K-media Discusses Possible Drama and Movie Comebacks in 2015 for Popular K-actors

Now that the first batch of 2015 K-dramas have shaken out the ratings rankings and audience feedback – wins for Punch, Kill Me Heal Me, Shine or Go Crazy, losses for Hyde, Jekyll, Me, Blood – the media is looking ahead to the possible big name castings to come. One drama that just got a leading man is Yoochun for Sensory Couple so that’s one popular name certain to be returning to the small screen soon. Up next is Kim Woo Bin getting the offer for the Hong sisters upcoming island rom-com Jejudo Gatsby, an offer that I pray he accepts so that he can finally flex his drama leading man muscles. The media remains forever wondering if this is the year Won Bin acts again.

Kim Soo Hyun has already made it known that he plans to do a drama this year, and whether it ends up being the KBS Friday night drama Producer penned by his You From Another Star scribe remains to be seen. No matter what he picks he’ll have no shortage of offers. Eyes are also on Lee Jong Seok, who has done back-to-back-to-back dramas starting from I Hear Your Voice to Dr. Stranger to Pinocchio, all with good to great results. He’s a steady workaholic, plus SBS loves him, so the media is wondering if he’ll be on the SBS line up towards the end of the year. Finally there is much attention on the returning from the army Song Joong Ki, confirmed to have received the offers for Kim Eun Sook‘s upcoming Descendants of the Sun as well as the fantasy movie Fist Fighting.

The K-media also has its spotlight trained on Lee Min Ho, riding on the success of his first movie Gangnam Blues, but hasn’t done a drama in over a year. He’s mentioned definitely doing another acting project this year but there hasn’t been any news on specific offers he’s received or considering. His good friend Jung Il Woo actually got decent ratings for the crappy fusion sageuk last year Records of a Night Watchman, if he comes back to drama land chances are high it’ll be another MBC drama.

And finally there’s media darling Yoo Seung Ho, who basically can’t do anything wrong right now after serving the military young and doing a humble whiz bang job at it. Bonus points for being a popular child actor grown up right who is also widely viewed as a great acting talent. He’s currently filming for the movie Joseon Magician but the media is wondering which drama will lure him back to the small screen this year. Which popular male actor are you guys looking forward to drop an acting project this year?


K-media Discusses Possible Drama and Movie Comebacks in 2015 for Popular K-actors — 111 Comments

  1. I am looking forward to everyone on this list except the most popular guy. Watching him be popular makes me feel like the world is very unfair. That talent is irrelevant to popularity. Him and the kardashians make me question my fellow human beings.

    • Everyone gets his chance of screen time so that is fair..

      A popular saying ”Love has no eyes or justice it just happens unexpected”

      Calling the guy who is capturing most hearts thru his work is talentless embarrasingly delulu.

      • @Linda20 I don’t want to enumerate his commercial here just google it of you want, but as a fan of LJS I want to be civilize. All he really wants is to be known to be a good actor because according to his recent interview in marie claire that beauty doesn’t last forever and he further admit that he’s not good looking. For being honest like he deserves my respect so I wouldn’t defend him whatsoever talk bad things about him, because he loves criticism more than positive feedback so that he can learn from it.

      • I was not even motivated to reply but Nugya and few other teens are giving false informations regarding Jongsuk which can create him a large haterbase. plus Insulting the beloved hallyu son at very chance they get and that can quickly backfire like here.

      • @Linda20
        can you prove that all I say about jongsuk are false informations?lololol

      • lol, girl. LMH’s fans remind me of SNSD’s fanclub Sones. Both sit too high on their horses. At the end after so many years of nonstop bragging about how unbelievably awesome their idols are karma bite them right into the most painful place. I feel the same one day will happen with LMH’s fans. Try to be less arrogant aholes, my dear LMH fans.

      • hmm… make me curious too.. is it KSH cuz he is the most popular in and outside korea. LMH not so popular in korea. may be Lee jong suk as he is very popular right now 🙂

      • Lee min ho is not popular in korea, lmao…soohyun and jongsuk way more more popular than him in korea…internationally, I can see jongsuk’s fanbase becomes bigger and bigger now…minho, soohyun and jongsuk definitely have the biggest fanbases now.

