The Pretty Leads of 2014 Popular SETTV Dramas Grace the January Covers of Spop Magazine

I’m super stoked about the first new SETTV drama of 2015 in the currently airing Someone Like You starring Kingone Wang and Kirsten Jen. It’s also a good time to be reminded of all the little things the network did right last year with a brand new series of Spop Magazine covers featuring popular pairings from 2014 SETTV dramas. The pictures were taken the night of the network drama awards and I can just imagine all the popular stars getting whisked away to do promos after the trophies got handed out.

Spop has a total of six covers for the January 2015 issue and my faves are the one with Puff Guo‘s two leading men Aaron Yan and Liu Yi Hao together, Puff’s two separate covers with her two guys, and Lego Lee reuniting with his In a Good Way leading lady Kirsten. I appreciate so many pretty people slapped on the covers even if some of the dramas were abysmal and others stumbling in the final stretch. Here’s to hoping 2015 brings more entertaining fare to TW-drama land as well whether it’s an SETTV project or from another network.Kirsten Kir


The Pretty Leads of 2014 Popular SETTV Dramas Grace the January Covers of Spop Magazine — 16 Comments

  1. Thanks for these. Such gorgeous people who I am lucky to know in my drama life.

    Puff was my fav “find” of 2014. She undid all the dislike (for the character, not her) that arose, get it? from Miss Rose.

    AA-ron and she MUST reunite for a watchable drama. It doesn’t have to be awesome, but watchable.

    • I love PUFF. I thought nothing would get me past the bitterness I felt about Yi Chun and how much I hated her and what happened to him in Miss Rose. (I am still in my alter-universe where he is not in jail!) She was adorable in Just You, and I really liked her in Pleasantly Surprised. She had a great 2014 and really brought out the best in her male leads as well. I am looking forward to some more frothy choices. She also looks great in all of these pictures. She is so natural in all of the pictures; it’s like she cannot take a bad photo.

  2. Why isn’t there more of Kristen!! Puff is the most natural in all the pictures (: really glad that she is doing well in acting as well!!

  3. Puff is love. I actually owe Koala a thanks, since it’s through her blog that I rediscovered TW dramas and most especially Puff Guo. Though I’m not exactly still that satisfied with their quality of dramas, Puff rocked 2014 and am certainly looking forward for her comeback. (Though I admit, Just You’s first few episodes was kind of cringe-worthy with Liang Liang.) Pleasantly Surprised was great, and the story, characters, especially Du Kai Qi’s growth were thoughtfully made. It to me, was the best character portrayal of Puff to date, and certainly a refreshing take for a female lead character–reverse cold-demeanored character by the virtue of being the female is refreshing.

  4. Could you please recap someone like you? I watched the first two episodes and its promising so far. I think kirsten picked a good project while lego did not for aim high. Thanks for mentioning this drama.

  5. Liu Yi Hao has such a cute boyish charm to him, kinda like Sung Joon. I can’t wait to see more of him! 🙂 I used to like Aaron more but he looks so done up these days. And I personally think he looks so much better when he smiles than that smirk of his in photos and such.

  6. Love love loooove Puff Guo! She really rocked 2014 with her two stunning leadmen :)! I really like her pictures with Liu Yi Hao – and of course the picture og LYH and AY is my fave!! 😛 The ones with her, Aaron and Tia are kinda awkward, wish the one he held close were Puff instead of Tia :i

  7. kristen and puff are gorgeous here! aaron has the perfect pose for each shot, but i agree, i like liu yi hao’s simpler charm here. interesting that puff went for the more playful vibe in the trio pictures and switched over to a more reserved du kai qi in the couple pics with liu yi hao.

  8. I love that even though he is sandwiched between Tia And Puf, I can’t help but wonder, why Aaron keeps staring at Puff in the picture even though he has his arm wrapped around Tia.. Are you trying to hint that you are more interested/rather work with PUff?? LOL

  9. puff is really adorable ..
    i like the way she is .
    she’s best both with aaron and jasper .

    but im looking forward for puff&aaron !!!

  10. just a thought that came up to my mind based on their cover photos .
    as for aaron and tia’s cover photo:
    tia was like saying :
    “aaron should always be mine!”

    while puff was like saying :
    “im sorry! he is already mine ”

    Haha. just a comment tho ^__^ peace !!!

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