Lee Jong Seok Makes Sniffing a Feather Look Dashing in Latest Agency Stills

I have an inkling that Pinocchio may turn me into a full blown Lee Jong Seok fangirl. It can’t be helped if that happens since his character is beyond awesome. I grew to like him after falling for his Dr. Park Hoon in Dr. Stranger so it’ll be just going to the logical conclusion to grow that like to love with his Dal Po in Pinocchio. His agency Wellmade STARM is one of the smaller ones on the scene and currently Lee Jong Seok is the agency’s most marketable actor. Wellmade released a batch of new agency pictorial stills for Lee Jong Seok that make him look much younger than he’s been projecting all year.

Do these batch of pictures give anyone else flashbacks to his performance way back when in Secret Garden? Is it the hair color or the youthful edge to his clothing choices? Not sure what exactly is hitting me so right with him but perhaps it’s the very example of drama alchemy that defies explanation. I certainly hope his Dal Po continues to look as hot as he does post-makeover, and bonus points if the tables turn and In Ha starts starting at him all the time with love in her eyes.


Lee Jong Seok Makes Sniffing a Feather Look Dashing in Latest Agency Stills — 13 Comments

  1. Hehe! It’s never too late to become a fangirl 😉 I simply love those pictures, he looks absolutely fantastic! And yeah they totally remind me of his character in Secret Garden, I’d say it’s both the hair color and the edgy clothing.

  2. It’s those gorgeous double eyelashes and Angelina Jolie lips that make him such sugar for the eyes~ Oh, and did I mention he’s the natural born prince of dramaland kiss scenes, and a darn good actor?

  3. Welcome to the fan club! I’ve been his fan since the days of “I Hear Your Voice”. Then I watched all the dramas with him in the lead. He has talent to communicate every subtle nuance of emotion of whichever role he played, regardless of script writing or directing was good or not. His good looks is just a plus!

  4. It feel like yesterday when you said you can’t for the life of you understand the appeal of LJS whom you describe as a cross between joker and anemic vampire. And here you are going rogue to the opposite side 2 dramas later. Let’s all learn not to be prejudice for whatever reason, because we’ll never know we might eat our own words few steps down the road.

    • LOL! I think it’s pretty awesome that koala can be so honest in her opinions and colorful with her descriptions. I have been a Lee Jong Seok fan since I first saw him in Secret Garden and even though I already liked his unique look back then I do get the reference (although it felt a bit harsh, me being a fangirl and all! :P) Call it prejudice if you like, but I doubt there’s anyone here who likes every single actors and actresses out there… in fact there are several that I simply dislike and can’t even pinpoint why I feel that way, they just don’t connect with me through the screen and that’s that. In some cases though, I’ve also been won over and I think the characters they portray play a huge role in it. We should just be happy to welcome a new Lee Jong Seok fangirl into our midst XD

      • This^
        I’m happy whenever Jong Suk gains new fans, but even more so when it’s thanks to his acting. The guy loves to act and works hard to improve, so to have people acknowledge his performances is that’s all that matters. He might not be the best looker in the room, nor the most popular and he doesn’t have to be.

        So glad that we end this year with Pinocchio instead of the very bitter aftertaste of The Show That Must Not Be Named.

  5. there is a reason he be a supermodel before.. he certainly got aura even at a small pose…then he totally translate it well in screen.. well done LJS… he certainly one of talented young actors out there and i hope he can always keep improve.. i like that he never chose same type role.. he some kind of joo won but not that drastic transformation like him but still he got a potential and i can see that he love acting…

  6. Love these pics so much! He could be the most beautiful man ever born, but if he couldn’t act, I wouldn’t really care all that much. But LJS CAN ACT! And that is what makes him so damn sexy to me.

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