      • this Nugya character is very delusional.. Who is jongsuk cuz I don’t know who that is?

        KSH is big in Korea but definitely not bigger then LMH and as recorded LMH has the second largest fanbase in korea after Yoona..

        Nobody is more famous then LMH even if all the K-world celebrities combined. Dude has nearly 50mio followers and rising everyday. how the hell can you compare him with Newbies but KSH is big in Korea also outside of korea and thats a fact but not close to LMH thats also fact

      • @Linda20
        I’m also a fan of lee jong suk,but I’m not delusional. However, the fact that his fanbase becomes bigger and bigger is proven by many sources, you don’t know lee jong suk? are you new in k-drama land? where do you live then, lol…
        why do you bring yoona in here, lmao
        yes, lee min ho is very popular especially in international, but now, korean media always compare kim soo hyun and lee jong suk as rivals because they have great acting skills not because they have big fanbase. I’m more happy to see my fav actor is popular because of his acting skill rather than his pretty looking.

      • If you are A fan-girl? then you are promoting him in the wrong way and btw which media compares him with KSH?? cuz I can easily tell you that there is no media going that direction sadly and its ludicrous claim

      • @Linda20
        yes, I’m so delusional…there is no difference between me and you then

      • Wow, the argument about who can book more cfs. Is making cfs a priority really something to brag about? It just proves that some actors care more about the money than the craft. Lee Jongsuk chooses to work as an actor nonstop leaving less time for endorsements. While some actors take super long breaks so they can make cf money… I personally find this so much more shameful.

      • “Lee Jongsuk chooses to work as an actor nonstop leaving less time for endorsements. While some actors take super long breaks so they can make cf money… I personally find this so much more shameful.”

        Your cmt makes me lmfao. Ljs had to act nonstop simply because he failed with previous project, so he had nothing to do coz who the hell would offer him more CFs if he failed that hard? Had nothing much to do, so no choice but received new project to do just to fill the time gap or to try to get back the fame desperately. Neither enough talent like KSH nor better look like LMH to make himself big. His new gained popularity was mainly thanks to cooperate with female costars who were more popular: PSH, and even Susy. That is what you should call SHAME.

        One more thing: your LJS and his delulu fans would want to achieve the position where he can get that “super long breaks to make cf money”. Calling it shameful ? Too much hypocrisy.

      • @Tamarine– That’s laughable. Jongsuk was at the height of his career after I Hear Your Voice and was highly sought after for cfs (look at the data for most wanted celebrities lists for cfs of that year) but you know what he did? He kept booking acting jobs one after another. Actors who shoot to fame tend to disappear for cf money but Jongsuk personally said that he doesn’t want to be one of those ‘rare’ stars who only show their faces once in a while and instead be an actor who continues working hard. If he’s so unpopular then why would the industry keep giving him lead roles? And if he’s so unpopular then why is his rate for endorsements $500k (this was after documented doctor stranger so maybe it’s higher now due to pinocchio) for a one year endorsement deal? I can back my thoughts up with data, you’re just spewing bull.

      • @ghost:
        I am fed of with LJS silly fans like you. We were talking about your “definition” of “shame” , not your bias CF value or whether he is unpopular or not. He said he doesnt want to be one of those ‘rare’ stars who only show their faces once in a while ? As if he could be one of those rare stars ! As if two flops in a row were something honorable.

        He should be grateful for being given projects to do thanks to some fame he has got so far, rather than to his true talent. Yes, how I wish to be a bull just to screw his fans deluluness deep down in the mud. Why didn’t add grimae award and selling price of Pinochio to china as well as evidence of his power ? Even his buddy KWB has got more recognitions than him.

      • @Tamarine– Sweety, with $500k+ for each endorsement deal, basically he brings in millions with just a few endorsements each year, Jongsuk can make easy money like your oppa too on his freetime. He can definitely be one of those ‘rare’ stars if he wanted to, he can kick back and just spend that endorsement money. The difference is he’ll keep on working hard as an actor because that’s his profession and his passion. He calls his endorsement deals “side jobs” and he’s already reading new scripts and looking for his next acting job. It’s great being his fan because we always know we’ll see him act again soon because he’s an actor first and foremost 😉

        If you haven’t noticed, all drama ratings have been lower in 2014 than 2013, all of Jongsuk’s 2014 drama were considered successful hits on that spectrum and they sold at record price to China. Really, he doesn’t get recognition for his acting? Is that why he won 2014’s Grimae Award as the youngest male actor to ever recieve it? Grimae Awards are voted by the industry’s directors and not a popularity contest, it’s considered a huge honor among actors.

