnie, ie he can learn from her, but she pales in doing aegyo and the manhwa heroine has a lot of OTT cutesy expressions.

  10. Would love to have a Secret Garden reunion but I doubt it. Personally I prefer Moon Chae Won. What’s not to love about that girl?

    • Let’s cross out Moon Chae Won from all this discussion. She is definitely won’t be in it as she is busy filming for the movies up until next year and she isn’t someone to do both movie and drama.

  11. I came in here to say i wish Yoon Eun Hye was a female lead but you guys got there first lol. I`m glad i`m not the only one that thinks they would be perfect match.

  12. I will wait Hyun Bin Oppa. I wish Ha Ji Won unnie again or Moon Geun Young as his female lead. Cheondamdong Alice’s screenwriter. I like that drama. Han Sekyung for me so lovely. I miss MGY and HJW unnie’s acting so much but Yoon Eun Hye is good too. They are my favorite K-Actress. Anyway. I looking forward Oppa’s comeback in drama land. Miss his acting.

  13. I’ve been waiting for so long! Finally!! Now, waiting for the female casting. As much as I love Binnie, if I don’t like the leading female, may not watch it. Crossing my fingers..please no YEH!! lol

  14. Eh, i don’t know for yoon eun hye. I personally want her to do a drama where she shines as the main lead of the story (heroine-centered) to stretch her acting chops and to make a greater comeback to counteract all the bleh dramas she’s done over recent years.. I feel like seeing her in another rom-com would just be meh for me.

    My ideals for the heroine in hyde&jekyll would be shin min ah (ooh, the sizzling chemistry to come), or moon chae won.

    This show is less ambitious than the big budget kill me heal me, with a more realistic and interesting concept so no doubt these two dramas will be continuously compared. I just hope that the 20-something year old they cast in KMHM will be able to accurately portray 7 multiple personalities with ease cause he’ll be going up against hyun bin. I predict the 7 multiple personalities will end up showing more cracks.

  15. ihope it is someone among
    shin min ah,
    yoon eun hye,
    son ye jin,
    gong hyo jin
    kim sun ah(samsoon samshik reunion-this is the year of reunions after all)
    or kim so yeon (how cool is that woman!)

    and hopefully NOT park shin hye, jin se yeon(or whatever her name),han ga in, han hyo joo, lee min jung,lee yeon hee or kim tae hee

    • The Funniest thing is that you mentioned shin hye and you actually don’t know that she has drama called pinocchio before HB’s drama

  16. for me it’s yoon eun hye, both have been absent for a while in the k drama scene,alot of people misses them, i think it will be a big hit… just my opinion

  17. I hope it will be a great drama like QOS and DRT cause i don’t like CDDA at all especially its story and OTP chemistry…

  18. Hyun Bin has always been with noonas. I hope he gets YEH who’s younger and a GREAT kisser too… they would def. look yummy together… fingers crossed to wishful thinking…

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