Lee Bo Young Radiant at the SBS Drama Awards and Quietly Continues Charitable Givings

This is basically a Lee Bo Young swoon post. There isn’t enough of these types of posts in the drama blogsphere since it’s usually the hottie guys who get all the drooling attention. I think Lee Bo Young’s career breakthrough the last two years have been much deserved, she’s put in years of toiling hard work in poor roles and terrible dramas without any complaining. That she picked two popular dramas in the same year with My Daughter Seo Young followed by I Hear Your Voice may be luck of the draw, but her performances have received plenty of positive feedback to warrant all the critical lauds she’s received.

My post covering the 2014 SBS Drama Awards didn’t include Bo Young-sshi since she didn’t walk the red carpet and only showed up at the event towards the end to make her appearance to present the Daesang, which ended up going to fellow goddess wearing white Jeon Ji Hyun. That Lee Bo Young is literally glowing is an understatement, the pregnancy aura is strong with her not in any noticeable weight gain but rather this radiant content energy. She’s also made headlines this week, despite not taking any jobs, for quietly donating over $90,000 to the pediatric cancer ward of a Seoul hospital, the most recent of her long career in contributing to various causes.


Lee Bo Young Radiant at the SBS Drama Awards and Quietly Continues Charitable Givings — 19 Comments

  1. I have always liked her since I first watched her as Princess Sun Hwa in the Ballad of Seo Dong. I am happy that she is getting all the recognition for her hard work and talents. She looked so radiant – happy mother-to-be!

    • i just scrolled down to the comments to say the exact same thing. as you’ve already done it, i’d just like to echo you! (seo dong yo continues to be one of my favorite dramas, and i’ve liked her since. she’s the reason i started watching IHYV. <3 )

  2. I love Lee Bo Young. Will miss her in dramaland but the best to her during pregnancy! 🙂

    I also realized that Jeon Ji Hyun will also have to make an appearance to present the daesang this year too.

  3. I still think she’s not wise. She maybe the best actress for S.Korea, she’s not really known outside of S.Korea btw. She’s too skinny, tiny and botox, surgeries, just like her husband. But she’s not wise enough to get a man that will provide her the need, so she may chose not to comeback in entertainment and work her a** off again!

    • Why all the negativity? Honestly, she’s probably one of the least plastic looking actresses in SK. And why do women NEED to depend on a man to provide for their own needs? Everyone has their own life and they choose how to live it. Who are you to judge whether she’s wise or not? It’s not like her and her husband’s private lives are so open that you understand their relationship.

      • She’s delusional. That’s one of the most opinionated comments on one of the most private celebrity couple. Like she would know what’s really going on.

        She’s a South Korean actress and as long as she’s known there, her own country; what’s wrong with that? Duh!

    • The implication that Ji Sung cannot provide for his wife’s needs is ludicrous. He has been in the industry longer than his wife, and has had more projects and hits. LBY really got hot only in the last two or three years.

    • Jelous much?! And she is not plastic looking like so many out there, neither is her husband (wt* did you just say Ji Sung has donc surgery, botox…..) both are one of the most natural, talented and gorgeous actors in Korea. And I love that they keep their private life private unlike many others once again. Both seem very nice, down to earth and modest. I don’t get how can anyone find any negative thing to say about these two. And what’s that thing with she is not well known abroad. Seriously these are your arguments to critisize a person. Get a life poor thing!!! God how can someone have that much hate and negativity to a person he doesn’t even know, like who are YOU to critisize sitting in front of a screen and thinking you have the right to.

    • have you seen her childhood photos up until her teenage photos? she looked exactly the same…and I could smell the envious air from your comment…poor you for having a trashy mindset.

  4. Aww, she’s lovely! <3<3 If I'm not mistaken she had sent a food truck for the cast and crew of Pinocchio. It's cute how LJS adores her!

  5. am i the one who find her acting terribly overrated? i think she’s gorgeous though, she is an absolute stunner but i’ve watched her weekend drama and some of her old ones (when they showed up on cable tv), and her acting was awful on all of them..

  6. There is an old saying if you have nothing good to say about someone then say nothing.
    Her husband is gorgeous she is beautiful they are fantastic as a couple. I hope they have a healthy baby to enrich their family. They deserve the best!!!!!

  7. I look forward to baby pics – I remember the first time I saw Ji Sung (in PTB) I was struck by how much he and LBY look alike, so their kid(s) should look like both of them 🙂

  8. She is soooooo pretty, kind and sincere.
    I really really adore her a lot <3
    Wish her all the best for her and family.
    Always be happy

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