        On the contrary of trying to “get back to fame desperately”, he says he knows that him constantly working will eventually lower his prestige/level as a “star” but he doesn’t care. He just wants to act and that’s why I have respect for him. A lot of these “stars” are afraid to take chances with their role choices because they’re afraid certain projects will fail and hurt their profit, but Jongsuk doesn’t want to weigh what he decides to do on that because he’s an actor. Actor actor actor. Actor.

        But alright then, you can enjoy watching your popular guy’s cfs while I’ll enjoy “unpopular” Jongsuk’s dramas/films. I’m happy with that.

    • Not sure who you mean, but I really wanna see Ji Chan wook. Really miss him a lot. The competition is so stiff, that I hope he can find a decent project at least. He should really consider a cable drama.

    • I know you mean lee min ho right? he is just like super junior in kpop, the most known internationally, but not so popular in korea.
      kim soo hyun and lee jong suk are more popular than him in korea, and they are popular because of their acting skills not their faces.

      • Thats a fat lie especially Jongsuk is not marketable at all both in and outside of korea thats why he lacks CFs where as PSH have been landing CFs right and left since Pinocchio.

        Jongsuk famous in Korea is like saying cats can fly or even puting his name besides KSH in that context. he has max landed 2 cfs post Pinocchio and that must be worrying to his agency.

      • Is no secret that Jongsuk failed to land CFs and PSH took them all home.. He is not marketable and the K-media thing is ludicrous claim. I can tell you here and now its not true.

      • Lololol to your comment, he was crown as the top cf models along with suzy in 2013, in 2014 despite of his petty, ridiculous airport scandal and boring plot of doctor stranger, he still got dealing with many cfs and rising his popularity in china, and after pinocchio ended he got lot of love calls for cfs and dramas in korea and china…get your fact straight my dear

      • As I said, I used to be a fan of minho. Don’t make me hate minho because of you, lmao

      • Then name me more then 2-3 CFs he has landed post-pinocchio? I don’t care whether you like or not LMH just stating a fact here.

        But you are promoting you bias very wrong here with baseless facts as well.

      • If Pretty face can grant the LMH type of success then it would have given the same amount of success to guys like Won bin, Hyun bin, Jo in Sung, SSH etc etc.

        LMH is not even that handsome as some suggest but he makes up for in just being charming and craft with his playful antics which girls love and thats why his loved universal and not just pretty face.

        His talented and makes his characters believable and likeable.

      • @Linda20 is so delusional I cant even… she said she did not know about LJS when in fact she knows him well. I feel pity for LMH for having this delulu as his fan. LMH cant act only has pretty face to save his ass. Thats why he is not popular in Korea.

      • @sweetdream

        Lmao yes, she is eating her own words finally, lmao
        she argues with me and winda continously and confidently because the topic is popularity while she even doesn’t replay you when you say lee min ho can’t act, lololol

      • How can I reply when I made 2 replies both keep getting above.. I think sweetdream is on different timeline but the 1 post above her post is the reply to her..

        LJS is newbie and KBW is LMH’s Sidekick supporting role guy.

        LJS has only 3mio followers and about 6-7Cfs While LMH has 50mio followers and 30CFs deals. has about many megahits where LJS dosen’t.

        So how can you compare these 2? its unrealistic but KSH even thou i don’t like him his well etblished

      • I guess the conva basically ended there and nothing left to be said. well take care now! I’m out.

      • LJS fans also start to think too much of themselves. Looks kinda pitty when two actors fans act like two immature kindergarden kids.

      • I find it hilariously as well how Ljs fans are far from reality.

