Gallup Korea Releases Poll Results of Most Popular Entertainers of 2014

Another year end list has come out and this one is pure people power speaking. Gallup Korea released the year end poll for most popular entertainers in the four major categories: movies, dramas, variety, and music. Topping the list, to the surprise of no one in each of the categories, are who the domestic Korean audiences loved in 2014. Variety fan favorite Yoo Jae Suk tops the variety list, Kim Soo Hyun leads the drama category thanks to an entire year of buzz because of You From Another Star, acting god Choi Min Sik runs away with the movie list due to The Admiral: Roaring Currents, and nation’s chanteuse IU is the most beloved musician of the year.

Gallup polls are just that, a research done of a cross-section of the public for the sake of getting a snapshot so it’s not really worth arguing since it’s statistically relevant even one can’t call an election using the data. A few surprises stood out for me: not a single actress made it on the movie list, Kim Soo Hyun sneaking into the 10th place on the movie list as well, how close the percentage is between Kim Soo Hyun and second place Lee Yoo Ri in the drama category after her breakout role as the villain in the weekend drama Come! Jang Bori, and the strong star power of Lee Byung Hun as he made the movie list despite a year of really really bad scandalous press. Check out the full drama and movie list below. Continue reading