Blood Promises Future Change Addressing Viewer Anger Towards the Leads Bad Acting

I haven’t seen K-netizens this mad about bad acting in a drama in a long time, but then again, I haven’t seen such levels of bad acting in a drama in a long time. Perhaps it’s due to the bad being doubled in amount, with both leads Ahn Jae Hyun and Gu Hye Sun stinking up the screen in Blood, and that excess visual pain seems to snapped the wire of patience and tolerance for underwhelming output. I also haven’t seen the K-media openly cover the viewer anger towards Blood after the first four episodes, now there is even a petition already passed a thousand signatures demanding KBS replace Gu Hye Sun in the drama even midway through. I doubt that will happen but there may actually be improvements to come.

The Blood production responded to all the outrage by promising that Gu Hye Sun’s acting will change going forward, acknowledging the criticism against her overacting, effected line readings, and awkward non-blinking stares. That’s fine and all, but what about Ahn Jae Hyun! He’s just as bad as her and the double standard, or shielding of him, is so not cool. Either fix them both or just let this drama become a comic standard for what not to do when casting leads. It’s understandable that there is less leeway for Gu Hye Sun bad performance since she’s a ten year veteran in the industry whereas Ahn Jae Hyun has been acting for just over a year and this is his first leading role. With that said, all eyes will stay on Blood to see what positive improvements await.

I feel terrible tagging Ji Jin Hee‘s name to posts about this drama, because he’s basically acting in his own one-person Shakespearean play to power and immortality and doing a sizzlingly good job at it. Contrasting him to both Ahn Jae Hyun and Gu Hye Sun and it’s insulting. K-netz even find the robot Luvvy a better actor than the two leads, LOL. Ji Jin Hee and Ahn Jae Hyun are in the same agency HB Entertainment so one wonders why the agency couldn’t have pitched them swapping roles so that the viewers are spared watching Ahn Jae Hyun actually get on-the-job training in Blood.

I don’t agree with the actors work hard or they need to develop acting experience somewhere excuse. Do you want your surgeon operating on your brain surgery to just be learning on the job? Or do you want that surgeon to be an expert already before he/she takes that knife and cuts your scalp open? The “he/she works so hard!” excuse is even more bullshit, that just means they might win the hard worker award but still doesn’t negate the bad acting side of the equation. If actors and actresses want to learn on the job, do it in smaller roles where they can afford to be bad and viewers won’t mind as much with the limited screen time and lesser importance to the story.

When an actor or actress gets a leading role, it should mean that person is qualified for it, not that person gets a shot to try hard at the chance. Just imagine how much more watchable Blood would be if the leads were Kim Woo Bin as the vampire doctor and Jung So Min as the spoiled lady doc. The writing is still bad but what’s new in K-drama land these days, I’m barely able to squeeze out sense in my recaps for the poorly written Hyde, Jekyll, Me, but at least Hyun Bin is acting his pants off and running circles around his female lead to salvage the experience. I’m still watching Blood partly to get an eyeful of Ji Jin Hee per episode and partly to see what else this drama has in store in terms of unintentional lulzes.

Ahn Jae Hyun’s bad acting in Blood:

Gu Hye Sun’s bad acting in Blood:


Blood Promises Future Change Addressing Viewer Anger Towards the Leads Bad Acting — 226 Comments

  1. That scene where he gets shot, I saw his portion in a gif to Shinee’s song Ring Ding Dong, and I couldn’t figure out why in the world was he acting that way. Well, now I know.

    I am considering watching this… May be just to see what all the negative press is about.

    • I think the bad press, is what is keeping the ratings from falling into the 3% range, as some viewers turn away in disgust, some others tune in to see what the fuss is about.

      Sadly, GHS is suffering through this public embarrassment, because her fans have shielded her. Supposedly, all the hate is because of her beauty, and many talents. Reading the Soompi threads and the spamming going on, to make sure that it is one of the most commented threads is a side show in an of itself. As is her international fans plan to spam Korean articles that dare to write anything negative about her.

      Many of us are used to or have experienced the delusions of K-Entertainment fandoms, but this is unreal. They have actually placed a moratorium on the Soompi thread, forbidding anyone of talking bad about the leads or the drama. Only positive, praising comments allowed. The fact that only they see the acting in the drama as genius, isn’t suspect to them at all. All these negative press, and anger at the drama is all a coordinated hate campaign against their precious angel.

      • Tiwatiwa, good points on the ratings.
        It’s good she gets to work on her acting now.
        I am not her fan so I never respond to anything about her in the past. But I do feel bad for her now and I hope she won’t take it too personally and instead work positively towards improvement
        At the same time, the director and writer should not shift all the blame to her … They are also responsible.

      • soompi is beyond delusional sometimes – they praise the leads of any drama at all costs no matter how bad the drama is and how much all viewers and articles criticise it.

        They are mostly teenagers so I put a lot down to lacking life experience but with Blood it was taken to a new level.

      • It never occurred to me that the media is helping with the ratings with all the bad press. You are prolly on to something here. It would work for a few episodes, anyway. People checking it out so they can buzz about it with their co-workers or online.

      • This applies to all fans. I’ve been brushed off quite a few times on certain other drama threads as well. And lot of times they respond to my criticisms with outrageous rebuttals. I actually make effort to phrase them nicely, that’s why I’ve never been chased out of threads (I leave them on my own accord). It’s not just teenagers, quite a few of them are mothers and all.

        However, I’m neutral to GHS (I haven’t watch BOF past ep6, Angel Eyes past ep3, have no fondness her), but I sometimes shield her on blogs too because everyone keeps bringing up BOF. And it’s difficult to believe that it isn’t just biased opinions because BOF was years ago. Well, that’s my rationale for defending her. I guess now there is finally a more relevant example that can justify these criticisms.

        Anyway, this is going to damage GHS’s ego a whole lot. I don’t think any production company does this. When SJH was being criticised in Mandate of Heaven they jumped out to defend her. They shouldn’t have made it public that they had the conversation. Isn’t this going to make it awkward?

      • That’s right they are crazy. . I can’t even say a word there…. The plot is actually interesting but once you criticize one of the actors then you will be called out.

      • Not all fans are teenagers some of the working adults are there. However it’s true though that I can’t understand why they can’t handle negative comments? Is the world made up of Kdrama rainbows and unicorns?

        I just ignore threads like this. It’s a pack mentality there.

    • Anvesha, I am still watching too….
      In ep 4, GHS was more watchable but I agree with koala that it would be different with Kim Woo Bin and Jung So Min who both have more charisma and talent on camera.
      Having said that, I felt Blood wasn’t too bad…
      But I disagree with koala that even though writing is bad, the main/all fault lies with actors… I believe many also commented that it’s all about writing, acting and directing…..
      Anyway it’s a good thing criticisms are surfacing early with the team promising changes.

  2. i hate her acting in Boys over Flower, hated how she pout her mouth so many times. She just can’t act, just hurting my eyes. Just replace her already! I, myself will never watch anything with her in it.

    • you make me laugh,it’s jealousy makes you talk
      you should see a psychiatrist.
      GHS plays her roles very well, that you could never do .hhhhh

      • I am not an actress, and never will be, so your accusation just gave me a little laugh. Thanks for that. I do not hate her in person, I do not know her. I hate her acting, that is two very different thing. Can you not tell the difference?

    • You are so right!!! Her pouting which she passes off as being cute. I thought she was passable in Angel Eyes. What happened here??? I’m cringing watching their scenes.

    • This is exactly the reason why I always think it’s hate. People need to stop bring up BOF period. It’s been 6 freaking years. You can just say that she’s acting horribly in Blood, but using BOF as an example seriously undermines your credibility.

      • It might be 6 years for you, Kitai. But it was just last week for me to actually watched the drama. I had never watched it before, so, it was fresh memory of her acting in there.

  3. I am not her fan but I feel bad for her. It must be hard on her. On the other hand, it’s good that she knows and hopefully, she will overcome it and will be able improve her craft somehow.

    • I feel bad for her too. She may not have been a stellar actress,but she wasn’t this bad. She was actually pretty good in Angel Eyes.
      Hopefully, she takes all of this as constructive criticism and does something about it.
      Ahn Jae hyun is…….well, bland. And that wouldn’t have happened if he took on a few supporting roles, honed his skills, and THEN came in as a lead.

      • I think they actually hurt his future career, by rushing him into a lead drama so quickly, instead of letting him slowly develop his skills and build his fanbase. His management created this mess, because they saw the success of many model turned actors.