        I agree with the comments above Jongsuk is newbie all in all nothing else to it. KWB is actully far bigger then Ljs in Korea and internationally. ljs is going throw CF hunger compared to guys like KWB who has not even landed one drama lead role and has more local and international fans then ljs. Jongsuk is a low achiever and as many said above me after pinocchio ended the CFs came running to PSH and if he couldn’t land after pinocchio thanks to PSH help then I fear for his future.

        Guys like Ji Chang wook who recently appeared in healer has gained more fans then him both locally and internationally. plus his more marketable then LJS.

        There is so many guys ahead of Ljs right now let alone him being compared with LMH or KSH.

      • @melissalionel
        no, honey…please don’t compare KWB and LJS, I love both of them. but I’m sorry to say this LJS are more popular and he has bigger fanbase than KWB. I know this becuase I’m a fan of bot of them.
        and don’t bring JCW here, I have soft spot for him. but saying JCW > LJS is just big no.

      • @Winda

        I’m going to expose you now?

        You said LJS is more popular then KWB? can you provide proof that he is bigger then him or has more fans then him.

        As far as fans go on Social media KWB has more fans then LJS and as far as CFs go its not even competition since KBW is far ahead and has more CFs then LJS who is on the dry end.

        Now back to Ji Chang wook, and this is no secret that JCW is more popular amongst teen girls and possible desired as the more suitable boyfriend then LJS. but nothing record as how famous JCW is now and we can’t measure him but it seems like the shippers and soompi girls are more into JCW right then anybody else.

        I always forgot to add that KBW is so much more popular then LJS in Korea or outside.

      • Are you guys are haters of Jong suk? MinHo, woobin and now even jcw comparing and trying to knock down Jong Suk. Only Minho and soo hyun the ones who can be more famous than him. JCW ??? I don’t know who he is really? Healer was hit so popular??
        i can’t stop laughing. Stop your ridiculous comments and keep in your mind. Woobin? ?? Is he done a male lead in drama?DWere His movies Box Office hit? He is done nothing. Pinocchio is very popular still now. In Asian countries it was recorded as the most expensive drama ever to sell overseas. Delusional and immature comments.

      • LJS’s competition right now is KWB and, Song jong ki(kes drama could hit high), and Ji chang wook. KWB has actully landed big budget drama and will hold on to his successful lead over LJS in both the fans world and CF commercial world to keep his salary rise.

  2. I am so looking forward to seeing Yoo Seung Ho back in small screen again. He needs to pick the right project and he can stay high as a top star since he has so much love fr Knetz. I want to see Lee Minho coming bck to drama land this year since he has been doing fan meets these past yr. WIsh to see SongJongKi too, many great actors have possible comebcks so hope 2nd half of 2015 have many more good and addicting dramas.
    Havent really found my next favorite drama after My Love Fr The Stars ended. Actually Healer is really good this yr. Aside fr that, none of the drama is popular overseas.
    Kim Soohyun must be so pressured to pick his next project with his success on movies and dramas since Dream High, Moon that embraces the sun and MLFTS. His movies are box office hits too.
    As for WonBin, i am fine with not doing any projects. K-media and netz want to see his gorgeous face again but wht can u do, when he doesn’t seem to act. I mean why bother when u can still film CFs even without any new projects.

  3. I don’t get the fascination with Won Bin. He’s not that good looking and his acting is so so. I have only watched him in Man from Nowhere and the little girl costar was the most memorable. I consider him a model. Obviously, he doesn’t watch to improve his craft because he is not a real actor.

    • I have seen WB in only one drama too: Autumn Thingie but I’ve seen all his movies – my fav being Guns N Talks when he was just a wee man.

      Maybe he really dislikes acting, and just doesn’t need the money because of his CV and modeling work.

      • Won Bin is raking in the big bucks with his CFs. Taking on a project that tanks will hurt him, since he has been placed on such a high pedestal. Sadly, for him that is the con of becoming the “god” bin phenomenon he has become.

        I’m glad to see Yoochun’s efforts paying off, as he has shed his idol image, to be included among the young and reigning actors in SK. Good for him. His indie movie went a long way in solidifying his acting chops.

        KSH and LMH remain popular, due to their increasing hallyu presence, particularly in China.

