Song Yoon Ah and Lee Jong Seok Accept their Best Acting 2014 Grimme Awards

After the horror trainwreck that was Dr. Stranger earlier this year, which actually did respectable ratings vis-a-vis all the prime time dramas in 2014, it’s such a relief to see Lee Jong Seok end his year on a high note. There’s the currently airing Pinocchio, which I love and it appears the sentiment is shared by many others, and now he’s starting the awards season with one in the bag. Lee Jong Seok joins respected veteran the lovely Song Yoon Ah to receive the 2014 Best Actor and Best Actress Grimme Awards.It’s actually pronounced Gu-ri-mae (画梅) in Korean and means drawing plum blossoms which is a famous Chinese ink painting style.

The award is given out by the Korean cinematographers association consisting of the cameramen who actually film each scene at the direction of the PDs. Lee Jong Seok was feted for his performance thus far in Pinocchio while Song Yoon Ah was lauded for her acclaimed role in Mama. What’s sweet was Lee Jong Seok specifically mentioning his Lee Bo Young noona who won the same award last year for I Hear Your Voice, and how honored he was to win the same award. He never really felt ready to be called an actor yet with his experience but this award makes him feel like he can hold his head a little up higher now when he’s in the presence of other actors.


Song Yoon Ah and Lee Jong Seok Accept their Best Acting 2014 Grimme Awards — 7 Comments

  1. koallaaa ..this whole year, officially, you really fall in LJS’s charm. you keep to post any update news of him .. hihihi .. well as his fans who keep to watch his metamorphosis since his debut acting. i feel so glad to see my bias on ur playground. i alwaays loves your playground n recaps since office girl. but i always been only as a silent loyal reader. 😀

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