Go Sung Hee Goes from Yunho to Inexplicably Getting Another Lead Drama Role Opposite Jaejoong

It feels like there are so many jokes I can crack about Go Sung Hee getting cast opposite Jaejoong for the new KBS Friday night drama Spy. First there’s the YunJae snerking that naturally stem from her starring with Jaejoong after acting opposite Yunho in Records of a Night Watchman. If DBSK didn’t split apart then there would definitely be more howls of envy from fans but even now it feels so coincidental. But the biggest joke for me is how the heck Go Sung Hee got another leading lady role after basically sucking so hard in RoNW.

Go Sung Hee needs to go back to acting school, supporting roles in daily dramas, or whatever grunt prep goes into developing acting ability through repetition. I was one of those few who loved the underrated Miss Korea and really liked her in it, and when she was cast in RoNW I was totally okay with it. Boy was my optimism misplaced and wholly unwarranted. She was shockingly bad in RoNW, showing she has neither the leading lady visual charisma nor the acting chops to merit the elevation. Poor Jaejoong, he was just starting to turn things around after a really solid leading man outing in Triangle. This is like a step back, and into a ditch.

If any cast member from RoNW was to join Jaejoong in Spy, it totally should have been the improved Yunho. I wouldn’t have minded if Spy had no typical romance and instead was the bromance between rival spies Jaejoong and Yunho, LOL.

Spy is adapted from an Israeli show and transitions the setting to North and South Korean spy activities. Jaejoong is a South Korean NSA officer who doesn’t know that his mom is actually a deep planted North Korean spy. Their mother-son love is tested when North Korea assigns her the task to capture and bring her own son in. Go Sung Hee is the love interest playing a tour guide in South Korea for visiting Chinese tourists except she’s not qualified for the job since she can’t even speak Chinese.

I’m hoping Spy has minimal romance so that Go Sung Hee’s character gets as little screen time as possible. RoNW might have been a terrible overall drama but not everyone in that show performed as badly as Go Sung Hee. I could even point out that the other leads in Jung Il Woo, Yunho, and Seo Ye Ji all acted well, it really was Go Sung Hee sticking out like a sore thumb of suck even wrapped in a sucky story shell. The only nice thing I can say about her now is that I still appreciate her non-cookie cutter fresh pretty looks, and the silver lining could be that she has nowhere to go but up in her acting improvement.


Go Sung Hee Goes from Yunho to Inexplicably Getting Another Lead Drama Role Opposite Jaejoong — 29 Comments

      • Oh so that’s her. I watched that drama from beginning to end. Only 5 people stood out for me – Lee Yeon Hee, Lee Sung Min (the actor who played gangster but turned a new leaf), the actress who played lee sung min’s love interest (don’t know the name of actress), lee mi sook and her rival. Everyone else were just unremarkable.

  1. GSH’s acting was really bad. She is not pretty at all (IMO).

    Koala, I’m not sure if she’s natural or plastic because I heard she got a nose job.

  2. Hum… what’s up with your disliking those girls of getting lead roles? I mean, when there is bad, mediocre acting guys you don’t complain as much – you at least thank the eye-candy. Saying the girl isn’t even pretty is a bit… too much ?

    I mean, the actors you are saying “poor them” should be happy they are even casted. Both aren’t nothing that good – just are there for eye candy and their company backing them up. Then a new actress appears and you complain like this…

    Both actresses you are complaining are on their 2 or 3 role. Unlike both idols like Jaejoong and Yunho or even LSG that are acting for much time and improved just a little… nothing to praise home

    • Yunho, Jaejong and YooChun, they were and still loved by their DBSK fans (which is giant fandom in Korea). Producers need them to increase the ratings. Whether they talented or not, doesn’t matter as long as they could increase the TV ratings for any producers. If you don’t believe, check all their dramas, all have pretty high ratings, even though the quality of drama itself just so so or forgettable or some other actors’s performance were much better than them.

      • It has nothing to do with the ratings. Korean adjummas (who make up the majority of drama viewers) can’t care less about acting idols. For example most of Yunho’s dramas have actually flopped, the ones that didn’t had much bigger names to attract the audience such as Jung Il Woo and Kwon Sang Woo. However casting idols, no matter how bad they are, helps dramas get sold abroad and generate a lot of income for production companies. That is why we have lazy ass dramas such as Heirs. Silly plot +lazy acting +lots of young Hallyu stars and idols = $$$$

      • jung IL Woo and kwon sang woo do Not have big fanbase OR as much star power as Yunho.
        His drama flopped because of poorly written plot, bad script, and bad directing.

    • You are like digging for agenda when there is none. She’s just bad, that’s all. It’s a lead actress role, not something you should get when you just laid an egg in your previous role. Go do the weekenders and dailies.

  3. I wonder who her sugar daddy is. It just makes no sense for such an inexperienced actress with no apparent talent to get one lead role after another.