        Joong Ki had an uneventful enlistment, good for him. It wasn’t as carefully orchestrated as Hyun Bin’s, but then again HB squandered his military boost, with an under-performing movie and a stinker of a drama.

        Like it or love it, these are the trending actors in SK, add JIS and fast rising Ji Chang Wook (post healer).

      • yeah is he an actor or cf star turn factor? I am her fan since his drama with songhyegyo. I forget him as actor. while drama busy with lead stars who were born later than 1986. For movie i am rooting ha jung woo and KANG dongwon

  4. Both SJK and YSH have to do at least one more drama before they disappear into the film landscape. Just one post MS to remind us how lovely they are.
    I don’t even need to see abs for either of them. To me, they are more actors than abtors – you know, like THT.

  5. Maybe Korean media should give more attention to great young actresses in the industry instead of bunch of mediocre pretty boys that never bring anything new to the table. Save Song Joong Ki who i can`t wait to see back on screen, very talented and versatile.

    • Preach. Also, it seems odd to me that the focus is on this crowd instead of big name veterans… has the drama landscape truly become so dire?

  6. I’m hoping Hyun Bin does another drama this year to rid our memories of the trainwreck that is HJM. He deserves better than that. Sadly, I have a feeling he’ll steer clear of dramas for a while until the right one comes up.

    • NOOOO!!! that would be too sad if he decides not to do dramas for some time. he DOES deserve better. and with such a poor script in HJM, he is doing one heck of a job trying to make the best of it. if it wasn’t for him, i seriously would have dropped the drama. if not this year, hope he can do a drama next year… and seriously pick the RIGHT project!!!

  7. After seeing all big names still failed horribly in dramas, I just hope my fav actors like Jong ki got a drama with a good writer. Good actor are nothing without a good written drama unfortunately.

  8. I’m waiting for Song Joong Ki, and Kim Woo Bin’s comeback… Lee Jong Seok probably could use a break now. I don’t think Won Bin will ever do a drama, he’s more into movies, it seems.

  9. Can’t wait for Kim Woo Bin & Kang Sora to say yes to Jejudo Gatsby.
    Waiting for Woo Bin to be back on dramaland & finally a leading role.

  10. I don’t need their comeback. I need Moon Chae Won, Jung So Min, and Choi Ji Woo back to dramaland… Please….

  11. I used to be a fan of minho since bof days but after seeing jongsuk and woobin’s acting skills, I totally forgot all about minho, lmao. Sorry minho, I still love you though. I need jongsuk and woobin seriously,,they are the best model-actor in their generation…waiting confirmation of jejudo gatsby…

  12. I also think lee jong suk will be forever in sbs, lol…sbs loves him so much….waiting from list above which actor who can break 20% for rating.

    • If anything we should be hoping they break the 15% because pretty much all dramas this year have averaged 11% or lower, not including the weekend or daily dramas.

      • After the heirs and My love from the stars with 29% and 28% particularly for rating, 2014 was not high rating in drama land. Pinocchio is the only drama that got over 15%.

      • @Bella, Pinocchio has lower rating than You’re All Surrounded. P only breaks 15% rating in Seoul, while YAAS breaks 16%. Just for the number of prime-time dramas after MLFTS, YAAS has the highest average rating

  13. I will watch if when it confirms
    really exited for leading man kim woo bin, yoo seung ho and song jong ki
    it just I wanna see them in wide range of emotion, I knew they are good but I think they need a role to be memorable as something they lead and would remember of if they are is that talented, they looks so promising

    for the producer, I like the story and the cast, will checked it for sure

  14. As a commenter said above, I’d like to see an article focusing on promising young actresses as well, since the dramaland seems to have forgotten they exist seeing how they stubbornly cast untalented idols in everything. And then they still have the nerve to be surprised when the drama flops. You want praise? Why don’t you do something that deserves it? Like, I don’t know, casting talent instead of popularity?
    As for these actors, I’ll take them one by one:
    LMH – his acting is the same in everything, pretty stiff and not very remarkable.
    KSH – he’s very good at emotional scenes, like crying, but very bland at everything else.
    LJS – he was very bad in the beginning (Secret Garden), but has improved a lot since then. I was very surprised Kim Sang Joong didn’t completely overshadow him in DS. Hard work does pay off.
    SJK – I’ve never seen him in anything, so no comment.
    WB – same as above.
    JIW – very good actor. Loved him in everything I’ve seen him in.
    YSH & KWB – they seem to act the same in everything, but since they’re still quite young they have plenty of time to improve.