        Funny enough, modelling is becoming the gateway point to acting, now that the idol scene is over-saturated. With YG’s merge with that talent agency, there are more and more models debuting.

      • @iris
        Yeah AJH has potential.
        Considering the fact that he had limited screen time experience, I find him pretty convincing in some emotional and tension filled scenes.
        If only he had taken up stronger second lead roles then yes he would be much more ready for taking the lead
        Let’s hope the remaining episodes work out better
        I am still annoyed at the director and writer…
        I am a writer too so I take responsibility for the outcome of production

    • Thing is, if she could have been better, why would she choose to be bad? Nothing will change now that everyone has decided that GHS agreed to be better. I guess if nothing else, she has to admit that what we see on camera is not exactly how the script is written. That she will become more aware of herself? She is already so self-conscious and it affects her delivery. Aigoo…I don’t understand.

      “OH? I am supposed to be a skilled actor not a bad one? Why didn’t anyone tell me? This changes everything. I am now going to reach into my soul and pull out the good skills I have been saving. The ones I plan on using to impress people… now…because I actually do have the ability…”

      • In my whole life, I’ve never been as allergic to a performance as I was to GHS’s in BOF. I tried to watch her in other dramas after that, but the allergy persisted. I gave it another shot for Angel Eyes, and was rather stunned to find a much improved GHS who didn’t drive me crazy. Like Koala, I actually liked her in that.

        I’m not watching Blood so I don’t know how feasible it is, but if I were part of the PD/writing team, I’d try to make her character more like her Angel Eyes character, because she can handle that range. Even if they have to have her character be hit by a truck o’doom to explain a personality change, it sounds like it’d be worth it at this point.

        Wasn’t she talking about quitting acting a few years back? I do hope she finds something she excels at and really enjoys– this can’t be fun for her.

      • That comment had me rolling my eyes, as well. They are going to help her “change” her acting? Do they think there is some 90-minute online course out there that turns people into great actors? Over the years I have done a lot of film and theater criticism, first as honors thesis/teaching assistanceship/newspaper job at college and then on my own, and invariably great acting comes from a fortuitious combination of innate talent, self reflection, and years of long hard work.
        At this point, any positive change is in the hands of the writer and director, and they need to do as much work with the male and they do the female lead. They need to narrow the range of emotion to fit in the spectrum that these actors can handle. They need to enhance the parts of those side characters who can actually emote, and have them handle the emotional heft. The director needs to shy away from both pathos and comedy, because in the hands of these actors the pathos becomes funny and the comedy is just annoying. The director needs to look at Angel Eyes very carefully, because there was a director that knew how to get something out of GHS.
        And then after this, both actors need to do some serious self-reflection; because if they really want to become good actors, it is going to demand a great deal of their time and attention – years of it.

    • I am not her fan either and just her name is a big No to watch the drama she is in.But I feel bad for her now and I will start to watch it( after my yoga session so I will feel calm enough).It is unfair to blame only the actors and especially her .

  4. I know Gu hye sun acting is bad,but the hate she’s getting is too much.this is the first time seeing someone being hated for their acting.
    Blood would’ve been less painful to watch if the lead were given to Yoon Kyun Sang.(Aka ki jae haemyung)

    • Without beating around the bush I honestly believe JSY is better suited for this role actually. She underacts while GHS overacts, exchange the two to temper their own weakness and emphasize what they’re comfortable with (ie JSY in lively roles, GHS in reserved roles) and it would greatly benefit them as actors.

      • excuse me. JSY ? Ah that replacement actress ? The girl who should not be named that ruined the whole story of Dr.Stranger ? If JSY replaces GHS, make sure her acting is better than GHS. Compare to GHS, her acting is a big no no. After SBS denied she’s not in the list, i wonder what happen with her now. While her co-stars in Dr.Stranger are doing a great job in other project. She just stuck in her own project with a big sponsor.She will make Blood getting worse.

  5. 1. Seriously, how could the casting person have not seen this coming? Had the person or group in charge of casting never seen these two before?! 2. Now that they’ve dug this hole, I don’t see how any change can get you out short of re-casting it (which isn’t possible). You can’t just hold a gun to someone’s head and say: “Be better at acting, or else.” Next time, casting people, doing your fracking job!

  6. Thank you for speaking some common sense re: the “they are learning on the job!” excuse for crappy actors. And yeah, the anger against Gu Hye Sun is more because she is a 10 year veteran and still this bad while Ahn Jae Hyun’s badness as a rookie is less of a surprise.

    This drama really has nothing going for it but the (unintentional) lols.

    • Yes, that drives me nuts.
      And the “hard working” label. But he works so hard, and the set is cold, and the hours are long, and he really means well, so just love him/her…

      I even read that SK may be more forgiving of actors/actresses who better themselves through cosmetic surgery because it reflects effort on their part. There may be some truth to that, as long as they are also working on skills to match.

  7. are you kidding me, kwb and jsm, they are so ugly, and neither that girl really can’t act and he, lol, in heirs was awkward, no, they are not good and that boy looks so scary. ghs and ajh are more good looking and already have great chemistry. you are just jealous that they are perfect for the role

  8. who are knetizen to tell how to act or not to act ! GHS is perfect for the role, is doing a perfect job ! her attitude is perfect ! too tired of bunch of netizen jealousy and hate ! too much free time and hate ! let the actors to do their job, don’t stress them with your stupidity ! KBS, don’t play after how these bunch of netizen wants !

    • Ooohh honey!! Posting with different names to Make it seem like lot of people support goo hye sun and her garbage acting??? Now i feel bad for u actually…

    • hey next time you try posting under two names to make it look like there is more than one person defending oppar and unnir, try doing something about the email id too.

      koala can already see your ip so I guess she can confirm it, but it’s really embarrassing for you low-level trolls if even other readers of this site can guess your lame defence tactics.

      • oppa ,actually there’s thousands of people who support GHS and i’m among these people and i have one name “sisi”.
        I feel sorry for you , you know what to act on anything pefffff
        You think you can do better; you make me laugh.You need to help you by a doctor for jealousy can kill you.Bye

    • It is amazing how jealous these viewers are, isn’t it? They can’t stand it when beautiful skilled actresses succeed. Nobody in SK likes any beautiful skilled actresses. In fact, all of the beautiful skilled actresses in SK get exactly the same treatment.
      How many times already have we had petitions put together to ask a lead actress in a drama to step down? I just googled it. 659 times!! It happens all the time.

      Those poor poor skilled beautiful actresses can never catch a break because of jealousy.

      • @ jomo
        I think HGI was pretty good in Moon Embrace Sun thingy. Others may not agree. But I am happy just seeing her pretty face.
        Kim Tae Hee and Song Hye Gyo do not have ppl praising their acting talents but I think they are nice to watch.

  9. She was not that good in ep2 but in ep3 and 4 she was good 🙂
    Lol I dont think that KWB and JSM will fit the characters …especially JSW !!

    • Ok jsm may look too young but kbw should be ok
      Yes in ep 3-4, both AJH and GHS improved. Perhaps the script called for fhem to act this way? AJH emotionless to protect himself and GHS overact to cover her insecurities?

  10. The production must know already what their cast’s weakness and strengths are, so it should come to no surprise that viewers are appalled by what GHS should have NOT been doing in the first place. Like I said, she’s not an effective actor but at the same time, there are roles that are suitable for her which better punctuates her strengths and camouflage her weaknesses. GHS wasn’t only tolerable in Angel Eyes, I would even go on further saying that she was good. If anything, it was her co-actor who was a bit off-putting, but I digress.

    It is a shame really, and I hope that GHS can bottle this all up as positive fuel for improvement. I wouldn’t request for something impractical such as improving her (over)acting as she had been fumbling before and continues to do so now as a “sassy” character, but polish her strengths instead, namely melodrama. Also, next time, I urge her to be more perceptive with roles that she accepts. Either she is a masochist or just blindly placing her head in a guillotine every time a script for another “sassy” or “plucky” girl role comes up. Don’t be a cattle for offering.

    • Gu Hye Sun is a limited actress. Judging by her reality show appearances, her personality is very calm and demure–like in Angel Eyes. She fails to connect with a character that has a completely different personality from her own. Maybe that’s why she tends to overact her sassy scenes. As for Ahn Jae Hyun… I can see that his company is trying to make him the next Lee Jong Suk/Kim Woo Bin. Someone needs to tell them that ain’t happening. Even as rookies, LJS and KWB had sizzling charisma on-screen. AJH was just bearable in Stars. Nothing more, nothing less.

