2015 Forbes China Celebrity Power Ranking: Fan Bing Bing Followed by Many Idol Flower Boys Making the List

C-actress Fan Bing Bing starred in the boobtastic mega hit period C-drama in 2015 called The Empress of China, which makes it even more fitting that she tops the just released 2015 Forbes China Celebrity Power List. Even more impressive is this being her second year in a row at the number one spot, bringing the girl power to the yard and schooling all the men. Right behind her in the power play is singer/actor Jay Chou, who got the most news in the past year for marrying his much younger model girlfriend, followed by actor/chef/entrepreneur Nicholas Tse, who also got the most publicity for getting back together with his much older first love Faye Wong (she also made the Forbes list a bit further down than Nic). Other than the usual suspects on this year’s list, the media is buzzing over all the fresh meat, i.e. young Chinese flower boy singers and actors, that made the list starting with Li Yi Feng through Luhan and Kris and rounded out with William Chan and Lin Geng Xin. Check out the full 1-100 rankings below to see who is a mover-and-shaker in the C-entertainment industry in 2015. Continue reading

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Korea CF Power Rankings for January 2015 Provide Popularity Snapshot of the Year So Far

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EXO, Kim Soo Hyun, and Kim Yuna Top Forbes Korea Celebrity Top 40 Power Ranking for 2015

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