C-version of Queen In Hyun’s Man Starts Production with Pretty First Stills

Filming has started on the C-drama adaptation of the popular time-traveling K-drama from a few years ago Queen In Hyun’s Man. Starring pretty young things Zheng Shuang and Jing Bo Ran, the drama has a different title since it’s now based on Chinese history and there ain’t no Queen In Hyun in any Chinese dynasty. The C-drama is titled In Love Through Thousand Years, which unfortunately invokes my memory of the most absurd and uproarious time-traveling K-drama from over a decade ago starring So Ji Sub and Sung Yuri called Thousand Years of Love. Hopefully this is just a similar name and will have no resemblance to that dated wonkiness.

The C-version is being co-produced with Korean entertainment company CJ E&M, which produced QIHM, and the original screenwriter is serving as the production consultant for the show. Zheng Shuang plays the same sassy modern day actress character as Yoo In Na, while Jing Bo Ran’s ancient era warrior scholar has been punted back a few more millenia and now comes from the Han dynasty, hence the thousand years in the title since they are separated by about two thousand years gap. I’m not sure if/when SARFT lifted that ban on time-traveling C-dramas but if this is in production then clearly there must be a venue to air it once it’s done. Check out all the pretty first peeks from the set.


C-version of Queen In Hyun’s Man Starts Production with Pretty First Stills — 16 Comments

  1. Ooh the leads look promising! I’ve never finished an actual C-drama before so I hope this one will be the first. I liked the QIHM plot but never found the male lead to be that attractive.

    • Ji Hyun-woo may not be the typical flower boy (or sexy ajusshi) that we all love in kdramas, but his character Kim Boong-do was certainly the best written male lead I’ve come across. He’s still in my #1 spot. JHW’s portrayal of the character was also spot on. I only wished that his first drama after serving was not the trainwreck that Trot Lovers was. He was kinda awkward in that, plus the ugly hair and clothes. Hope he picks a better project soon.

      • Since QIHM was more about time-travelling forward from past to present (and not backwards from present to past a la BBJX) I guess they can avoid (or minimize) some alterating/misrepresentating of history ? I mean, most of the plot -is- based nowadays, after all…

      • @Mirabeau, that was my initial thought as well but apparently using historical figures out of context is a big no no in general? I think I’m having a hard time keeping track of which oppressive rule applies in which situation…

      • It was because after the BBJX was aired and extremely popular in China. Two teenage girls was jumped into the lake and drowned together. They left a confession letter behind saying that they want to travel back to ancient time just like Ruo Xi. Very sad…

  2. I’m totally giving this one is miss. Never been a fan of hers especially if she’s leading the drama. Not sure if it’s just me but I find her coming across a bit fake in her interviews on TV.

  3. Well well well. This could be really good if they keep the editing as tight.

    Oh thanks for letting me know about this I never would have found out.
    Fingers crossed it gets subbed!!

  4. I am checking if my arms are bigger than her thighs. And by the way I am not overly big and also an Asian. She’s skinny like skinny enough to go to the weight disorder unit. Is she even 45kg?

    • 42kg according to dramawiki and 44kg by baidu, so evidently no! I didn’t even notice how skinny her thighs were at first because I was staring at how thin her calves were, but that’s crazy. That is almost terrifyingly skinny, oh my god.

  5. My understanding is that regulators in China have publicly criticized the use of time travel in dramas but have never actually banned it. Also Hunan TV plans to begin broadcast of this drama on February 16.

  6. Yesss. I’ve realised cdramas are more engaging to me cause I can understand the nuances of the dialogue whereas kdrama subs don’t quite convey the same emotional impact. But I like kdrama plots so cdrama versions of kdramas are like the best of both worlds 🙂

  7. What rch311 said is wrong. In BBJX the main girl had a car accident and flew through the billboard to go into the past and not by drowning.

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