MBC Transforms the Network Drama Daesang Into a Live-vote Netizen Selection

MBC is getting a lot of pessimistic press lately due to the casting debacle(s) around the upcoming high profile Kill Me Heal Me, but it actually did relatively well in ratings the entire year with wins in various time slots. It should at least thank the drama gods it’s not KBS. With that said, MBC has always been the drunk uncle at holiday dinner when it comes handing out year end drama awards. It basically changes the rules of the game depending on how to assuage the needs. This year’s twist is definitely the dooziest of all.

MBC has decided that the Daesang (Grand Prize) of the year end drama awards will be decided by netizens. I wouldn’t rely on netizens to pick my outfit for the day much less rely on the collective to award the biggest prize of the night. MBC hasn’t gone completely loco and the netizens will only be able to vote on the panel of candidates for the Daesang that MBC has first determined. LOLOLOL, it’s like MBC wants to be Beijing and the netizens get to be Hong Kong. The K-media still believes Shin Ha Kyun for Mr. Back, Song Yoon Ah for Mama, and Lee Yoo Ri for Come! Jang Bori will make it on the short list.

A look back on the last six years of MBC drama awards has seen three Daesangs go wack. In 2008 the Daesang was split between Kim Myung Min for Beethoven Virus and Song Seung Heon for the biggest ratings winner that year in East of Eden. 2010 came the infamous bitch showdown where a really annoyed Kim Nam Joo for Queen of Housewives had to share the Daesang with Han Hyo Joo‘s wide-eyed anemic performance for Dong Yi. And let’s never forget the Daesang was transformed into a group award in 2011 when Best Love the drama won.


MBC Transforms the Network Drama Daesang Into a Live-vote Netizen Selection — 26 Comments

  1. This is stupid. Netizens? Either they want all the big name actors to go with the hope of getting the Grand Prize, or Song Yoon-ah already told them she’s not interested in going. I thought she was going to be the Daesang winner 100% but now this! I’m thinking the dramas with greater internet buzz, i.e. Jang Bori or even FTLY will be the biggest beneficiaries from this. It’ll be a huge travesty if Lee Yuri or even Jang Hyuk gets the award. I mean, LYR’s character was memorable but she wasn’t fantastic in it and JH overacted like crazy even though the drama was very well-liked. This is seriously pissing me off.

    • Well that’s just your opinion. I happen to feel Jang Hyuk deserves if not the award then to be amongst the nominees.

      Apart from Song Yoo-Ah, he’s the most deserving

      • I would argue that there’s quite a bit of divided opinions with regards to his acting. Even so, I think that Shin Ha Kyun gave a better performance in Mr Back.

      • Yeah Jang Hyuk should be nominated for the daesang. only him can be crazy yet charming at the same time. Mwahahahhahahah

  2. kinda agree with you, this doesn’t sit well with me. I know awards show usually gives out its trophies to those who give them the ratings but come on giving the power to netizens is like saying the exec really have a clue who is really excellent in their craft…
    And if it is down to netizen’s to pick then I do think it should not be the Daesang but it should be the popular actor/actress.
    other than Song Yoon-ah, I hope it would be Kam Woo-sung, or Ha ji won (if they are still eligible for this year).

  3. LYR was good and carried the drama, SHK is awesome as always but there is only one true winner for MBC Daesand and its Song Yoon Ah for MAMA.

  4. So, we can kiss goodbye to the BEST Drama of the year, Miss Korea, getting any love from this “awards” show, I guess. That’s a shame, but not unexpected.

    • I agree with you. Miss Korea is also extremely unfortunate in that it aired very early in the year, had to go up against the monster that was YFAS, and had no big names with large fan bases. A shame indeed.

  5. I just think this whole thing would be so much more entertaining to go all the way and have the Daesang be a free for all where all the leads and seconds leads of any MBC drama of 2014 be eligible for the netizen votes. I can guarantee the Daesang in that case will come down to a voting war between Jaejoong for Triangle and Yunho for Records of a Nightwatchman. That would be such a popcorn event.

  6. After Suzy won top excellence last year I thought they’d try to be a little less crap, but I guess MBC is always going to be MBC at award shows.

  7. Just when I thought MBC can’t get any more crazier they decided to give Daesang based on netizens votes. WTF!!!
    Even though it’s already shortlisted to 3 candidates, but still it lacks anymore credential. And I also think Jang Hyuk should be nominated too!

  8. Love Shin Ha Kyun but that Daesang must go to Song Yoon Ah … but but BUUUUUT now with this darn surprise from MBC (let’s imagine what they have on store for the next year XD ) I don’t know anymore …

    Song Yoon Ah is a respected top actress in Korea but netizens have been so harsh with her since her marriage with Sol Kyung Gu to the point that we had to wait 6 years to see her again in dramaland ( here someone who loved her in On Air ) … she received so much hate from crazy haters and she was even forced to start a legal battle with them if I’m not wrong . Knowing this I seriously doubt she’ll be able to win an award she clearly deserves #sigh

    btw, my other personal candidate is Kam Woo Sung …, not sure if MBC is even considering him for the nominee list but oh man , among all the leading men of the station this year , KWS hands down delivered the best performance.

    • I dont follow much gossip on her but i love SYA since hotelier. Why did the netizens hate her?

      Btw, it has finally come to the day that a friggin daesang is partly based on the netizens’ preference…mbc, always the jjang in this crazy town battle

      • Song Yoon Ah and Sol Kyung Gu got martied few years ago after being friends for a decade …. the thing is during that time Kyung Gu divorced his first time and after some time got married to Yoon Ah . Of course haters accused her of being the reason of his divorce

      • darn phone sending my reply like that T_T … well to finish the idea, haters basically started an ugly campaign on the net acussing Yoon Ah and Kyung Gu of all the things u can imagine … they have been hating of them crazily for years and if I’m not wrong she decided to sue some of those haters for defamation because the couple was scared that bulls*** might affect in the future the couple’s child and Sol Kyung Gu’s older daughter ( from his first marriage ) .

  9. I have always thought the Daesang is given to the artist who acted the best the whole year round. Yes, the ratings may be one of the criteria but the judging would be made largely on acting skills. If the selection would be up to the netizens, the Daesang would end up being a popularity contest where the one with the most fans (regardless of their acting skills) would win. Such a stupid, stupid, really stupid idea!

  10. Not all netizen are wise. I think there will be fanwar voting between snsd fans, tvxq fans, and jyj fans. The daesang will be chaos

  11. Since Empress Ki was MBC’s biggest hit in both 2013 and 2014 they should probably give the dasaeng to Ha Ji Won again this year!

    In any case, and not to always contradict you, oh Koala, but I think you are selling MBC’s success a little short. Their Mon-Tue dramas have almost consistently been no. one, and they are even have the current Wed-Thu ratings winner with Mr Back.

    I don’t think it is a coincidence that SBS’ drama head recently said they would overhaul the drama department next year. They are feeling the heat.

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