    • lololol.. i laughed so hard at this comment. ‘JIW-very good actor. i like him in everything’and other actors all bad = delusion fangirl comment ..lololol.. he is actually the most mediocre actor. even lmh is better than him..

      • You’re attacking me for expressing an opinion you don’t agree with and yet I’m the delusional fangirl? Honey, please tell your parents to educate you before letting you use the internet. I’m assuming you’re a child because I don’t want to believe there are adults in this world who behave in such an immature and ridiculous way. You need 2 things in your life, besides maturity obviously, and those are basic reading comprehension (the only answer I can get after seeing how you misinterpreted that I only enjoy watching the projects of one actor from that list is that you lack the ability to read properly) and enough brain cells to understand that your opinion is not a generally accepted truth and you should consider listening to what others have to say as well instead of opening your mouth (in this case typing idiocracies) to embarrass yourself. Unfortunately you need the latter to achieve the first one , so I don’t think there’s hope for you.

      • @jane i’m not a child. i’m a grown up married woman with profesional career as engineer.

      • I laughed so hard at her cmt as well. Full of bias and lack of knowledge but sounded just like a genuine critic.

      • @xilem, tamarine

        this is why i c@nnot stand JIW fans…delulus
        he good actor, but not gre@t…not one of the best.

      • Oh how I wish a day would come when people can express their opinions without someone calling them “delusional” or “Childish” just because they don’t agree with a concern comment. I get JIL is not this grand actor but if Jane feels he is then that’s her opinion. If you disagree then just say “I disagree” and state why. Why attack her like that? Wow!

    • I like your evaluation, fair and square. If you give SJK a chance, I think you can give him an approval for his acting. As for me, out of all those youngsters, I give LJS highest mark. At first, I was so annoyed at his look. But drama after drama, he wins me over by his acting, and I can finally forget his nose lol

      • @Tamarine lol. and the way she replied with very long essay.. just show she/he is immature emotional fangirl

  15. i look forward to seeing Song Joong Ki…his acting in Nice Guy got me mesmerized and thirsty for more. I can’t wait till he acts again. I’m soooo excited!

  16. I wish to see all of them in the near future… Please include healer nd ji Chang wook in the list coz that drama was a good start for the year!!!!!

    • I don’t mind JCW. But how do you say healer is good start with only over 10% rating? PMY was criticized negatively with her portray of female lead. The drama was boring.

      • I agree with you Teresa. We all know that which drama got the highest quality, popularity and rating also after My love from the stars. It was also about reporters. It was the definitely good start of 2015. It was Pinocchio

      • i thought i was the only one that found the drama boring.i couldnt get pass ep 1.i actually find KMHM alot better.some people said the drama had no real storyline.

  17. I’m only waiting for Ji Chang Wook’s next.

    Besides good looks, the boy can act too…that’s a nice combo for me.

    I’m also sort of curious what LMH will choose next…acting chops or not, the guy has charisma on screen…and wether they are good or bad, his projects always draw the most attention.

    I guess him and/or his agency must have one of the best marketing team.
    His agency works with one of the top agencies in China who represent top Chinese actors.

    Whenever LMH has to appear on TV in China, they pair him with a top Chinese actor/actress from his agency and people go “wow”…

    It’s all about marketing people…

    LMH is the perfect example of a successful marketing project and he knows it, and he does everything to cultivate it and keep it that way.

  18. Cant wait for SJK and Won Bin the most. At least the rest has dramas and movies so wont be hard to see them around except YSH who just got out of army.

  19. im just waiting patiently for joong ki, soohyun and jongsuk for their comebacks ,, gosh !!! my apetite for watching kdrama has been paralyzed since pinocchio ended !! jebal!’ i want these three gorgeous men to take the small screen!!