      • Lmao, yes…jongsuk and woobin are definitely the main reason why there are so many model-actor nowadays…but then again they are popular because of their acting skills. If you have don’t have the skill,,bye-bye then.

      • people can kill me for telling that, but AJH trying to ride the fame ’cause he is pretty flower boy, without any acting talent to back it up just disgusts me.

  11. Ah I forget…Not only the actors of Blood should improve their acting, also the writer of this article should improve the level of his articles words …bcs it shows no respect to the actors and in the end its just a drama if u like it watch it ..if not then dont give it big interest 😉 🙂
    Thanx …

  12. I haven’t seen Blood, but if it’s true that the two leads are equally bad and GHS is getting more hate then AJH, it’s understandable. Even if I do feel a bit bad for her. I think netizens are just so done with GHS’s lack of self-awareness about her (lack of) talent. Like you said, it’s been 10 years and she’s still mugging for the camera in the same way. I can admire that she lives in her own world and has her own ideas about being a “multitalented artist” but I feel like Korean viewers and the media are much more forgiving of celebrities that acknowledge their weaknesses. Take for example Jang Suwon who recently became famous for his “robot acting”. The dude has basically renewed his popularity on the merit of his bad acting. (Which is messed up in itself, but that’s another issue). There are plenty of celebrities who are famous for being pretty and not too great at acting, but as long as they freely admit to it (like Song Sung-heon for example) the Korean media tends to give them a pass. Maybe it’s partly GHS’s aspirations to being an “artist” that have people losing their patience with her.

    AJH, though, is not only a (male) newbie, which gets him more slack, he’s still coasting on the great luck of debuting in YFAS. That goodwill is still going. Honestly though after seeing his one interview where he makes it clear that fashion is his first love and he was convinced to do YFAS when he really had no interest in acting, I think he should go back to modeling/fashion because that’s clearly what he enjoys and excels at. It was very bad judgment on his and his management’s part to accept a lead role at this point.

    On another note, if they’re changing the drama anyway, can’t they make Ji Jin-hee’s character the lead instead? I might actually watch that.

    • Totally agree. They need to make Ji jin he’s character the lead, get him a leading lady, and turn the current leads into secondary characters

  13. I hope the article they posted is understood first! They dint acknowledge her bad acting! Just dont twist the articles as you like!
    You just blame actor & actresses? So what about the director? Did he just close his eyes and said “ok” for each take? As you must be knowing how good the director is..Just accept the fact that you are GHS hater who tirelessly search and post all the negative articles about her and you will have your own group of people who will say “Ah yes! you are right”. Did you really search and post articles about her when they praised her acting in Angel Eyes? So how can you call yourself as being unbiased? You said you are going to give up on Blood..So why starting again? Just give up!Or why dont you try directing GHS? So that she can learn what is called “Acting” from you!

    • Who needs to search for articles about the bad acting in Blood, LOL. It’s everywhere and on the front pages of K-ent newspapers.

      As for article, the implication of the production saying things will change going forward is an acknowledgment of her bad acting. I’m not sure how you can read it any other way. They say they understand the criticism and promise things will change going forward. If there is nothing wrong with GHS’s acting then why the need to change?

      • I read the article and they dont say “bad acting”…also the changement in the characters was planned from the start …we can see that from ep4 and we will see it in ep 5 and 6…anyway thank u for ur article …I respect ur will in criticising but plz show some respect to the cast and to the fans 🙂

      • Ockoala, I think you misunderstood the article.. wahahaha poor you… Yes, its the change of character and not acting or the leads!! Its hilarious to change the leads when drama started already unless they’ll make that person dead.. But well, that’s how a story should go.. Changes of character really happens as episodes goes by..

  14. twilight cast are worse than blood cast, blood cast fit so well to their role, at looks and attitude ! just get a life and leave them alone !

  15. For real KOALA..well anyway i really have nothing to say..i just don’t understand why you hate GHS that much..what is she doing that affect you too much..anyway i couldn’t believed after i read your blog when i open my DAILY BREAD the page that opened up was for MARCH 2 when im trying to open for Feb 28 and let me share this to you and your followers..
    Jesus said to his disciples:Be merciful just as your FATHER is merciful.”
    Stop judging and you will not be judged.Stop condemning and you will not be condemned.Forgive and you will be forgiven.Give and gifts will be given to you:a good measure packed together,shaken down,and overflowing,will be poured into your lap.For the measure with which you measure will in return be measured out to you..

    • I hate BAD ACTING, regardless of who the bad acting is attached to. It’s basically unprofessional behavior for an actor to show up on set and then deliver a shitastic performance. Not sure if anyone dislikes GHS in person or as an actress, I feel no such emotion torwards her since she seems pretty nice and there are times when I’ve liked her acting well enough. This is not that time, so I’m discussing something case specific but you keep insisting it’s a personal attack or vendetta when there is no justification for your assertion. Not hearing you question whether I hate Ahn Jae Hyun that much.

      • I’ve been reading your blog for quite awhile already and the one thing i noticed is that GHS is the only korean actress that you attacked this bad.Your blog is not the only blog that i read and i am a fan too of some other actresses although GHS topped them all..isn’t it when you don’t have emotion towards an actress you just don’t care anything about that person whatever she does will be none of your business that is why i believed you just hate her for what reason only you knows..or maybe you are just jealous because your biases was not given the role..Who is that Kim Woo Bin and Jung So Min hahahaha
        With regards to AJH why should i question you about him LOL..if you are watching BLOOD because of JJH you know im a fan of GHS AND i’m watching BLOOD too because of GHS and your article points down to GHS .

    • @ Anjelica
      I understand your views.
      Please don’t be upset about the comments or any articles you read.
      GHS is human. We should pray that she is not too affected emotionally by all these. No matter what criticisms she faced, she needs to be stay strong and stay focused. And that she can excel in future episodes.
      Let’s pray this show turns out well.
      With many more episodes to go, there’s hope.

  16. Why not just bring back Good doctor casts instead of using these two. Shake my head* I rather see Joo Won and Moon Chae Won play these roles. Moon Chae Won was good at playing spoiled princess in the beginning of The Innocent Man. And I can totally see Joo Won as a vampire. People say the director, pd, etc are also at fault for the bad acting. But Seeing how they did Good Doctor, I say it’s mainly the bad acting from the 2 leads.

    • Wow, that might actually have salvaged this drama somewhat. I could see JW as a vampire and MCW definitely could do Yoo Ri Ta correctly, she’s basically Seo Eun Gi as a doctor.

      • you are really pathetic,i have another suggestion why you do not play the role of rita and lafille will play park ji sang, wow you will form an horrible couple.
        ééé stop criticizing good actresses because you can’t do better .
        GHS is wonderful in this role and stop throwing your venom on her.

    • Yes, I agree with you sisi… These bunches of idiots need to do the acting… Ockoala as Yoo Ri Ta and lafille as Park Ji Sang!! That might turn out into a hilarious comedy drama!! I will really support it!!!! Nyahahahahahaha

      • OMG! I hate when people say “Why don’t you play the role instead?”

        You know why they can’t do the acting of GHS and AJH? because neither Koala or lafille are actresses, they don’t call themselves actresses, so they don’t have the obligation to “do better” than GHS and AJH, because they don’t proclaim themselves to be artists, for god’s sake! BUT GHS and AJH, they call themselves actors and good actors! it’s just normal for people to expect GOOD acting from them, not just crappy acting, because they DO have the obligation to do so, because they chose that path as their career, damn!

  17. Wow, how many pathetic guys here. With all these pseudo-clever thoughts about why they think GHS is bad actress. Sorry guys you are really pathetic and with really low level of culture and education. I think critique is good but what are you doing is only bashing the actress. It’s stupid attutude to the person.

  18. As European viewer I really enjoy her acting, she is funny, fresh, natural and very different from Korean style of acting which I usually don’t find interesting. Korean style of acting very slow, with stone face expression and really annoying movements. And for me is relaxing to watch her. Her personage should be crazy, capricious, spoiled, arrogant but anyway good doctor. Something like Dr House in skirt. As I think she is acting and I really enjoy watching Blood. In case if I did not like drama, I would not bash the actor, they are not our property, and owe nothing to us. If you do not like the movie, just do not watch. Its simply as that.

