Cuteness Galore from Latest OTP-centric Stills and Teaser for Pinocchio

I thought SBS was done with Pinocchio promo stuff after holding the press conference and releasing the long preview but I was wrong as the production has dropped a few more nuggets of goodness this weekend. The focus on the promos have been on the teenage time period for the two leads even though most of the drama is set during their adulthood when both become news reporters. I pointed out early that high school In Ha played by Park Shin Hye looks so much like her last role of Eun Sang in Heirs (mostly hair and similar school uniform), but it’s weird to hear viewer bemoaning her continuing to play high school students.

Park Shin Hye actually doesn’t play high school students often in her entire acting resume while comparatively Lee Jong Seok has played students way more than she has. Heirs likely cast a very strong shadow so the image sticks, which is why I’m glad to see more of adult In Ha in the newest stills (below) where she’s a newbie reporter wearing a work appropriate suit. Even better is the just released 4th teaser where the two leads finally give us a glimpse of their chemistry. I totally squeed like a happy kid spotting a lollipop, it’s so darn pretty these two!

Pinocchio 4th teaser:


Cuteness Galore from Latest OTP-centric Stills and Teaser for Pinocchio — 25 Comments

  1. If I have to read another complaint about her playing a high school student, I’m going to start flipping tables. -_- Gahd, there are people just waiting to pounce without reading. Pffttt.

    Anyway, I totally agree with you. These stills and the teaser are squee-worthy. My fingers are crossed that this drama turns out to be good. Positivity, people!

    • It might be too soon to see her in a high school uniform again when Heirs is so fresh in people’s minds and such a waste of her talent in that mess. A complaint is fine, a broken record about it over and over is what’s baffling to me.

  2. Shin hye look so pretty in the teaser and the bts stills.well,i have to say they are exploding with chemistry in the teasers so far.i hope shin hye’s performance slap those antis who say she cant act.Pinocchio fighting!!!

    • I don’t understand why the comments around Park Shin Hye are always at two extremes. Either she’s awesome and such a good actress or she’s so overrated and can’t deliver more. I think she’s neither! She’s a decent actress, standalone or vis-a-vis her peers. Sure her biggest crutch is being convincing in romantic intensity but that alone shouldn’t be enough to negate all the other acting requirements she does possess and deliver regularly. At the same time, she’s never going to breakthrough until and unless she can explode with passion at SOME POINT, and it better be sooner rather than later.

      I don’t think people who criticize Park Shin Hye are anti’s at all. Some might be but she needs the constructive real critics who demand more from her because she keeps getting really prime roles. When one is high profile and gets more chances, she needs to up her game time and time again. That’s the reality of acting and being “good enough” is only going to be a noose around her neck until she can use her acting ability to quiet the doubters that she can get there.

      So far she’s hit-and-miss on her acting, but I see way more hits and misses so I’m good with how much she’s accomplished so far in her career.

      • Koala actually I think you read comments away from criticism seriously bashing & hatred ?
        Is it bcz heirs ?? or what ??
        I think those people want be satisfied if shin hye up always they will be negative .

      • I think it’s the role in Heirs she played that people don’t like, not necessarily her acting. To me she’s not a bad nor extremely good actress (there’s a depth that somehow I can’t feel in her acting), but she’s got charisma and a pretty long resume in Kdramaland.

      • For me, PSH is okay (as there are a lot of other actresses that are way worse). I don’t run to see her dramas, nor do I run away when I hear she’s in one. However, regarding her past few dramas, I do feel like she is in an acting “rut” and all her roles don’t really excite anymore. For example, Baek Jin Hee is same age as her and played such an intense role in Empress Ki. I’d really like to see PSH take on something like that. But, it may be PSH’s agency that wants her to maintain that innocent heroine image. We’ll just have to see when the dramas airs.

  3. I love this trend in k dramas (is it a trend? It does seem to be happening more often) where the work wardrobes seem to becoming much more realistic. Park Shin Hye looks lovely in that suit.

