Gallup Korea Releases Poll Results of Most Popular Entertainers of 2014

Another year end list has come out and this one is pure people power speaking. Gallup Korea released the year end poll for most popular entertainers in the four major categories: movies, dramas, variety, and music. Topping the list, to the surprise of no one in each of the categories, are who the domestic Korean audiences loved in 2014. Variety fan favorite Yoo Jae Suk tops the variety list, Kim Soo Hyun leads the drama category thanks to an entire year of buzz because of You From Another Star, acting god Choi Min Sik runs away with the movie list due to The Admiral: Roaring Currents, and nation’s chanteuse IU is the most beloved musician of the year.

Gallup polls are just that, a research done of a cross-section of the public for the sake of getting a snapshot so it’s not really worth arguing since it’s statistically relevant even one can’t call an election using the data. A few surprises stood out for me: not a single actress made it on the movie list, Kim Soo Hyun sneaking into the 10th place on the movie list as well, how close the percentage is between Kim Soo Hyun and second place Lee Yoo Ri in the drama category after her breakout role as the villain in the weekend drama Come! Jang Bori, and the strong star power of Lee Byung Hun as he made the movie list despite a year of really really bad scandalous press. Check out the full drama and movie list below.

2014 Gallup Korea Top 10 Drama Actors/Actresses
1. Kim Soo Hyun 19.5%
2. Lee Yoo Ri 18.2%
3. Jeon Ji Hyun 17.6%
4. Song Yoon Ah 6.1%
5. Oh Yeon Seo 5.9%
6. Yoo Dong Geun 5.1%
7. Jo In Sung 4.6%
8.Go Doo Shim 3.2%
9. Kim Tae Hee 2.7%
10 Kim Hee Ae 2.6%

2014 Gallup Korea Top 10 Movie Actors/Actresses
1. Choi Min Sik 44.1%
2. Song Kang Ho 22.2%
3. Ryu Seung Ryong 10.5%
4. Ha Jung Woo 9.0%
5. Lee Byung Hun 4.5%
6. Kang Dong Won 4.2%
7. Seol Kyung Gu 3.7%
8. Jung Woo Sung 3.6%
9. Hyun Bin 3.3%
10. Kim Soo Hyun 3.2%


Gallup Korea Releases Poll Results of Most Popular Entertainers of 2014 — 28 Comments

  1. how can KSH be above JJH in this poll?clearly,it was JJH that made that show.all KSH did was stand there and show his face.he was not even funny.all the comedy in that show was due to JJH

      • Because there are more female fans than male fans who voted on polls.But you can’t deny jun ji hyun’s star power in korea right now it is safe to say that jun ji hyun is the biggest korean female star in 2014.PERIOD

      • @tamarine- really? So if jjh is not the biggest female star in 2014 so who is it? Maybe im not updated because as far as i know jjh have a big impact this 2014 after mlfts..can you give me female names who surpass her this yr?

      • @tamarine-NOPE im not from korea, so are you right? oh lee yoo ri? Sorry but i dont know her. So because on that poll she is more famous and biggest female star than jjh in korea? OK !! If that is your gauge on being biggest female star in 2014.

  2. Are you not surprised that Lee Min Ho was not named and the rest of the leads from Heir? I did not watch it – but it was given a large purse and plenty of promo.

    • LMH is only famous to international drama viewers. He is not well-known and not so love by general public in korea as much as KSH. KSH is the big name in both domestically and internationally.

      • LMH is popular in his country as well…as far as dramas go….all of his shows like BoF, City Hunter and Heirs garnered high ratings…..not to mention the sky high popularity he had after BoF….even Faith and Personal Taste received decent ratings.

      • LMH has the second largest fanbase and facebook followers in korea after Yoona..

        So he is pretty much loved in Korea but I don’t think the industry loves him that much like they do with KSH..

        LMH’s quick rise back in 2009 was both his blessing and curse because the industry thought he was overhyped and since then became little bit strange towards him”Famous over night”

  3. Kim Tae Hee also made the drama list and she hasn’t had a project in Korea in ages. That’s quite impressive.

    I’m sad that not one actress made the movie list :/

    • Ajajaja .. I was thinking exactly the same!! So I google her and yeap it was last year 2013 (JOJ, lives in love)! I guess in Korea it doesn’t matter if your popular, your popular 🙂

    • IU is amazing , she snatched that title from SNSD by like 0,5 % lol. With all their scandals( dating , IUs `sex` scandal)) and Jessica leaving i thought they would be down but i guess Korea really loves IU and SNSD no matter what.

      And lol at Lee Yoori almost overtaking Kim Soo Hyun in that poll. She really made an impact this year with Jang Bo Ri.

  4. @ joey.if yoona has the largest facebook followers in korea,then how come Suzy is more popular than,KSH is more popular in Asia.for the most loved and most popular korean actors are JGS and LMH.u cant compared KSH’s popularity to LMH.KSH is only more popular in Asia as compared to Southern America or Euroupe.

    • First ,who told you Suzy is more popular than Yoona? Cause she is not , only young female actress that can rival Yoonas popularity (both in Asia and Korea)is PSH.

      Second, there is really no way to determine who is more popular KSH or LMH cause they are both huge across the Asia. And nobody is crazy to go around and count every single fan they have.

      • Wow suprise. Both in Asia and korea ? Yoona is not even in top 100 Cf model in korea, NOv Top Cf suzy is 3rd.. LoL
        Suzy is well known in korea by General public. She is leading a lot poll.
        And 2015 she have her Movie with Respected A List Ryu seung Ryong and Kim nam gil.

        And park shin hye really huge at china,her drama pinocchio made her climb up as Cf model now she is at 12nd.

  5. PSH has to proved herself first in terms of how popular she is in KOREA,as when she did her 2 other dramas that she was paired with not so popular actor although the other one is a popular singer both those dramas didn’t even ranked to the top 20..she can’t get the credit from HEIRS because LMH is the popular actor there,and besides the rating only went up when SECRET finished and now her drama is with LJS..
    I guess the gallup is just right..

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