New Video Preview and Stills for Episode 13 of Pinocchio

I feel so comfortable with the narrative direction of Pinocchio, with none of the usual worrying about the OTP’s current separation status or their professional aims ahead. The reason likely has to do with hyung Jae Myung, whatever magic sauce is in Yoon Kyun Sang‘s performance and the way his character is written with such dichotomy, it makes everything else pale in comparison. Ha Myung and In Ha breaking up (for now), Ha Myung hurting Grandpa and everyone in his adopted family by purposely severing ties with them due to his immense guilt, all of that just needs time to work through whereas Jae Myung is facing life in prison for killing three people.

Context makes me worry less about my lovely babies Ha Myung and In Ha which is a matter of when they will give back in to their romance, and more curious about how icy remorseless reporter mom Cha Ok is going to deal with the tables being turned against her. I don’t think Cha Ok deserves to lose her job or suffer loss like the Choi family as penance, once again the drama has made her the lodestone for everyone to pin the blame on but she was but one cog in the original tragedy. I still think she needs to massively change her attitude and cop to the mistakes she made compounded by her unfeeling arrogance. I just don’t want either In Ha or Ha Myung to repeat Cha Ok’s methods to bring Cha Ok down.

Second preview for episode 13:


New Video Preview and Stills for Episode 13 of Pinocchio — 6 Comments

  1. I personally like that the second leads aren’t real contenders for our OTP’s love. I’m so sick and tired of the scheming and daddy long legs type of leads. It’s just nice to see our OTP develop romantically without the unnecessary obstacles on top of the revenge plot. I hope the writers continue to write the second leads as a support system. I definitely ship the bromance/womance that’s been happening.

  2. I held off watching ep 12 until now. And since I’ve been tearing non stop the whole episode, ep 13 is going to be a doozy.

    I’ve officially started worrying more about Jae Myung than even the OTP. I know he’s a relative unknown but just as IHYV catapulted LJS I feel that this drama will make him known.

    That guy’s acting tears me to pieces as the conflicted hyung. Yes he shouldn’t kill anyone and there’s no excuse but but but…

    But but but… sigh,there’s no answer.

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