Kill Me Heal Me Keeps on Dropping Promising Character Stills

I have to give Kill Me Heal Me credit for fixing the leak on a sinking ship. Or perhaps MBC pulled some strings to get leads Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum onboard so late in the game to spice up the joint. The first stills are also unexpectedly decent, all in all this hot mess is looking like it has a chance to succeed. Whether it’ll actually do so remains to be seen, but more information is coming out about what the story will entail leaving me curious to watch it. Ji Sung’s chaebol heir Cha Do Hyun and his six other personalities, the leader of the other 6 is the guyliner dude in the gold lame jacket seen in the preview going by the name Shin Seki.

The new batch of drama stills includes his psychiatrist doctor played by Go Chang Seok, last seen as one of the ghosts in Records of a Night Watchman. Hwang Jung Eum’s first year psychiatry resident Oh Ri Jin reports to him, and that’s where she crosses paths with Cha Do Hyun leading to her secretly treating him by leading him to the childhood traumas that led to the multiple personality schism. Ri Jin’s fraternal twin brother writer Oh Ri On played by Park Seo Joon also becomes friends with Do Hyun as potential story fodder, except there may be some love rival fauxcest going on as reportedly he’s not really Ri Jin’s twin but was secretly adopted by the family. Way to really make things even more complicated, drama!

The Kill Me part of the drama title is very literal as the treatment that will heal Do Hyun’s multiple personalties require metaphorically “killing” his other 6 personalities. Not sure if that’s AMA approved as a treatment method but it’s certainly more fun than sitting in a chair doling out advice. Lost in all the casting hullabaloo earlier this month is the original reason why KMHM was so high profile a project, it’s written by the screenwriter for The Moon Embraces the Sun, which happens to be the last prime time K-drama to cross 40% in ratings.


Kill Me Heal Me Keeps on Dropping Promising Character Stills — 14 Comments

  1. I think I am going to love it.
    And about the ratings, I really wonder if it was 2014’s fault for being a bad year or if the ratings will always be that low in the future. I guess no more 20% drama ? For real, the KDrama which happens to break 15-20% is going to be considered as a savior XD.

    • Weekend dramas & daily dramas tends to get high ratings with 20-40%… For example “What’s with this family” & “The legendary witches”…

  2. Well, I am curious how they will go about integrating all of the character’s personalities into one (if the case) with the help of the resident. I’ll consider any/all makjang elements as background noise. Thanks for the update.

  3. Why can’t Gold Lame Jacket win?

    At least they all look relaxed and happy on the set. That could translate into a positive viewing experience, right? Kim Jin Man directed a couple of shows I really really liked: Scandal and I Really Really Like You. That could be because I really really liked Kim Rae Won and Lee Min ki, though.

  4. This drama looks promising. There are so many DID/multiple personality dramas coming out in the new year.

    Did the norm use to be between 20-40% viewer ratings for dramas in the past? I’ve seen many dramas that have single digits to low teen percentages. Where have all the Korean drama watchers gone to? And, why aren’t dramas hitting the 40% viewership ratings anymore?

  5. These bts shots just make me happy, there are lots of smiles and for once I really, really like the main and supporting leads. I hope the smiles mean there is general contentment with the quality of the project. I’m definitely going in with rosé colored glasses and i really hope the show does not dissapoint!!

  6. Ha…that’s interesting. Could the title mean that all personalities but one have to killed in order for the character to be cured?

  7. Ok the story is looking better and better. I better steel myself to watch 2 dramas with split personalities.

    2 male leads- 9 personalities. Lord help us.

  8. Damn, I seriously getting positive vibes from this! I can totally see this as a successful comedy (like Master’s Sun). After knowing this story, it seriously looks kinda promising! Really hope this is able to be somewhat a success, since I love the OTP so much! hehe

  9. A little bit trivia….Kim Yu-ri previously acted in Cheongdamdong Alice,the drama that written by Jekyll and Me’s writer

    And HanJi Min,the female lead in Jekyll and Me, acted in Capital Scandal, the drama written by KMHM’s writer

  10. Killing the other personalities? It’ll be sad to say goodbye to his “Nana” personality. I’m starting to love that personality even just from the stills. Hahaha.

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