Ha Ji Won Prettily Tosses the Ceremonial First Pitch at Charity Baseball Game

I think Ha Ji Won is the cutest thing ever even though she’s north of 35 years old now and doesn’t quite fit the cute moniker. She just has this broad charm and hearty appeal that shines whether she’s acting or doing other aspects of her entertainment activities. This past week Ha Ji Won threw out the first pitch at a Korean professional baseball league sponsored charity baseball game.┬áIt’s quite an achievement in notoriously fashion-fail Korean entertainment to have a starlet show up for an event looking perfect, and perfectly pretty, for said activity.

Ha Ji Won rocked the beanie to keep her simple locks warm, donned a charity ballgame jersey over a black long-sleeved inner layer, and completed the look with skinny jeans and sneakers. Not only that, she actually looked passable in her pitching pose, from her finger grip on the baseball to her wind up and release. Can’t say if the ball made it over home plate into the catcher’s glove but at least she looked the part and, most important of all, genuinely enjoying herself and happy to be there. Pitch on, Ha Ji Won!


Ha Ji Won Prettily Tosses the Ceremonial First Pitch at Charity Baseball Game — 17 Comments

  1. thanks for this post! HJW is love. She went to Vietnam recently as an ambassador of Operation Smile and was also the sweetest thing ever. She even gave a full speech in passable English that sounded really sincere.

  2. Thanks for this post. I couldn’t agree more with karecity, this woman is really love. How does she do it? She has both charisma and genuiness to overflowing. I can’t get enough watching her HJW Secret vids, COABM trailer, etc. and reading updates about het like this baseball thingie, Operation Smile involvement and guesting in the new variety show “Invincible Man” among others. I sorely miss her in a drama. Hope she chooses to star in something that she will surely enjoy. But one thing I look forward to know about is her dating status. All the best for her!

  3. What I like about her is that she is real, sincere and approachable. You get what you see. Definitely better than being pretentious, putting on an elegant, goddess-like front and indulging in murky stuff bts.

    Well her cute n adorable personality is what I appreciate most. I don’t see anything wrong if she continues to be cute into her old age if this is what makes her happy. Her happiness is all that matters. She needs not turn into a dowdy and sombre soul as she ages to please some viewers who may be here today and gone tomorrow.

    • I so agree. She seems genuinely happy in what she does and it shows in how brightly she smiles. I love her child-like personality, and being appreciative of little things, so cute! What I like about her is that she gives off the vibes of being the same on and off screen.

  4. I like the writer said in first line.. True she is the cute actress in korea with a lot of Aeygo.. Her cute just naturaly. And i am jaelous of her hard work when do someting. I am her Stalker fan after Watching empress ki. Empress ki the best period drama for me.

  5. She will come to singapore for FM so sad i cant attend d event. Its so Far from here.. Egypt. Hope in 2018 she will visit indonesia my country. Lop you jiwon onnie.

  6. Thank you for this article! New Hajiwon fan here…and loving everything about her. Love watching her even if I don’t understand her language…and now because of her I want to know more about her culture….that’s what the power of her charm did to me….I’m hooked.

  7. thanks for this post, i really really admire her, i never get tired of searching her name in google. She is one of a kind. . God bless u Jiwonnie, MOre power

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