  4. Whether she/he is an idol turns actor, model turns actor or original actor, I don’t mind she/he get the opportunity as the leading male or female. But at least they need to go through several times act as supporting roles to sharpen their acting skill (which kind of indirect training) not jump as the lead roles directly. It will be unfair for someone who get better skill than them, to the viewers, to the script writers and to the TV stations. Actors also entertainers. They need to give us their best performances. Nowadays, dramas/movies in Korea becoming so messy where nugu2 get lead roles so easily. Take example in the movies, there is a rumour said that it’s getting hard to get an experienced female lead because some explicit sex scenes always included in korean movies (where those famous female actress rejected). That’s why many producers offer some un-experienced female leads who’s’ willingly to do those kind of scenes. What a pity..

  5. Mean, but, she’s bad at acting, she’s newbie coming out of nowhere (no idol connection), and (yeah, mean of me but whatever) she’s not even pretty (for one to be an actress that is) so how de heck did she nab leading roles in TWO big network dramas in a year? When beautiful-talented actresses like Kim So Eun, Jung So Min, Lee Yubi, Park Se Young, Kang Sora still have to work their way up the ladder to even land a cable drama/second lead in big network dramas. Something IS amiss, people, I tell ya..

  6. Another Jin Se Yeon and Shin Se Kyung in kdramas T___T
    I don’t care whether she’s pretty or not, but if her acting is still this bad.. i’ll never watch her dramas.
    The night watchman is so damn bad.. i still regret watching it till eps 13.

    • 13!!!! That’s actually way too much for me. I can only stand until episode 5. I can’t stand watching her acting at all. It was that bad.

      • I only tried to watch it, with hopes it’d get better. As the story reached into 13th eps, i can’t bear it anymore T__T no hopes at all..

  7. *sigh* I guess hoping for another leading lady to infuse unexpected strength to her lead character would be too much to ask for

    Baek Jin Hee…wishing you well with Pride and Prejudice (though some of the characters seem like they might be shady and that’s uncool…and the plot meanders a bit)

  8. someone pls,give LYB or PSY or JSM or HG a lead role instead of bad acting go sung hee.she is just too bad.i’d take shin se kyung over her any day.

  9. I think she’s one of daughter of some famous actress? I may be wrong. If so, then there’s nothing wrong with connections. In every job it is like that. But she is being too ambitious of jumping into these big roles. Though she’s not the only actress out there that keeps getting lead roles despite being completely bad at their craft.

  10. I hope this woman gets some help with her acting as she starts her next show. Both her acting and character I found torturous in Record of a Night Watchmen.

    • @Marjory so what she is a person but she is also an actress if she doesn’t want to be criticized of her terrible acting then she shouldn’t be an actress chose an ordinary job is wiser.

  11. Oh my I totally agree with the author’s written about this woman, cannot act basically a sugar candy but she is not that pretty either Kang So Raa can acting better than her it reminds me of park min young’s case with park yoochun, park min young got famous after acting in sungkyunkwan scandal where she couldn’t act at all then next she was acting with kim jaejoong in dr. jin (history repeated). Indeed using DBSK/JYJ/TVXQ name can make other’s famous.

    Btw queen of ambition (cast. kwong swang woo and jung yunho is a great drama) and night’s watchmen (cast. jung yunho and jung ill woo) are no. 1 in rating especially night watchmen, well for queen of ambition the cast were all great actors with great script and Yunho’s acting improved each episode so the drama gradually climbed up to no. 1 for rating. For night’s watchmen it’s because the predecessor “triangle” (cast. kin jaejoong, lee bum soo, im siwan) is a good drama which already gradually climbed up to no. 1 for rating then “night’s watchmen” followed solely because jung yunho starred in in while the main couple’s acting (go sunhee and jung ilwoo) is sucks aspecially gsh this woman killing me with her plain act and expressionless face while yunho’ acting is superb and touching.

    The main reason why “Spy” was a bomb and dropped in rating not only because complicated script, lack of chemistry between main couple, also because go sun hee cannot act but still got to be the main lead.

    As a Korean drama lover for almost 20 years now I got that idols casting as the main leads but as long as they can act it’s ok I dare anyone say that anyone can act as good as park yoochun and Jung sung woo nowadays? NO one and park yoochun was idol turned to be a musician and a great actor.

    for go sun hee yeah we got it she only ride kim jaejoong’s popularity since she is purely cannot act.

    for anyone who is defending her please do u really blind so u cannot see her terrible act? better check ur facts before replying my comment use ur brain ok not ur heart it’s useless this is showbiz what do u expect don’t be goddamn naïve.

  12. I’m sure everyone (including the author of this page) who so called opinionated on this specific actress has grown up and realized that they themselves were the problem. They say arrogance and ignorance isn’t taught but hereditary. Learn to critique on a subject, not judge or harass a person through means to boost your flaws and or “ego”. If this is seen as “defending her”, well–so be it. I’d rather defend than harass with irrational means/reasons.

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