K-ent Gets its Own Bosomy Headline as Seohyun’s Cleavage Wows in Musical Debut

Leave it to C-netizens to find amusement in the oddest of coincidences. Just as C-ent has been dealing with Cleavage-gate the last three weeks centering around the ample bosoms of The Empress of China and her cohorts, K-ent gets it’s own heaving bosom story to cover this week as if not wanting to be left out of the tittering going on. The C-netizens are laughing at how the missing and lobbed off cleavage from the Tang ladies ended up in Korea on the very lush form of SNSD‘s Seohyun as she plays out the role of Civil War era Southern belle Scarlett O’Hara. Beats me, folks.

The Korean revival of the Gone with the Wind musical, which got piss poor reviews on West End when it opened years ago, has been playing on stage since January 8th this year. The production held an open press session on January 13th and performed some scenes for the gathered media, which led to the news portals lighting up not with critiques about the acting, stage direction, or singing, but instead all focused on Seohyun’s chest display. While the C-censors have been busy snipping and tucking, the K-media is gushing about how womanly Seohyun is now and gifted with such “volume” (their words, not mine). If 2014 was the year of the butt then 2015 is staring out in Asian ent as the year of the bosom.

Compared to Vivian Leigh’s fit on the green and white day dress, Seohyun’s definitely sits much lower on her shoulders hence the heaving bosom effect that wasn’t even there in the original movie. Either it was ill-fitted and the costume designer needs a talking-to, or done completely on purpose with the awareness of the intended visual effect. Either way, people are talking. Wouldn’t be surprised if ticket sales went up after this week.

Seohyun in Gone with the Wind:


K-ent Gets its Own Bosomy Headline as Seohyun’s Cleavage Wows in Musical Debut — 18 Comments

    • No, I think you’re right. It looks like she’s had something like fillers to her face.
      I’ll never understand why so many entertainers want to have so much ps done.

    • I barely recognized her in the first few pics and also thought of PS, but then saw her curves and the last few pics and now think that she gained weight (good for her!), maybe had ramyun so her face looks bloated, then the camera added pounds…she looks normal and healthy and still recognizable unlike two of her SNSD members which I could only recognize after eliminating the other 7 (or 6 now).

      • Yeah, I’m hoping it’s just weight gain (which I heartily support). Baby girl deserves yummy food and good meals.

        Out of all the snsd girls, I find Seohyun is most natural looking and PS-free. She was so cute as a girl and she’s gorgeous now; the progression looks like a smooth coming-of-age blossoming rather than ‘the surgeon’s knife was my fairy godmother.’

        The problem with PS is that sh!t can go serious wrong. What I see most often in K-entertainers is the elasticity going out of their face, and the appearance of weird lumps and grooves when they smile (especially around the nose bridge, omg).

        Also, some asian PS fads I will never understand. Like putting in fillers to look ‘baby faced’ and round and (supposedly) young. It takes out contours of the face and makes you look bloated.

        Seohyun’s pictures made me worried because there looks to be a certain stiffness and lumpiness around her chin and cheeks. I really, really hope it’s not fillers. Or that SM made her get stuff done. I pretty much hate SM for being evil overlords and pimps. Victoria and Suho were SO good looking pre-debut …poor babies ='(

  1. I don’t know. In the video posted above, her dress came very well above shoulders maybe it slid down A LOT? I’m just speculating here so please don’t shoot me.

  2. She looks Cute I don’t see d reason people complain of Ps Maybe Jealousy Or What Ever But Mind Ur Business And Focus On Ur Own Body. And D Dress Its Normal For People Who Are Moderate Stop Claiming Decency Some Of U Wear Cloth Dat Are Worst

  3. That’s snsd seohyun? I didn’t recognise at first. Her face keeps changing. Yes, its just seems to be ill-fitted and thus sliding off her arm. lol at knetz.. thats the power of corset. It basically pushes the boobs up so even the flat chested person can get a fair line of cleavage. haha.

    This is not her debut stage though. I have seen her partnered with super junior kyuhyun before in a musical, where her performance was kinda bad. She was not clear and was out of tune. Bt thats her first one, so its understandable. Have to check out this korean version of gone with the wind.

    • You took the words out of my mouth. Her dancing is also very similar, if not the same as her dance moves in her Kpop performances. I found it appalling, so I could barely watch it after the first few seconds. What a horrible rendition of Gone With the Wind.

      • Literally laughed at that clip in the end. Gone with the wind musical? Really?! It looked more like a shooting for an MV. Since when did 19th century characters dance to pop music. Sooo bad. It’s literally a slap to the face to the book and movie.

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