MBC’s Mr. Back Looking Good with Hilarious New Teaser and Drama Stills

There are so many things to look forward to with the upcoming MBC drama Mr. Back (Mr. Baek), which actually starts next week in a sign that time isn’t just flying it’s evaporating before our eyes. The imminent arrival of Mr. Back works well also to reference the thematic narrative of an old man at the end of his life who reverse-ages and gets to relive his prime again. I hope the drama lets leads Shin Ha Kyun and Jang Nara have a great character arc together but doesn’t force the romance since inevitably he’s going back to being old again.

Things I’m looking forward to based on the latest drama stills and second uproarious teaser: Shin Ha Kyun giving 150% in his physical performance paired with nuanced acting, Lee Joon knocking my socks off for the first time in not only being good at acting but looking mighty handsome doing it, and one of dramaland’s favorite elder statesmen daddy actors Jeon Kuk Hwan (Evil Yeon Chul in Empress Ki, Evil Chairman Dad in Dr. Stranger) fake wheedling “hyung-nim, aigoooo” to Shin Ha Kyun’s character and being the evil villain he’s so good at doing.

Second teaser for Mr. Back:


MBC’s Mr. Back Looking Good with Hilarious New Teaser and Drama Stills — 13 Comments

    • I liked all the dramas Jang Nara acted in after her comeback so I’ll definitely be on the lookout for this one too. The teaser looks great.

      • How about you go somewhere else in search of some “interesting” articles instead of spoiling the comment section with your rude nonsense.

      • Why comment on an article you’re uninterested in? …


        There’s a typo in there. You added an extra g to SHK’s name in the second paragraph.

  1. Honestly the premices aren’t too appealing to my taste, plus MSD has just ended so withdrawal symptoms may have kicked in. However, the sight of Lee Joon has me sigh.
    Me <— half happy half heart-broken. #sadMBLAQmamabear

  2. Two things that always piss me right the F off: 1. people who declare a drama is ‘bad’ because it starts someone they don’t like, or follows a plot line they don’t care for. That’s not bad, idiot. It’s just not what your pretty princess self wanted. 2. People who complain constantly about how KDramas is full of tropes and cliches, but continue to watch. My assumption is just so they can complain.

    I’m guessing Joey fits one of the two categories? I do feel bad for these folks, though, since clearly the only way they can have any form of human contact at all is by inserting themselves randomly into situations. Because otherwise why would you want to spend time talking about something that bores you to tears?

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