    • Nice comment articulating why you find GHS appealing, and the character appealing. I also find blame in direction regarding an actors’ portrayal. For example, I’m pretty sure a director would be telling the actress to pout or scream or do something silly, or to STOP if they didn’t want it on screen. I too agree with watch or do not watch.

  19. Oh my gawd, it’s Koala again and her merry band of losers. You are twisting facts to suit your warped and malicious mind. IOK Media is not making excuses for GHS’s bad acting what they’re saying is that GHS is simply exaggerating her lines to fit the character Yoo Ri Ta. Big difference. I trust the director, writer and Goo Hye Sun. Not someone as pathetic as you. You can shove your opinions where the sun don’t shine.

    • Just understand them Zade… They just simply don’t know what portrayal really is… All they know is to criticize others who has done nothing to them just because of hate and envy… Well, karma is on their way… 🙂

  20. LOOOl at the comment section here.
    For real, people. If you do not like when she is talking about Goo Hye Sun’s bad acting, just ignore it and move on with your life.
    While I may not agree with everything she posts, I don’t go around preaching how bad of a recapper she is or whatever. It’s her own freakin’ blog and please, don’t talk to me about “GHS may read it” and other stuffs like that because it’s freakin’ stupid to think that GHS will actually care more about Koalasplayground than netizens in her own country.

    Critisms aren’t always bad. It may help the actor to “wake up” and realize that improvement is needed. Of course, when it becomes a witch hunt or whatever, it is bad because the actual person may have suicidal thoughts but in this case, you gotta admit that you can understand Knetz’ and Inetz’s frustration. She has been in the industry for more than a decade and yet, she is showing such a poor performance. What should those people do ? Say stuffs like “It’s okay, she will improve with more projects”. DO YOU REALLY THINK IT IS GOING TO HELP HER ? While you are here defending her and saying that some people shouldn’t have right to criticize her, why wouldn’t they have the right ? As viewer, you have every right to criticize someone’s performance if it isn’t good. Would you be happy to go to a concert and the singers can’t stop making mistakes like forgetting lyrics, tune off … etc ? You paid to be entertained, it’s perfectly normal to be angry if what you paid for gives you nothing in return. And I ain’t talking about owning the celebrity or other sh*ts.
    Dayum, I can’t believe I “ranted”. But allkpop/soompi/here are all mess with people defending/bashing/whatever … At the end of the day, it’s up to GHS and nobody else.

    I agree with the double standard though. That hypocrisy but I guess, it’s more like AJH is a newbie compared to GHS so I guess he is getting more flack than her. Even if he just shouln’t have been cast as the male lead at all.

    • I have some doubts how the Internet community can teach somebody to act or portray the role. Considering that the structure of Internet community of critics are young, frustrated, obsessed, envy young ladies. If you have your clear vision I think it would be better if you start your one carrier in the entertainment industry. I suppose that people that spend time and energy to bash actors only because according to them the actress is not doing good work. Good amount of critique is good for everyone, good for growing, good for changing but to be honest, I don’t understand this campaign against GHS. We saw worse films, actors, scrips and now good drama and huge criticisms forward to actress. I am against such attitude, nobody has rights to have such influence on others life. Its not correct, I am really mad about that.

      • @ Norasi your comments are just laughable. You can’t judge people like us. When you see how actors and actresses act, you can either like or dislike their acting. From what I’m seeing, you’re a fan of GHS, and I don’t judge you for liking her. However, you can’t judge us for disliking the way she acts. I dislike their acting based on what I have seen. I watched movies and dramas ( American, Korean, Chinese, Hongkong, Taiwanese, Japanese, etc.) every since I was a kid. And I can tell “bad acting” when I see one. And just to point out I’m not some young frustrated teenager. And lastly, I don’t envy GHS at all. But from what I’m seeing, you are more obsessed in this than me.

    • could not agree more. Hahaha i sorta understand them hating on koala for what they think as a personal attack on GHS. its the whole cycle of fandom.
      but them to come here and be be so angry and post hate is just immature. They can post disagreements on koalas blog but it could be done in a nicer and objective way like Norisa. Everyone else seems a little immature. I meam, This is her blog, if you hate her and writing then create your blog that post your personal opinion on koala or just stay away from here!!!
      i personally hate the acting of both leads of blood, and as koala points out if this was brain surgery would you allow a bad/mediocre surgeon to operate on you, answer is HELL NO! Same with actors who i want to spell bound me the show. this whole “see if you could do better” lines are funny and usually words of people who have nothing better to say.

      and the whole “he works hard” excuse is a realky really overused. If you wanna see working hard, see yoo yeon seok who has been in the industry for 10 years but get minor and unappreciated roles until reply. The There are tens to hundreds like him who goes unnamed/unappreciated but work hard. joong woong in has mentioned how his road to actor was hard and how much he worked hard. same with sung dong il. These ahjusshi and all other ahjusshis and ahjumma in the acting world work hard too but you dont see them get use the work hard excuse. There are countless more men and women in the acting world who get no slides for working hard.
      i remember liking GHS in pure of heart and king and i. But her recent projets are just not good. she really needs to improve.

      Lastly the main prob with this drama is bad collab of casting, directing, writing and acting. with exception of ji jin hee of course…!

      • wanna also ajh is just a pain to watch. he really lacks the certain aura. He doesnt connect with the character. I Guess when they could not get JIW or YYS they just gave up.
        He needs more acting experience. i think he could have done better had he been in more productions. I’ve seen some bad actors get better with more supporting roles experience.
        there are tons of actors who jave cruised supporting roles and have experience and have aura that better suited for leading man material. Like Kim bum, Sung joon, lee soo hyuk, kim jae wook, kim ji suk… now those actora need a leading man break!

      • I’m a frequent reader of Ockoala’s blog and I respect her for many of her drama reviews but not all of them. This one PERHAPS is one that I don’t totally agree with. I’ve not watched Blood yet. I don’t know the two leading actor/actress either. I only know the 2nd male lead. To be fair, I don’t see any inappropriate acting in the 4 Blood clips posted by Ockoala. So I don’t get it why ppl are crazily mocking these two leads. Perhaps the short clips do not say the whole story about their “bad” acting at all. But I doubt the blame should be rightfully on the actors rather than the writer/PD. Mostly I found that’s the case – bad screen writing/directing is responsible (Heir is one example). So I may give this drama a shot and start watching it.

  21. How about you KOALA?? Don’t you think that your level as a blogger/writer/journal or whatever is only for an amateur level?? Maybe you should close your website down. All of your articles are annoying and irritating!!

    • please dont ask her to shut down her blog i like to see her PMSing lolz
      plus who on earth is gonna defend hyun bin and the crap that goes by the name “HJM”
      wait koala reminds me of some character i just saw oh got it………”its YOORITA” from blood i think koala can potray it better than GHS she seems to be a natural

  22. This article is ridicoulus!!! You dont have anything better to do?!
    All I saw when I entered this web is your complaining. I personally think that they both are doing good job and I am kinda happy that Ah Jae Hyun had a chance to have to be a main lead at least. If you dont like this drama then dont watch it!! Who asked you to watch it? I personally dont like Woo Bin so I am relieved that he didnt take this role .. I didnt really like Hye Sun but now I think that she improved a lot .. Its her character as Ri Ta.
    I dont understand you! All you wrote in this article is only hated opinions .. Jae Hyun’s bad acting, Hye sun’s bad acting – I cant watch it how you critise all about this drama. For me this one is perfection and you are only jealous of them so shame of you!
    If I were you I would delete this article ..

    • I actually don’t know the male lead neither the female lead even she’s said to be famous since BOF which I don’t like ( for its Taiwanese version) and never watch it. I only know the 2nd male lead. But since you mentioned Woo Bin, therefore I feel chiming in. Same here, I don’t like Woo Bin. I don’t like his acting in Heir. Neither do I like his looks. My point, I don’t get why he’s so popular and for what female fans swoon over him. So, I suppose it’s all about personal tasted and even any critique is all subjective. After all, entertainment is not rocket science that has absolute protocol to follow.

  23. And one more thing – if you are so mighty and so smart maybe you’ll tru to be actress? I doubt that you’ll do better! You dont know how stressful is this job .. Shame of you!