  4. i thought she potrayed cha eun sung very well.its just that the story had no substance.even if she does show great acting(which she will) in Pinocchio,people will still hate her.i was at another site when i read some comment about some fans been jealous that she is acting with their oppas,so they hate her.among all the actresses that rececive hate(jin se yeon,shin se kyung,lee yeon hee,Go hee sung)shin hye is the only one getting crapped on…

  5. Hi Koala, just wanted to ask, why are you not reviewing modern farmer or birth of a beauty? they’re quite good compared to the rest of the dramas on air at the moment..

  6. agree, the hate she’s creepy, seriously, the girl is gorgeous, very pretty (! of verdad¡, when did you become so beautiful?), and while it’s not the best actress, in my opinion it is well way before Heirs, many were betting on it as a future star, but with the advent of so uninteresting drama, went from being a promise of action at an overrated person (daesang few wins, as she has said is best), be overrated is unlike popular, I admit I was typecast in his plays, so I’m more a fan of his films, but still it is not the disaster that all paint or art table that all portray, is an artist who was building his career slowly, so hopefully follow, and finally, hopefully with Pinocchio comes to light that something I see, percent both are beautiful, thanks ockoala …

  7. That’s the chemistry…
    I always wonder, why people said that Pak Shin Hye didn’t have chemistry with her male co-stars..
    I found that chemistry in her every dramas, except in The Heirs. There I found less chemistry, but it exploded when Shin Hye paired with Woo Bin…
    It make me think, maybe the less chemistry in heirs was also due to her male counterpart ie. LMH. But why always shin hye got the bashings while maybe its also LMH fault.

  8. While she isn’t the best but she can definitely act and is much better than some other actresses her age… I think she have chemistry with all her co-stars, just not the passionate kind… And will never get the hate some people have for her as calling her can’t act or ugly…

    • PSH looks gorgeous in the teaser, and as well as in the drama. I would like to see her in more mature roles. LJS prasied her so much so at the press con. I hope to PSH would be more relaxed while shooting the kissing scenes. I feel she looked very tense from her past dramas. I can feel the chemistry between her and LJS. PSH, I an for you in Pinocchio. Keep it up….

  9. I was so used to lee jong suk’s wig, now i feel awkward when i see his normal hair! haha. I LOVE THEM!!! Park Shinhye looks adorable, Lee Jongsuk looks fantastic and their chemistry is all over the place. I am so into this!!

  10. I am a great fan of Park Shin Hye and really am seeing a diferent PSH in Pinocchio. Woah, I am very very excited to watch this drama. I can see love everywhere when PSH and LJS are together. Waiting for epi 1. I love this couple.

  11. Ahhh…PSH is so adorable in that school uniform! She’s like eye candy for me. I wished I warmed up to LJS as much as you, koala, but I can’t help cringing every time I looked at him. He’s a decent actor, but it’s like a knee-jerk reaction every time. I loved Hot Blooded Youth and that was honestly the only time where I didn’t mind him.

  12. Park Shin Hye seems like an awesome person. Some people think she’s overrated, but really, who wouldn’t want to cast/work with Park Shin Hye? I don’t necessarily think she’s the best actress, but she’s good enough. More importantly, she seems really professional, charming, friendly, and hardworking. Of course people would want to work with her.

  13. aaahhh! the last part i am itching to make a header, it will make a beautiful one. sadly, i still have to re-install my PS, that’s why i am so out of header for so long. hope i can have it soon.
    i won’t add to the PSH anti-ness, just hoping this drama would be good and would do good for both Sukkie and Shin Hye.

  14. I really anticipate this drama after watching several ones to my disappoint recently. I’m nearly bored to death after failing to run through the recent K drama series on air to my full content. I think one outstanding drama is often sufficient to define the stardom of an actor/actress because one epic image is strong enough for fans to hold their idol shrine in the hearts for a long while even there’re some shitty episodes or less impressive performances afterwards.

    For me, Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Seok have already defined their stardom in my heart based on their roles in You’re Beautiful, Flower Boy Next Door, and You Hear My Voice. That’s a good enough reason for me to be drawn to whichever dramas cast them.

  15. OcKoala is gonna Ockoala.. Bashing the heirs and hyping small unknown actors or actress.. Smh!

    Not many people are actully interested in this drama as well with Lee Jung suk as the lead.

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