Written and Video Preview for Episode 12 of Pinocchio

I’m so delirious it’s not even funny. I was up all day then hopped on a fourteen hour flight only to land early morning and then spend another 12 hours up and about with family and friends. That’s nearly 48 hours without proper sleep and my internal clock is so off I actually thought I watched episode 11 of Pinocchio last week LOL. There’s no way I can crank out a recap so a preview for episode 12 is the best I can do even if the actual episode airs in mere hours.

Episode 11 continues the drama’s epic and heartfelt storytelling, once again elevating the tension of the brothers reuniting to tie into Dal Po’s own reporter journey and his romantic relationship with In Ha. The way it’s handled works on both an emotional and practical level I’m just in awe that the thoughtfulness remains even if the events happening onscreen are so very television story dramatic. Love this drama so much it hurts, just like In Ha and Dal Po find loving each other worth accepting the pain so the other doesn’t suffer.

Written preview for episode 12:

The Magic Flute….

Dal Po has decided to get revenge on behalf of Jae Myung and to do so he is determined to get back his Ki Ha Myung real name. As Jae Myung prepares for his interview with Song Cha Ok in the MSC studios, Dal Po prepares for his news report that his hyung entrusted to him. To the side, In Ha wants to comfort Dal Po who is hurting for his hyung, and then…..

Preview for episode 12:


Written and Video Preview for Episode 12 of Pinocchio — 7 Comments

  1. I just watched ep 1 again on my local cable TV last night and it’s like I’m seeing all the details in new light. So much that was said in the earlier episodes had deeper meanings and they are all coming back to hunt us in the later episodes. I’m crying so much for this drama it’s ridiculous. And the preview seems to indicate that DH is moving out from the choi household after his real identity is revealed. He’s really withdrawing himself from his loving family in order to deal with Cha Ok. More tears will be spilled tonight…more like in 30 mins…sigh.

  2. I guess were in for another heartbreaking and tear wrenching episode. Sigh, me wants some In Ha and Dal po love but with the way things are gearing up, i guess that will have to wait? And im just wondering how do we get to the happy ending? Will we get a happy ending because really, i cant tell where were going? Can Choi In Ha and Ki Ha Myung really work out cause it seems unlikely for now. *tears*

  3. I know right…. The story is really well written… I am sooooo in love with this drama too….
    Sigh…. Why can’t everyday be wed or thur…. Hmmm… Dal Po aaaa …..

  4. So do we get a episode next week or do we have to wait until the last week of the year??

    11 and 12 were both amazing. Love this writer. This is really good!

    Ms Koala enjoy your holiday!

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