    • I honestly don’t get why people come on this site when they don’t like Koala’s opinion. Don’t read it! Sometimes I disagree with Koala on different dramas and films, and when I do, I don’t read it. For example, Koala hates Secret Garden. I ADORE Secret Garden. So when it comes to stuff about Secret Garden I rarely read anything Koalas writes about that drama. Plain and simple.

      • Same here. I don’t agree with Koala sometimes but I usually just read the articles without commenting. She have her rights to voice her opinion in her blog. It’s her drama playground.

    • As for this part, it is so wrong to pull other things into the argument. Koala is a drama viewer not actor/actress and Ghs is a public figure. GHS definitely will receive a lot of criticisms or praises for her work. Yes, I’m not an actress too but you can’t just pull the “so you can act better than her” argument because GHS does need to sharpen her craft. It is stressful for GHS to act and receive so many negative feedback but koala’s complaints are constructive and it is not just pure hate.

  24. I can see many soompi people here to defend their onnie, lmao….please it’s not one or two people who voice their opinion about goo hye sun’s acting but the majority of knetx and inetz have the same opinion about goo hye sun’s bad acting. So, there is something wrong in her. You may protect your onnie but don’t be too delusional.

    • Its okay to vent out criticisms bit there are times that its not criticism anymore but pure insults and degrading.. Some are being ruthless that they’re stepping on other person. Just place yourself on Ku Hye Sun or Ahn Jae Hyun or any stars’ shoes and you’re getting this immoral insult. What will you feel? Can people just be a little considerate and watchful to their words?

  25. I honestly think a big part of GHS’s problem is the weird voice thing she’s doing. Her character would be 100% less annoying if she stopped talking like a cartoon.

  26. Mess at the comment section anyway aren’t we all kinda expected this although i was holding a little hope that the show and the two leads to surprise me (oh wait they did surprise me but not in a good way)

  27. GHS fans are aggressive and powerful!! remember what they did to PMY when she started dating LMH.. they made the poor girl go on hiatus for 2 years and Now the blood situation. as well they are around GHS will be safe but AJH will be the sacrifical lamb.

    I have also notice that PSH fans and GHS fans seems to be deadly rivals and insult each others dramas to the next level? they should come to an agreement. Heirs bashers were mostly ship related GHS’ers, faithlings and plus the small remaining group of MinMin.

    • Dont include all GHS fans..Iam GHS and LMH fan and I dont hate PMY or PSH …about the dating its their personal affairs…as a fan I support my idols no more ..sorry if some fans caused harm to ur idols 🙂

      • you said it now. but i guess you also support ur gang rudeness back then lol dont said sorry now. they are break up alr. its unnecessary

    • AGREE.. im leeminho fans and i support him dating with everyone include PMY. Gossssh GHS fans is so rude, harsh and myb they are haters to another level. They bashing PMY, insult her, flooding her twitter with their harsh word tsk tsk
      Im so angry with GHS fans and minsun shipper out there at that time and myb until now. Why you guys can be that rude? im still shaking my head if im remember your behavior. Poor PMY getting the hate from minsun-roaches. They are mostly not a leeminho fans but GHS fans who is rude, harsh. I cant believe you guys ask koala how to behave on internet. Cant you remember what have you done to PMY several years ago? Heol. Karma does exist ryt. Pity on GHS and also pity on GHS fans lmao

      • Koala dosen’t like both actresses and she knows that both there fans are passionate so she likes to throw a bone both ways and rejoice while they clash on the comment section. This thread has so much heirs deja-vu and the only difference is that the characters have changed seats.

    • If GHS’s fan base is so strong, she should just leverage on that and do CFs instead….. it’d benefit everyone all round!

    • I am PSH fan and I don’t have the thinking of hating others .
      PSH fans don’t come here to insult and most of them are tired from these stupid aimless war of words so I don’t think PSH fans insult GHS in any topic even in NB when some insult shin hye they don’t argue or enter useless conversations the most fans I knew like that .

    • Another PSH fan here. I am neutral about GHS. No hate at all but what makes me sad is when fans of other actresses drag PSH name again and again to make their bias looks the best *coughnetizenbuzz/allkpop*cough

  28. Sorry, but I find Jin Se Yeon so much bad in acting, Goo Hye Sung is actually quite good but its her character who is bad. I think she is in real life not a spoiled brat so maybe thats why she isnt good at acting the part :P.

    But Park Shin Hye is on the same range, its just she has more luck in her roles.

    • Here we go dragging PSH again and again. Even some people said they are on the same level (i beg to disagree tho), at least the first thing PSH does before signing another drama is considering if she can pull off the characters well before accepting the drama so that she can satisfy the viewers even sometimes this backfired her as people said she chose similar roles over and over again. She said it herself. Choi In Ha is the prove that she can pull off emotional and comedic roles well without overacting

  29. This drama has reached such a patethic state. Such a miscast… Both leads are really terrible and their embarassing acting are distracting the story of the drama. GHS what to do with you…. You’re just a hopeless case as an actress. Even supporting actress are better than you

  30. I haven’t watched Heirs or City Hunter so I can’t say anything about GHS fans bashing PSH and PMY, so I am very sorry to hear that. But please, not all GHS fans are like that. Really.

    I’m not a die hard fan of GHS, although I do like her. I really just think that this hate she’s getting is inappropriately blown up and wish that Koala would be more sensitive. There are plenty of actresses who are on the same level as GHS and they do not get this much hate.

    • I’m GHS and PSH fan as well.. Love them both.

      Hope the best for GHS in this drama as well but what I’m saying is that koala is the instigator

      • do these people come from the 3rd world countries where ones don’t know what freedom of speech is??

    • not all GHS fans bashing: 0,000000001%
      GHS fans bashing other actress: 99.999999999%

      im not GHS haters but im anti GHS fans. back then and myb till now. pls bear with me ahahaaha

  31. GHS fans are living in their bubble world where GHS is an oscar award worthy actress. Keep shielding her and she will forever be criticized for her acting tsk tsk tsk

  32. To be honest, I’ve seen worst acting than this.

    I think the fault lies on the whole production, not just the actors.
    They should stop it before they ruined the life of a young promising actor…
    The poor guy didn’t ask to be casted in the drama…they chose him…most probably because of his looks that fit the character to the T…pale complexion and all…

    I watched all 4 episodes yesterday and he’s not bad…he just lacks charisma…but I could see that even from his other dramas and interviews…he’s just the laid back ..bland type of guy and that’s why the production is at fault for casting him in the 1st place.

    As for the girl, I agree she’s bad…I could not understand why she was speaking the way she does, and it just does not come off natural at all…
    on the contrary, it draws attention to herself.

    And I think she gets more criticism because she’s been in the industry for around 10 years..
    I think she made a huge mistake by telling the public that she’s been trying to change her method of acting…It looks like they were expecting perfection, and she failed to deliver…

    It was the wrong drama for her to experiment her acting…just be yourself girl, and stop being so self-conscious because it shows…

    I hope they give her a break though…she looks like a sensitive person…

    As a matter of fact, both leads look like sensitive people.

    I especially feel bad for the boy because that can crush him…I’m hoping that he will take it like a man and work hard to improve and get back at his detractors.

    The main blame for me lies on the PD…I don’t think he’s good, and that also shows, but of course, actors are always the scapegoats…

    I do hope that things improve for all parties concerned…

  33. I wish the people making this show would just give in to the madness and go all Naked Gun movies hilarious, they’re halfway there already.

  34. I liked Angel Eyes but this kind of exaggerated and unrefined acting belongs in those sketch comedy skits. I think GHS has been dying to show off her hidden “comedic acting skills” for a long time and finally used this drama as an excuse to let loose.

  35. LOL. Can’t remember last time I laughed so hard reading the comments section. And Ockoala is laughing all the way to the bank. You should do this more often.

  36. This thread is proof that most people who watch K-dramas give zero f@ck about talent. That has allowed people like Lee Min Ho and GHS to become hallyu stars. You should. Ever be so blinded by an actor’s beauty that you forget that their main job is to act, not just look beautiful.

    • excuse mehh dont bring leeminho act here. tho im agree his acting may not the best yet but all his drama is watchable. im seeing alot of korean actors more handsome than him more gorgeous than him and act thousand better than him but theres always a reason someone is liked. but the fact is tho he may not the best yet at least his drama is watchable and he can act.

      • I seriously agree with you because LMH has so many fans and loved by nations just because of his characters.

        Then saying he can’t act is embarrasment to the entire art of acting. His obsessive roles are not easy to pull of like he can.

