Ji Jin Hee, Kim Ji Soo, Minho, and Son Na Eun Cast for Family and Romance K-drama Melo House

This sounds like a heartwarming second chances type of drama that sounds broadly appealing. K-ent is reporting that the full cast is onboard for K-drama Melo House (Romantic House) with Ji Jin Hee and Kim Ji Soo as the older couple and young leads Minho and Son Na Eun. It tells of a couple who divorced when they went bankrupt and years later the father returns as a billionaire and wants his family back. They work through their past and current issues in search of a family. Son Na Eun is the daughter of the couple with Minho as a taekwondo member turned security guard. The drama is slated for 12-episodes.

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Gu Hye Sun’s Epic Fashion Disaster Steals the Blood Press Conference Spotlight

I’ve blogged about plenty a fashion fail moments whether at awards shows or press conferences and the standard reaction remains the same befuddled look accompanied by the outburst of “da hell is he/she wearing?” Gu Hye Sun may have had … Continue reading