The Empress of China Wraps Up Buzzworthy Run with Collection of Epic Gaffes

The big-budget, big name cast (not to mention big bosomed) period C-drama The Empress of China is wrapping up after a wild seven weeks run that included censoring, wonky editing, and WTF historical inaccuracy all around. This wasn’t an idol drama and actually had legit cred with acclaimed C-actress Fan Bing Bing playing the Tang dynasty Empress Wu Zhe Tian, aiming to do the same mainstream popularity that launched Sun Li‘s career to stratospheric heights after The Legend of Zhen Huan. The drama was already seen as all style and no substance even before Cleavage-gate, after the slicing and dicing where all the female characters could be seen only from the neck up the drama became a netizen favorite for mockery.

With the amount of money poured into securing the massive cast and outfitting everyone in the most eye-popping historical fancy duds, the viewers are not impressed at all with the amount of NG slip ups that have ended up onscreen. The complaint is that SARFT had problems with boobs but then didn’t have problems with all the gaffes. The media has picked up on the netizens mock-watch which has been collected into a series of handily labeled stills showing all the mistakes in the drama which range from: the actor playing the Prime Minister not wearing pants underneath his court robes and showing his legs while kneeling, props magically changing positions, and hiring a bunch of men to play female nuns and shoving apples on their chest as fake boobs. I can’t make this stuff up if I tried.


The Empress of China Wraps Up Buzzworthy Run with Collection of Epic Gaffes — 20 Comments

  1. Fan Bing Bing was also producer so she deserves all the “credit” for all these gaffes. I read that it was one of the most expensive productions.

  2. This is bad for the production but is it weird I’m glad these happened? Because it’s so funny!! Better this than some tragedy happening on set.

  3. Haha, what show doesn’t have these loopholes?
    Doesn’t matter anyways, this show was HUGE ratings success, even with all that controversy with the SARFT.

  4. Omg so many lmao moments.

    @Koala do yo maybe know what are the next high budget historic dramas coming up this year in China, or at least the ones that have the most hype around them? I came to love Chinese historic dramas much more than Korean ones, they are full of mess but super entertaining and over the top.

  5. I am never going to watch this series. But thanks for the articles. It hagivenme the most laughs in months. I don’t even know what to comment.

  6. Since this isn’t on a live-shoot schedule like Korean dramas, you would think they had more time to meticulously review every tiny detail.

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