        If LMH can act then Nobody can act in the entire K-ent. since his the biggest thing coming out of that country.

    • @melissalionel lol yeah. he said his secret behind his popularity is korean drama. if he cant act on drama, he wont be this huge. duhh.

      yes saying he cant act is embarassment.

  37. The only reason I turned this on was for JJH and he’s the only thing that keeps me interested. I zone out on any scene he isn’t in. However, I do hate all the controversy shrouding the show.
    And though I understand the double standard issue, and basically agree, I also believe the brunt should be placed on GHS because of her seniority and past ability. AJH should have never been cast there is no doubt about that. For he has never shown any type of promise that warrants carrying a drama as lead. A lot of young actors hurt their progress and exposure with bad professional advice and this is certainly true in this case.

  38. I like GHS but I agree that she needs to work on her acting. It was acceptable in BOF cos the role was more comical in the vein of Japanese comical dramas where reactions are exaggerated so that covered her ‘bad’ acting. In Angel Eyes, the youngsters that acted in the main roles earlier were way better and definitely more interesting than watching the adult leads who were mostly wooden – watching paint dry would at least give you a high from the fumes….

    Apart from bad acting, GHS has turned ghastly pale so much so she doesn’t appear natural on screen. She needs a good makeover.

    As for AJH- he wasn’t ‘awesome’ in YFAS. It was Giana who was great and made the show. Ah well….we’d just have to wait till the pull (wash the) Blood off.

  39. Seems like the GSH fans have found their way here and are throwing a freaking big tantrum… I’m quite shocked at the level of immaturity of several comments that have been left here. Also, how anyone can even defend her acting in Blood is beyond my comprehension, and I found her quite likable in Angel Eyes. It actually saddens me to see her acting so bad after her lovely performance in that drama, she obviously has it in her to deliver but maybe she needs a good director who can pull it out of her? I dunno, but what she’s delivering now is just horrid and cringeworthy… In my opinion she is certainly in need of a wake-up call and should do some self-reflecting on how to improve her craft.

  40. The more GHS fans in denial mode the more angrier they get when faced with reality…
    Poor them, they should just stay in their delulu thread and glorify their biases as the God of acting

  41. Lolol the problem is that the actress herself thinks her acting is good and she can be a PD, pai ter, singrar. . Everything she wants to. Yg leaves her alone because bof alone made the lots of money

  42. LOL, when did Koala’s Playground turn into allkpop/soompi? What’s with all the immature messages on here?

    Acting’s not daesang worthy that’s for sure, but all the negative press in Korea is just so much that I kinda feel bad for everyone involved in the drama. I actually tuned in to see what the fuss is all about and besides the mediocre acting, the thing that bothered me the most was the editing of the drama. It seems like they rushed the production of the drama. I want to be invested in the plot because it seems interesting but it seems confusing and all over the place with the whack editing.

  43. I’m not a fan of Goo Hye Sun. What I wanna say is, if Goo Hye Sun’s acting is really that bad, she needs direction and supports to improve it not these bashing and hating stuff. We need to distinguish between bashing/hating and giving critics. Please put your positions in hers so you may know what she feels. Its her duties to improve her actings since she is an actress but remember on the set there is a director that judging whether the actings already appropriate or not for those certain scenes.

    No one in this blog familiar or being an expert with what actually great acting is, so our comments might be involved in judging, hating, bashing or bias.

  44. See, I wish we’d get at least 1-2 articles per week on Blood till it ends. Because with the trolls, delusional ‘fans’, cycle of repetitive discussions and hilarious gifs, I could spend hours and hours reading this. Someone else has to be enjoying this circus as much as I do!

    • I”m enjoying it so much… Every blood articleis full of funny gifs and videos of the bad acting which are so comedic. Maybe the two leads thought that they’re acting in a sitcom…
      The tantrum of the fans are even amusing to watch…
      Rather than raging here and there, trying to spread how good Blood is.. Why don’t they create a blog too and write something that justify their opinions of how good GHS and AJH acting are.

      See if they can justify the shoulder dance, annoying intonation and voice, dead eyes, awkward walking and the teeth grinding….

    • I enjoy this circus too. I’m waiting to see if there are anymore delusional fans. It’s just something I can’t understand about fandom, I have my biases too but I’m rational to admit if their acting is bad or they have bad dress sense, pick bad projects, etc. I’m not blind.

      It’s just galling to demand koalas to stop criticizing or close her blog. The only argument these fans have is the that koalas is jealous. Omfg!! Yea yea we are jealous that anyone can act that badly, especially she’s been a veteran for ten years.

  45. LOL, I’ve watched Blood after seeing negative reviews (it finally caught my attention). Honestly, I think their acting aren’t so bad. It is mediocre at best. I do feel that Ahn deliver the lines is inconsistent sometimes (confused if he wants to be cold or warmth person?) but his performance is always the best in his Doctor scenes. As for GGS, I really think she is not bad but she is just not comical. Whenever she tries to be comical or funny, I cringed with her. It is a little disappointing that she does not have the chops after acting for 10 years, but if I eliminate the comical part, she is doing okay.

    I see why PD and writer put them as the leads, they have pale skin, good looks and the “coldness” vibe in front of the camera, so I like their choices because their physical characteristics are perfect for the role. It is a shame that both of them couldn’t save their roles with their really limited chemistry.

    Ironically, they put JJS as the 2nd lead is truly the worst choice of all. I never knew why koala is raved about his great acting. After I watched blood, he is so damn good at his job (and now I’ll be looking out for his next project). They put one PHD holder with 2 high school holders in the same production totally showed the audience how “bad” they are in their job. They may not be so bad, but seeing how JJS do with his character, they definitely will look bad.

    • Actually I find most of the supporting actors and actresses in Blood act better than the 2 leads. People are feeling bad for the 2 lead because of all the critics. However, I feel bad for the supporting actors and actress. Because of the 2 leads acting, the drama is going down hill. And the supporting casts are going down with it. People are saying the 2 main actings are’t bad. AJH just mumbles through his dialogues, and GHS couldn’t even pronounce the diseases and patient conditions correctly and naturally. This is also a medical drama, and they don’t even look or act like doctor even for one second.

      • Maybe I didn’t put it clearly.. what I mean is I find JJS is so good that it showed much Ahn and GHS are lacking in their acting. I find the 2nd leads acted better than them too.

        Maybe because I don’t speak Korean so I don’t find a problem the way they speak? But I agree with you for the mumbling part when Ahn was talking to him friend in his house scenes. They were so inconsistent that I was confused with his character. But I find him pretty good in the surgery scenes. As for GHS, I think she wanted to display that she is a different kind of doctor (bossy and naive) because she have her uncle backing her up (and usually our drama doctors don’t have such privileges). But then the acting part wasn’t convincing enough so.. You know the rest of the story.

  46. Woah! What is going on here? Look folks – if you are upset that Koala doesn’t like their acting (and I think a lot of netizens don’t), then just don’t come here. There are tons of sites and blogs out there, why do that to yourself????

    I love JJH so I’m going to watch all his scenes at a minimum. 🙂 The rest, well, we’ll have to see as time goes on.

    As for the leads, well, what were they expecting?? They should have known! AJH is not experienced enough. I’m not quite sure why they would do that, but it’s only 4 episodes in.

  47. GHS is the actor’s version of blueandblack vs whiteandgold.

    One side just cannot agree with the other even though they are looking at EXACTLY the same thing.

  48. I felt so bad for koala. She only wrote the truth, but GHS’s delusional fans keep attacking her like she’s some crazy biatch or so -___-”

    Anyway, this drama is a combo trainwreck afterall.
    Wrong cast, poor character written, the cringe-worthy plot.
    Even Ji Jin Hee can’t save it.


  49. thanks miss koala for giving honest reviews of blood! seriously, i wish some people can understand that there is nothing wrong with liking blood (since everyone’s tastes are different) but at some point they should at least acknowledge the flaws with the drama (particularly the acting). there is also no need to fight back against everyone who doesn’t like the drama or claims the drama is no good. plus, i don’t understand why they are getting so worked up with your opinions, when this is your blog and they can choose to read it or not.

  50. Hmm i never understand how the PD could OK-ed their acting… Or is he too shock with how badly they acted?
    Maybe the writer and the pd are used to be given amazing casts like GOod Doctor and God’s Quiz. Getting casts whose acting are beyond help maybe new to them that they can’t give directions for them to modify?

