Hyde, Jekyll, Me Holds Press Conference and Unveils Compelling 10-minute Long Preview

I’ve heard the sentiment echoed that Pinocchio wasn’t nearly as riveting as I Hear Your Voice because the two dramas were similar in theme and style and even more so with the same leading man in Lee Jong Seok. I didn’t watch IHYV so Pinocchio was perfect as a standalone drama for me, but I’m starting to hear and see myself that the same opinion might be levied against the upcoming Hyde, Jekyll, Me. Starring Hyun Bin as the man battling a split personality disorder and Han Ji Min as the woman who both personalities loves (and presumably loves both back), the drama gives off strong Secret Garden fantasy vibes made all the more similar by Hyun Bin playing a cold, mean, rich chaebol president.

Sure his character ran a department store in SG and is running an amusement park in HJM but the effect is very similar when watching him bark angrily onscreen while holding back his inner tormented psyche. With that said, I loved the long 10-minute preview that was released at the press conference! The backstory is nicely laid out with everyone around male lead Koo Seo Jin aware of his Robin alter ego and working with him to keep him under wraps, except meeting Han Ji Min triggers Robin’s return before all hell breaks loose as the two men start to fall for the same woman. Add Hyeri with a crush on nice guy Robin and Sung Joon as the psychiatric hypnotist to the mix and I’m finally onboard all the way.

10 minute long preview for Hyde, Jekyll, Me:

Koo Seo Jin is the president of Wonderland amusement park. He’s cold and detached from the world to keep his alter-ego Robin under wraps. Jang Ha Na runs the circus in Wonderland but is fired by Seo Jin after her gorilla gets loose and causes a commotion which almost triggers an episode for him. Robin eventually comes back out after 5 years of being suppressed by Seo Jin and saves Ha Na’s life and they bond. Seo Jin needs Ha Na help to find a missing professor since she was there at the amusement park that night when the man disappeared. Seo Jin gets Yoon Tae Joo to hypnotize Ha Na to retrieve her lost memories from that night.


Hyde, Jekyll, Me Holds Press Conference and Unveils Compelling 10-minute Long Preview — 15 Comments

  1. Hyun Bin looks old and his face is too thin and taut. So much different from his boyish look in SG. I’ going to watch this show because of Hyun Bin so i hope it’s not a let down.

  2. Ms Koala, you should definitely check Kill Me, Heal Me! That will be my Pinocchio replacement! Its such an easy enjoyable drama and Ji Sung is killing it!! I’m so glad its him than Seung Gi (I don’t think Seung gi is quite at that level wear he can pull this character/s off)

  3. Pinocchio was pitch perfect for me. IHYV faltered for me in the end bec I couldn’t get past the OTP, esp at the end of ep 19. That didn’t work for me at all.

    Hyde, Jekyll, Me doesn’t give me Secret Garden feels at all but I am avoiding Kill Me Heal Me. I want to reserve that drama for much later so I wouldn’t be able to compare bec of the overlapping themes and similarities. That 4th teaser of HJM was a really good and solidified my excitement over his comeback drama.

    • What didn’t work for you about the OTP about IHYV? I could never get past the whole high school student thing. Even for Kdramas, that’s far fetched.

  4. Oh my dear Hyun Bin, you cannot smile to bright )(. I have always found HJM plain but I look forward to this to watch together with my current favourite Healer.

  5. They had me at the umbrella scene. So pretty and the music. All I am hoping for is a good script all the way to the end. I think if they have that, all the other pieces will fall into place nicely. I think the HB and HJM match works well at least after seeing this trailer. They do have nice chemistry. I hope they can kick it up about 10 more notches to make it even hotter.

  6. I never understood the SG raves. It was painful to watch Hyun Bin degrades and tortures Ha Ji Won because he couldnt deal with his own puppy crush and vent it out on her. It was uncomfortable to watch HJW, who supposedly to be strong character represented by her profession, be verbally and emotionally abused by Hyun Bin but blame it on her own poor circumstances.
    I hope this drama would be a SG done right and Ji Min played an actual strong character who put Hyun Bin raged-filled personality in his place.

  7. Han ji min and Hyun bin are my favorite actors. After watching the 10 min trailer, I am amazed by their chemistry. The drama awakes my love cells, it is very romantic and I will definitely watch it. Will watch it live though don’t know Korean! My most anticipated drama in 2015!:)

  8. Just watched the 10 min trailer, and I’ll check it out. The amusement park setting looked totally cool. I wonder if that is just a set or where they filmed. Hyde looked fun, not as sexy-hot as Kill Me Heal Me’s SeGi character, but worth watching to be sure. Everything looks promising.

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