Lee Yeon Hee Readies to Headline MBC Sageuk and Admits She’s Always Been Dating

It’s pretty neat how one awesome performance can change the perception and opinion of an entertainer, and even better if it comes after years of slow and noticeable improvement. Lee Yeon Hee has rocketed up my list of K-actresses to watch even if I am a tad worried that her Miss Korea flower-vase-breakout role could end up being a fluke. MBC certainly doesn’t think and I’m with the bigwigs there in wanting to keep challenge Lee Yeon Hee. Despite the low ratings of MK during its run, the network is handing Lee Yeon Hee a make-or-break epic sageuk in Princess Jeongmyung (Splendid Politics), and surrounding her with a boatload of talented male sunbaes in Cha Seung Won, Lee Sung Min, and Kim Jae Won.

She was rather bipolar in her first sageuk drama in the guest starring role as the Mom in Gu Family Book, her intriguing and charismatic first episode performance fell apart in the second episode when her character writing went crazy and she was left doing the crazy eyes. MBC’s long sageuks are less flashy and more staid so hopefully Lee Yeon Hee will cement her acting improvement once and for all so that critiques of her acting will equal compliments of her breathtaking beauty. She’s also gotten on my good side with her confession during a recent press circuit that she’s got no lack of male suitors since she debuted and in fact has always been in a string of relationships. You go girl, love the candor!





Lee Yeon Hee Readies to Headline MBC Sageuk and Admits She’s Always Been Dating — 16 Comments

  1. I loved her in Miss Korea. I remember crying with her during that elevator scene when she was crying while eating an egg. That was the first time I admired her as an actress. Sure, I’m anticipating her new drama.

  2. She was great in Miss Korea, and I’m looking forward to seeing how she handles the sageuk. I also like her smile, it makes it very obvious she’s had no cosmetic dental work done. 🙂

    Her candour about her relationships, and her desire to be seen as more than a pretty face is commendable too, even if this old man doesn’t quite get all the raves about her beauty.

  3. she was great in MK, but i just saw her new movie Detective K, and she was forgettable. Hope this new drama would give her a better chance to show her improvement.

  4. I’m also hoping the best as I really like her. She was awesome in Miss Korea.
    What a honest confession which is so refreshing compared to all the other stars who are we’ve never dated in our whole life.

  5. Ockola’s class category of talented actresses always questionable and debatable. But one thing so obvious why many English blogger including Dramabean love to give praise to all actresses that coming from BIG DADDY in Korean Entertainment. Talent or because of her company that makes her the loved Korean stars by blogger. Based on k-netizen reaction, she still as laughing stock.

    • You’re right! You’ve exposed the secret, damn! All English-language (since koala’s definitely not English) bloggers are actually just lackeys in the pay of BIG DADDY. It’s been a highly successful conspiracy up to this point. Give yourself a daesang for figuring it out.

    • If i were you I’d definitely not depends on k-netizen to weight the credibility of an actress considering a wrecked-train mentality they have by overpraising some mediocre actors while completely ignoring other more talented actors. I’ve Never been a fans of Lee Yeon Hee (cause i thought she was all look never the talent) but her in Miss Korea completely won me over with her acting. And please don’t condemn others just because they were from Big Daddy ent, the first you should look for an actor is his/her performance not which company he/she came from.

    • I am an English blogger, but somehow I do not know BIG DADDY and if I did, I would say whatever he/they told me to say because that is how all of us English bloggers are.
      Someone please send me the list of actresses quick, so I can praise them.

    • Yeah, I don’t think anyone gives a crap she’s from SM. I don’t think most drama fans care even slightly. I’ve actually never seen her get much love from any bloggers. They usually don’t like her while they like their oppas who can’t act. Seriously, what’s with the hate?

      And who really gives a shit about knetizens thoughts?? Stop reading Netizenbuzz and thinking you know the feelings of all of Korea.

  6. I understand that fan could be obsessed with idol/actor,ess/ entertainer in general since I am one myself. Some does go overboard for dating issue of their idol, I think it is a little ridiculous. So like you mrs koala, bravo her for be honest and upfront about it.
    I didn’t watch mk, but hearing her improvement making me want to watch her new drama. Also for mr. Cha

  7. I cannot watch a sageuk for more than 20 eps. As soon as the bad guys don’t die and don’t ever successfully kill anyone, I lose my fear of them, and thus my interest.
    The exception was WBDS because, well, duh, YSH was in it, and it was only 32, iirc.

    How do people stay interested in these longer ones? What do I need to refocus on?

  8. Lee Yeon Hee has always been one of my favorite actresses despite the comments on her acting abilities. I find that I’m way less critical of actors than most viewers. I think there’s a difference between straight sucking and having potential, but being green from the lack of experience. I’ve always seen the potential in LYH and she’s improved a lot over the years. I also watched her and Go Ara (another one of my fav) on a show with Boa a few years ago and I realized what draws me to the 3 is that they have a very real, candid quality to them despite their profession. They seem very approachable and down to earth. I’m looking forward to her next project.

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