  20. Woah seems theres hot discussion here and you guys talk about my bae Lee Min Ho LOL

    First, for @silverandgold you said “Try to be less arrogant aholes, my dear LMH fans.” lmao i find this phrase pretty funny. Seems you are his haters from your cheap words hahaha Its up to you if you hate him i cant force to like him too but but cant we be arrogant? I mean this is Lee Freaking Min Ho. He has 26M followers on weibo, 16M likes on FB, 2M followers on twitter. If we want to be arogant its passable bcos he is HUGE and arogant-able. BUT lemme know which part you said LMH fans arrogant? LOL every fandom will be arrogant when it comes to their bias, and i dont think we are arrogant enough compare to who said others arrogant ashole using those cheap words. Ha!

    I want to give my point about LMH. As you guys know i also agree on theres a lot of actor whos more handsome than LMH, more talented than LMH, act better than LMH, and more more everything about LMH. But why is he so loveable and so popular around the world? First, we love him thru Kdrama. He makes his drama at least watchable and fun. He may not the best but he has charm. Second, and if you look him closer, you’ll know another side of him. I can said now bcos i love him not just for his face but also love him more for his personality, attitude. I think this factor that make him loved by many and make them his loyal fans in a long time. You will never hear him talking about money in his interview, saying bad things about others, talking his wealth, expensive car, home, talking non sense and make a big issue which make him hated etc. He remains witty, funny, and he loves his fans. Tho he is huge, he still humble and respect his senior so much. From this point you can see his personality. Theres always a reason people being loved. and this is myb the reason LMH can be this huge. KSH, LJS and more may can be more popular that him but the one that look alike LMH with his charm, personality, just only him. So my suggestion is stop you guys try to compare one actor to another. They have their own charm, and stop talking my bae like ur actor is so perfek kkkk

    And i also miss my bae back to tv. I miss him in 20 eps freaking drama ahahhahaha

  21. And finish reading all the comments and seems you guys a fan of one actor and try to bring down other actor LOL Seems you guys unconfident about ur bae till you need bring down others? Just stop do that lads. They are all good. We just need to respect everyone.

  22. reading the fan’s war here make me very confused. Sooo, nowadays, more followers + more CFs = better acting = good actor???? geez, no wonder I’m so out of touch since I still use old fashion way to evaluate actors/actresses, meaning I see if they act well in the drama they’re in.

    • good actor -> capture viewers heart -> also attracts CF company.

      but theres also

      good actor -> capture viewers heart -> unattracts CF company


      good actor ->capture viewers heart -> attractiveness ->got a lot of fans ->more followers on sns

      good actor ->capture viewers heart ->got fans -> less followers

      i never saying my bae, leeminho, is good/better/best at acting. I said his drama is watchable, and he has selling point, and its capture CF companies.
      All actors koalas mention here are all good actors imo. Thats my two cents about CF and followers heeehhee

      • well said… If only people had your judgement and intelligence. questioning guys who are dearly loved for appearing on the screens talent equals low IQ.

  23. Lmao, lolling to these comments…
    Nowadays people are more proud her fav actor getting lot of cfs rather than getting praises and credit because of his acting skill…wowow I can’t…

  24. oh, I get it. So, the debate here is about which actor is the most popular, not aboit which actor has the best acting skill. Another thing discussing in here makes me curious. Seem like they said actor went around to cast himself in the number of drama he wanted to star in for a period of time. I always thought that it was up to the producers to cast/invite/court the actor they wanted to star in their drama. So, if no producers wanted to cast a certain actor, then no matter how popular he is, he has no project to star in and he’s still an actor-in-waiting

    • Of course producers/directors cast the stars, but you’re silly if you think big popular stars are just sitting around ‘actors-in-waiting’ because they’re not getting offers for roles. Popular stars get both cf offers and role offers, and it’s very telling which offers they focus on. For example, Lee Jongsuk tends to have around 10 scripts with him at all times and he reads through them to see if he wants to star in any. I’m positive big actors like Wonbim, Kim Soohyun, Lee Minho and etc get that same treatment when it comes to a wide pick of roles throughout each year too. Don’t be naive enough to think that the reason they’re not starring in a new acting job in a long time is because they’re not getting offers, it’s because they choose to make money another way.

