First Official Stills From Kill Me Heal Me Premiering Early January

With programming being preempted for year end awards shows and the like, it’s going to be hit-and-miss whether currently airing dramas will be aired on schedule. MBC‘s Wed-Thurs drama Mr. Back will be ending on schedule this week with the final episode dropping on Christmas. The follow up drama Kill Me Heal Me has calmed down considerably since the crazy casting carousel last month. It must be a relief for the production since the project has a hefty price tag and an even more daunting premise with the male lead suffering from multiple personalities and tumbles into a romance with a first year psychiatry resident.

KMHM with Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum, Park Seo Joon, and Kim Yoo Ri will get a much needed extra week of filming and will premiere on January 7th, with MBC filling next week’s time slot with year end shows. The overseas shoot portion appears to have been wisely shelved after the drama got off to such a late filming start. The first official stills are out showing the fraternal twins played by Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon doing a rather physical scene at the airport. This drama seems much more rough and tumble in a relaxed way than I expected, and that impression is also reaffirmed when I see Ji Sung’s younger looking hairdo which I totally love.


First Official Stills From Kill Me Heal Me Premiering Early January — 4 Comments

  1. I can’t wait! This drama went from a questionable lineup to awesome. Yay for the reunion and even more yay for Park Seo Joon!

    Btw, Ji Sung does look younger in the pics but kind of different. Is it because he lost a lot of weight in his face??

  2. i expect a fauxcest here…. from official site, both of them are not the real twin, one of them is adopted… Their parents wants to treat both of them equally,so they told them that they are a twin….both of them actually knows, but keep the secret from each other…And Park Seo Joon might have more than sibling love toward HJE

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