  51. I think it start to become a witch hunt now, what with the petition to take GHS out from ongoing mini series?

    Its not even like Blood is some very popular seasonal tv series and GHS is that bad addition actress that ruin everything. It’s weird for me to think that all of those people that sign the petition is that invested to Blood and want to ‘save’ their beloved drama.

    Yes, her acting is bad, so does AJH. And not to mention Blood’s production team. Didn’t they do screen test before everything? How come they hire someone just because their looks fit the character? Aren’t they need to able to act too? It’s South Korea for heaven’s sake, a country that famous with their pretty boy and girl. I don’t believe they can’t find a lot of talent that have a pale beautiful looks there.

    So for people point a finger only to GHS is, I think, unfair. And with all this petition… it won’t helping anybody. What GHS (and AJH) need is a constructives criticism. Negative words not always destructive if that’s for an improvement, but of course there’s also a wiser way to deliver it.

    • I agree with you for the petition part. I think it is wayyyyy out of hand. Blood is not super popular and both of them received so much hate. I felt so bad for GHS because she seems like the only person at fault when it shouldn’t be.

  52. With all the bad reviews, I find it’s watchable, and only skip the operating parts. I don’t see what so bad about their acting. And I like most of the veteran actors in this one.

  53. Hahaha Somehow after reading the comments I came up with this idea. I myself find GHS voice annoying in Blood. If they want to make changes, first do something about that voice. Just make her character’s throat or vocal core get injured. Or make AJH bite her neck or something, and her voice comes back to normal ==.

  54. negativity is infact very contagious and after reading your previous articles regarding blood i decided to give it try just for the laughs but i have to disagree with you on this one i started liking them by the end of ep 4 and except for a few minor things here and there that is irrelevant i overall enjoyed the show and loved a couple of moments of the 2 leads together in last episode.i think they gel really well in addition i think both have started to get comfortable in the roles
    its really scary to see how one can draw negative public opinion by screencappin a couple of scenes from the drama
    its amusing to read that people defending GHS are tagged delusional and those who crticize are not so people having an opinion different from the majority are delusional and are supposed to be wrong?
    the term bad acting is purely subjective
    yes it did seem initially that she has overtrained her voice to fit the role
    but i think she has toned it down a lot in ep 4
    to create such ruckus over this issue seems unwarranted

  55. Actually I don’t understand. GHS is such a veteran actress.
    What happen to her really? Maybe its the script or she is just not suited for that role hmm…

  56. GHS’s acting looks about the same as it was in boys over flowers. I think the criticism came too late. BOF was a hit despite her bad acting. Yet people somehow attributed any positives of That series to her acting and encouraged her to believe she is leading lady material through her increased popularity. As for new guy, he’s just as bad. Luckily for him,
    He’s new and isn’t overly praised for no reason. The criticism is just.

  57. Just don’t watch if you don’t like it.i for one dislike everything about GHS n would just ignore anything she s in.She s certainly one of the least appealing K actresses in every aspect n don’t understand why anybody would want to cast her as lead in anything.N I m really surprised she has such a loyal fanbase. O man s meat is another s poison..

  58. Actually, I don’t have a problem with the acting in this drama, I’ve seen better and I’ve seen worse. For me, it’s the storyline that seems to be lacking. The whole “vampire” theme is just so five years ago and anything now just seems to be overkill. It feels like a remake of something, even if it doesn’t intend to be.

    As for GHS, I actually liked her over the top character. It was the first time I saw her play a bratty character, so it was definitely different than her usual stuff. I liked GHS in Ballad of the Prince, King and I, Take Care of Us Captain, The Musical and Angel Eyes. She may not be my favorite actress, but there are worse choices out there.

  59. not in anyway interested of watching but it is just so fun reading koala posts. I will always visit this blog if I want some dose of LOLs and the comments are equally hilarious!

  60. the negative feedbacks got me curious so i watched ep 1-3. I’m not a fan of anyone in the cast. But i noticed that the female lead speaks like a non-korean trying to speak korean overly enunciating words so that she will be understood. Even her acting is not natural. She is trying very hard. For the male lead, well, he is not so bad. He is supposed to act cold and emotionless. I think all the negative comments stemmed from people who are just envious ‘coz for a newbie, he was already given a lead role. Plus I didn’t expect to kinda like the story, effects, a little hi-tech…over all, not bad. I feel like some people just exaggerates stuff because they don’t like the actors

    • Same here. I’ve watched 4 episodes of Blood. The main leads’ acting were really bad indeed. But I find the story line quite interesting. Such a shame. How on earth can the PD said ok to most of their scenes?

    • I was wondering if GHS was affected by the acting she did in the Taiwanese drama the perfect boyfriend with the robot of u remember. She was required to overact and look silly all the time. Maybe she still can’t shake it out of her system

      • Nope. I watched Absolute Boyfriend and I really thought that she is unbearable for the first half of the drama. I would definitely label that as Bad Acting because she overreact so much that she looked out of the place throughout the scenes and the way she display her character is exactly like Gum Jandi when I don’t even see similarity. She improved in the next half when she have more emotional scenes.

    • I have to disagree with you for C drama. If it is C drama, GHS wouldn’t be critised for bad acting because her scenes would be edited heavily until she looks bearable on screen. (She probably would be made to do the same scenes). That is the greatest advantage of C drama for being able to produce before it is aired. As for K drama, if she is bad at certain scenes, there is no way to the production team would have the time to redo many times to have enough scenes material to edit.

      as for TW drama, it really depends on the genre, PD and script. Her act would work in some genre e.g K.O series or really fluffy idol drama but it would not work in dramas like Black and White.

  61. Wow some (or most) GHS fans are really ridiculous. How can they cannot see the shitty and awkward acting by GHS in Blood? Who is Go Hye Sun that people really want to hate her very much? It does make sense if people envy Song Hye Kyo for example, who are really successful, beautiful and talented actress.

  62. I don’t usually comment koala even though I read ur blog everyday. But I just can’t keep quiet after I read the comments on this article. I have one sentence to say to GHS fans: Get the hell outta here and go back to soompi. GHS is a bad actress period. She has always been and will always be BADdddddddddd. She couldn’t improve in 10 years. There is no hope for her. If u guys enjoy watching her so much why don’t u try to raise the 3% then instead of wasting our time reading ur pathetic comments???

  63. First of all, I read and comment both here and on soompi and I think there’s no need to make judgments about what kind of people soompi users are usually like, I find this snobby and NOT inherent.
    That said, I didn’t find GHS performance SO bad, but everyone should be free to express his own opinion. However I don’t like how this thing is getting loud and personal, if the show is somehow underwhelming (I personally wouldn’t atch this EVER because of the mixed genre as I didn’t watch Doctor Stranger either) it’s not just because of bad acting, I still remember Naeil’s Cantabile very well and I think we can all agree about the fact that the female lead has never been considered a bad actress, but her role wasn’t quite successful anyway, so what are we talking about now?

    • hahahaha.. Hilarious! stuff!

      A side from that I think GHS fans deserves respect since GHS is the ultimate K-Princess and helping start K-drama worlds success thru the crazy and funny character that was Geum Jan-di..

      So in the regarding she is huge name in the K-ent world and didn’t push all this to the next level. she has earned the right to be respected alot in her craft.

  64. I really have fun reading all the comments here.
    As for me, I’m a middle-age woman who liked BOF lol. I didn’t care about the casts of BOF, I liked the cute story since it entertained me. Then, I watched Take Care of Us, Captain because I’m a huge fan of Ji Jin Hee, and my reaction was the girl lead had the same expression as her character in BOF (i didn’t even know her name) Now, I’m waiting for Blood to finish so I can watch my crush Ji Jin Hee on screen. I don’t care about how bad the leads are. I just tune in to stare at my goddess Jin Ji Hee, and that’s how obsess I’m with an actor lol
    Yes, I’m very immature for my age and even as immature as I’m, i can’t understand why people wrote nasty comments on a personal blog, bashing the blogger and even asking her to take her post down?! CCan’t they understand iit’s a personal blog where the owner opens to just post whatever she has in her mind? Even if she bashed my absolute crush Ji Jin Hee, I would just laugh and ignore because she entitles to do so in her blog.

    • I wish ppl would have your mindset: “Can’t they understand iit’s a personal blog where the owner opens to just post whatever she has in her mind? I would just laugh and ignore because she entitles to do so in her blog”.

