Ariel Lin Gets Engaged at Star-studded Banquet in Taipei

We all know how quickly fame and fortune can flee, especially in the entertainment industry with a lot of temptation and a fickle audience as consumers. That makes Ariel Lin’s reign as one of Taiwan’s top actresses and entertainers all the more impressive. She’s got both mass market popularity with her dramas and win plenty of critical acting awards for her performances (two Golden Bell Best Actresses, one for They Kiss Again and the other for In Time with You).

Her 32nd birthday was on October 29th and the date was also chosen for her star-studded engagement banquet to boyfriend non-celeb Charles Lin. In attendance was a veritable who’s who of Taiwan entertainers, including almost all her famous costars like Hu Ge, Bolin Chen, and Daniel Chan (Joe Cheng and Feng Shao Feng couldn’t make it). The engagement party had over 500 attendees (50 banquet tables worth) as Ariel and Charles got engaged in front of their elders and then celebrated with their friends and family.

I think it’s adorable and hilarious how uncomfortable Ariel’s fiancee Charles looks in these media pics. It’s obvious the guy is not an entertainer and has no desire or future in the industry. Ariel asked Charles to pick out a small engagement ring, explaining that she’s clumsy and casual so doesn’t like having to wear a big ring on her hand.

Bolin Chen.

Andrea Chen.

Janine Chang.

Hu Ge and Bowie Tsang.

Daniel Chan and his wife.

Director Winnie (Qu Wei Ning) arriving with Joe Cheng’s red envelope check as Joe couldn’t attend. The amount Joe gave was really meaningful. He gave NT131,400 (equaal to $4330) because in Chinese the numbers 1314 pronounced Yi San Yi Si sound like the phrase 一生一世 Yi Sheng Yi Shi which means one life, one lifetime together. Awwwww Joe!

Tiffany Hsu.

Cheryl Yang.

Kai Ko making his first public entertainment event appearance in two months along with famed producer Angie Tsai. Apparently some fans staked out at the Ambassador Hotel where the engagement banquet was being held burst into tears upon the surprise of seeing Kai show up, looking happy and healthy.

Rainie Yang. Seeing Rainie at Ariel’s engagement makes me sad once again that Beatrice couldn’t be here for this day.

Ariel continues to be an amazing person as news came out on the day of the engagement, released by the charity organization, that Ariel ordered all her wedding cakes and cookies (to give out to the guests as per Chinese custom) from a bakery run and staffed by young people with Down Syndrome. Ariel volunteers at the organization which runs various businesses that hire Down Syndrome workers and she quietly placed the order months ago and never said a peep about it. It was the charity that released the news today in congratulating Ariel on her engagement and revealing the extent of her charitable works.


Ariel Lin Gets Engaged at Star-studded Banquet in Taipei — 26 Comments

  1. My lovely Ariel is getting married….so happy for her. She’s is one amazing actress and beautiful inside out. I wish her forever happiness, love and health.

  2. Happy for Ariel and Charles and wish them to be Yi Sheng Yi Shi.

    *sobs* being a Wei Lun’s fan, I am touched that you mentioned her name. Angel Wei Lun is looking after her Taichung friends.

    • I’m sad there are ppl who didn’t follow TW-ent until now so will never know the angel that was Wei Lun. I think Ariel knows Beatrice is really happy for her right now. All of the 七仙女 stuck by each other through bad relationships and good. Vic and Bea, ugh, so so bad. I hear Cyndi still spends new years every year with Beatrice’s family, Rainie still dedicates songs to Beatrice and cries during it in her concerts. I’m so happy for Ariel but this one thing just jumped out at me, Beatrice not being there felt so glaring an empty space.

      • I know. I still remember very well how sad and devastated the whole group were.. especially Ariel who cried her eyes out and didn’t go out for a week after the accident. It is such a heartwarming to see that they are still remembering Wei Lun. She will always be with them and I am very sure that Wei Lun is happy for Ariel.

      • Before I even read to that part, I was also thinking of Wei Lun. I loved her as much as I did Ariel. Her presence is so missed in tw ent and here at Ariel’s big day. Angel Wei Lun is definitely with them always.

  3. Congratulations Ariel….. can’t believe it, you’re getting married…. huhuhu…. i suddenly remember “It Started with a kiss”…..

  4. Sad that Joe couldn’t make it, but still very touched at how sincere their friendship is. And that is as close we can get and even hope for ArJoe fans. Happy for Ariel getting married! Now all eyes on Rainie if she’s next to get married.

    • Get over yourself. I bet you cried that Ariel is not married to Jewel chen. Grow up and face reaality. Jewel’s or Ariel’s lives are not thier characters from The Kiss series.

  5. Will Ariel keep acting? Or will she retire like Barbie Hsu?

    Bolin Chen and Joe Cheng were so happy for her marriage. They’re all so freaking cute!

  6. I hope all her famous costars will be there on her wedding day. I will love to see a group pic of her with all the guys together!

  7. I can’t get enough of these! I resorted to copying and pasting her name in Chinese characters yesterday looking for images and found the ones you’ve posted above, but not in nearly as good quality, so thank you! The photo of her with the young bakery assistant she had posted on her FB page, and Google Translate had given me the gist of what it said, so told my wife how neat I thought it was that she did that. I didn’t realise she was just reposting from the charity’s own site, that does make it even better, that she wasn’t advertising her own good deeds.

  8. It feels like a good friend getting married (ok, engaged) and I’m really happy for her, maturing from the young starlet back then to the beautiful woman now. She deserves the best! And so much goodwill with the showbiz people! I’m surprised to see Hu Ge there too yay!

  9. It is nice to hear lovely stories like this from the entertainment industry.
    The smiles all seem so genuine – like they are a family.
    But I can’t say it’s a small world with 50 tables! Wow!

    Love Cheryl Yang’s total look, but at first glance I thought they were flowers, not lips!

  10. Congrats Ariel!!! He does look awfully uncomfortable but I can totally understand why. The poor boy… But he has a very very lovely fiancée and they are so lucky to have found each other. Congrats!!!

    I rarely pay any attention to actors personal lives so I had no idea that Ariel shares the same exact birthday as my daughter. 🙂 and have been watching her since she debuted! how exciting and now I won’t forget when ariel’s birthday is. Lol. Happy birthday Ariel!!!

  11. Congrats to Ariel!!!

    On a sidenote, this is not exactly related but… I’ll admit I didn’t really like it when Rainie cut her hair at first, but here she looks absolutely beautiful and so elegant, wow.

  12. Congratulations for Ariel and Charles! Haha, he does look adorably awkward in front of the camera, but you can tell how happy he and Ariel are together. I love seeing all of the celebs gathered to celebrate. Did you see the picture of Blackie and Bolin smooching at the engagement party to help show Ariel and Charles how to properly kiss? Lol!

    I still seems like Wei Lun’s accident was just yesterday 🙁

    Ariel’s been working with Children Are Us for a few years, and it was so cool to see her purchasing her engagement sweets through them.

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