      The delusional fans of GHS amaze me and delight me with their comments (thanks for the entertainment y’all). They remind me of Kim Hyun Joong’s fans. Maybe GHS and KHJ should date so both fans can be together. Crazy, delusional, and very supportive.

      • That idea is so funny. Don’t we love the booming of comments for this article? I’m curious what article had the most comments on this blog and how many? I wonder if Ockoala has kept track

      • There is a widget to the sidebar that shows the most popular (i.e. most click read posts) of the running last three months. None of the Blood posts are on there, which is why I always chuckle when folks seem to think I write about Blood because it gets click. Er….no.

        It does get the most comments of all the recent articles, but funnily enough, the most commented articles never align with the most read articles. You guys can check it out yourself.

        The most commented article ever on this site was the recap for episode 16 of Lie to Me.

      • Thanks Ockoala forthe info. I’m ashame to admit I didn’t watch Lie to Me. Because of the reply, I got curious and checked episode 16 recap. Oh my, lott of kising screencaps and I am sold. I am watching it now

  65. OMG. GHS’s fans are everywhere, attacking blogger to write bad reviews about the drama or about her acting skills. Personally I don’t think it’s a big deal over her poor performance, this is not the first time she’s getting hate for ruining a character. And because of her fans that shielding her, the problem has become bigger now. Her fans should think some practical ways to increase the ratings, which hopefully followed with some good comments – does she even have a strong fan-based in Korea?? Leaving a negative comment doesn’t mean that the viewers hate her, viewers may want her to reflect on herself instead of just doing what she thinks is right. She shouldn’t be too self centered at the end of the day. I’ve watched Blood, and I find that everyone in the show is just acting in their own way – three shows, with one lead respectively. AJH in his own vampire world with pale and expressionless face, like a lost child; GHS, an immature bratty lady, her acting didn’t justify her character – a genius surgeon??; JJH and team in his own dark land. I don’t see they’re being clique together in a show. The story and characters are poorly organized.

    Anyway, you have my respect Ms. Koala. I support you 🙂

  66. Woohoo….LOL…I did not plan to watch Blood or I should say I simply forgot this drama was going on air following Healer? I was kinda lost finding another interesting K drama to watch after Healer which has become my all-time favorite now. But since Ms. Ockoala posted this thread with much heat coming from viewers’ reaction, I’ll give a shot. Like it or not, I don’t rely on anyone’s critique. I may like it even this post gave a very negative review. I may not like it even a lot of fans protest against the negative comments. I think it’s all subjective based on personal taste.

  67. I came back quickly to update my comment after a quick glimpse of the Blood clips posted by Ms. Ockoala. I don’t fully understand the lines without subtitle. But honestly, while I respect Ockoala for many of her recommendations of good dramas, I can’t see any inappropriate acting here by the male lead as well as the female lead. I don’t know either one of them so I can say my opinion here is not biased regardless of my personal taste about drama genres. So thanks to this post and much debate, I may give Blood a shot and watch it. Mostly, I found the script writing and directing are most important in delivering a good drama. Even acting is not brilliant, it could be largely salvaged by good storyline/plot and directing. But not the other way around. So whether I’ll stick with a drama to the end mostly depends on storyline and plot development, unless actors/actresses are really dumb (that I don’t see from these 4 clips). For example, I know many ppl raved about It’s ok it’s love and I know the drama got a good cast. But I quit after the first few episodes because I found the drama genre and the story line pretty boring. Don’t argue with me who’s raised up by a Psychology professor and counselor.

    My conclusion so far, Ockoala may be a bit subjective in this review even I really like many of her posts and she’s very resourceful in terms of drama recommendation. But it’s ok. we all have different tastes and different views.

    • Hallelujah, I finally read a comment that I can trust about the acting in Blood.I trust you since you said you dididn’t find It’s Ok That’s Love a must-watch lol. As I said, I would tune in and watch Blood just to stare at Ji Jin Hee, but if the acting of the lead is ok and the story is ok, then it’s a huge bonus for me. Thanks for the update.

      • Yup! I always think entertainment including drama and music is all consumer based and depends much on consumer’s taste. While some ppl love shopping at fancy department stores like Nordstrom, many ppl enjoy goods much more at Target. Similar here at drama land. It’s my personal preference that I hate bad writing/directing way more than bland acting. Perhaps the cast of Blood are not considered A list and perhaps not even charismatic, I’ll give the drama a chance. If I quit, it’s most likely because of bad writing and plot development, OR I’m simply not the one for that kinda of genre.

    • I am glad that you are not like those people who easily agree on something that has been told to you.
      It’s like a brain wash…when people say that picture is ugly…everybody will follow to say so. Picture is an may work on some people and it may not work on other people.
      Koala is quite unfair because she just picked the worst scenes to be put here just so people can agree with her.
      The lead may not be perfect but they are acceptable.

  68. this place sound like dr.Stranger safety place again. I wonder koala made this on purpose. Blood is pretty good. Despite the two lead cant do acting, it’s pretty obvious but tbh, i saw their acting is growing. if only the writer and producer casted the great actor, koala would like to post the good article but please, dont make people dont want to watch this drama. Your comments are funny to read even rest of you brought the Soompi member. LOL. I should know one of you or maybe rest of you are member of Soompi and trying to write your piece of mind after kicking out from Soompi =)) =))

  69. I just realized that Hyde, jeckyl, and Me have much more fans with mature attitudes. Bloods and GHS fans are so embarassing and crazy….

  70. If you haven ‘t seen any of the Blood episodes and you read the comments here you are going to thing that half the Korean actors and actresses are playing in Blood.
    l o l . so many names were dragged from posters just to prove their personal points.

  71. Holy shit all these comments makes me laugh !
    What I can say Mrs Koala continue your work *
    It can obviously not be just for fun , to laugh or because the mass media are designed so that even when you do not want to know the last virgin band Fashionable^^,even when you end the undergo their voice rattling , oh no ! In addition , it’s the same articles on the web !
    If the contents do not like why not just live the page instead of posting comment haters !! To feign ignorance , you just go in relaxed mode while curbing your blind rage ?!
    Comment haters is not only the text equivalent of hysterical screams of piglets face meaninglessness of existence , NO , It’s also and especially large wooden arguments !oh GOD Peace fans OF GHS ^^

  72. I really enjoyed watching Blood. The lead actor’s portrayal is just right….cold and bland. Well he grew up without his parents. Ri ta voice is sometimes irritating to hear but she grew on me.

  73. i think blood cast acting have a lot of improvement in the newest episode.we can see how ghs and ajh role have some change and i looking forward for blood development

  74. So I just have time to read all post related to blood by ms.koala. My reaction was: “This writer must have personal grudge toward AJH & goo hye sun.”
    it’s just too much hate that make you thought they were posts made by antis LOL. I don’t expect this comes from ms. Koala, a senior blogger in K drama land.I also don’t remember that you write in this style way (the last time I visited here is to read empress ki post)
    I am sorry but this one is not elegantly written. I will pretend that an antis hacked this blog and made all the posts.

  75. In K drama world, rating plays an impt role whereby public will used this as result slip for the drama. After reading endless negative comments for the viewers, I thought maybe veteran Koala playground will have justice platform for Blood.

    However, it really caught me in surprise that koala is feeling that way too.
    Feeling disappointed, we cannot blame on others as this is their personnel view.

    Hence, I will like to share mind as well. I was totally hooked by Blood drama.
    The story plot, actor and actress had performed well.
    They might not be the best actor’s & actress but the nature way of acting and engross in the story make me as a viewer being touch and can’t wait for the next episode.

    Blood Fighting

  76. Blood is getting better and better by each episode. I don’t find the leads’ acting that bad nor unwatchable. Instead i find myself hooked to the next episode. If you watch further without prejudice, i believe you’ll find it entertaining.

  77. Oh. I almost cried while reading the whole post. For one, I like Blood. The plot is interesting and so are the main actors. I don’t find it bad because I think the acting really fit the characters they are portraying. As the series progressed, I can see the character growths. Also, the story is unpredictable. It saddens me really. I found out that there are negative bandwagons about this drama before it even started. Still, fighting Blood! Fighting, Bloodmates!
    IDK, I find this particular blog as a hate post instead of it being a subjective one. Or maybe my opinion is. None the less, I just had to post this to ease my mind.

  78. Frankly, I loved them in the drama. They are the only reason why I keep watching it again and again. I think their acting is fine and I love that they even got married after this drama. They were adorable in this drama.

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