      • I’d like to add that I actually like actors like Wonbin Kim Soohyun and Lee Minho. It’s just that I think it’s shameful when an actor pays more attention to cf money than acting jobs, it has to be a balance. That doesn’t mean I like them less or that they’re bad people, it’s just one thing I see negatively out of a ton of things I also think positively about them. You can be objective about these things.

      • only 10 scripts? i thought much more than that coming from all the newbie, wanabe producers who wish to win the lottery by getting popular stars in their first drama. I wonder how many in that 10 scripts coming from a famous producer? That’s what i meant by actors-in-waiting, they’d be waiting for a famous producer with good script to court them.

    • No, those scripts are what Lee Jongsuk gets from the big broadcasts and films, also China’s sending him scripts now too. The scripts only get passed from the producers/directors to the stars to review once the scripts have a station/distributor on lock, of course. Are you being obtuse on purpose lol.

      What you just said about ‘stars-in-waiting for famous producers’ is the problem with big stars, honestly. They only wait for famous producers because all they think about is ratings/profit/reputation, but not about an honest good script.

      • Because let’s be honest, if it was really about waiting for good scripts then why would Lee Minho sign onto The Heirs and Hyunbin sign onto HJM. They can sign onto big productions all they want, it doesn’t mean it’s quality.

  25. Wow reading the comments here is hilarious.. Why so heated and some are downright obnoxious. Guys lets just enjoy and be thankful that whoever your biases
    are coming back to the small screen , don’t want them if you don’t want to , nobody will force you . Why fight who’s the most popular, more good looking etc none of them named dicaprio he .. he..I think the bigger the celebrity is the less CF they should do or no CF at all coz you can command top billing and big bucks whatever’s project you do, too much exposure makes you look cheap. Do you see any Hollywood A lister do a lot of CF. It’s not because nobody ask them it’s because they are very picky and they want their names connected to just anything. So let’s be civil here , coz you’re behavior reflect what kind of fandom ur celebrity has . Let’s just K drama …shall we??

    • agree with you all but one tiny point, i think american actors don’t do much CF because they don’t appeal to the public as much as sportmen. Americans are crazy about sport and willing to spend big buck for that.

  26. lee min ho cant act? did u watch city hunter( the best kdrama with action scene?) or boys over flowers?( many people cried so much for this drama). i watched ljs drama and kim soohyun. but i can say minhos acting is sooooo great than they. ljs and kim soo hyun fans u ara jealous people. i cant compare ljs with lee minho. and i prefer internationallity popular instead for be popular only in korea and some asian countrise. and i know lee minho will choose a great drama.

    • i don’t understand why you want to include kim soo hyun in this ridiculous debate that mostly coming from lee jong suk and lee min ho fans? i don’t see any kim soo hyun fans commenting about comparing their oppa to lmh here.. i as ksh fans, as i knew majority ksh come didnt come to this site and less also in dramabean. they already have strong team which can translate all ksh articles and the news there more accurate n fast. or the jealousy for ksh is cannot be controlled untill all hateful thing must be related to ksh?

  27. LMH, KSH and LJS are the most popular. I guess. LMH is still as a one of biggest hallyu stars for a long time since 2009. KSH is also like LMH since 2011. LJS is now a hallyu star and Korea’s national favorite son. His success was rocketed. I don’t like to compare these stars. Because they are all different in experience, age, and charm. You guys are trying to knock LJS down. He’s the youngest in out of these three. He has long way to go. I think I am sure he will be a top star in one day. Some of you think he is not good in marketing. He needs a good agency that can promote him well like LMH agency that can cooperate with China top labels and keyeast entertainment of KSH.

    • In my opinion, In these three in acting ranking Jong suk is the first. Soo hyun is second. Minho is the last. In popularity, minho Is first and Jong suk is last. But no problem at all.

  28. pls dont insult to lee min ho. i watched gangnam 1970. what can i say about lee minhos acting. so great, so incredible. i know some people say he cant act bcs of drama heirs. but this isnt his fault. the script was bad. bcs i saw his ability acting in gangnam 1970. faith, city hunter and boys over flowers. he isnt famous bcs of his face. he is popular bcs of his acting in these dramas that i said. about ljs u say he is known only for his acting? he is so good looking too. if he was so ugly, people love him like now? no, his popularity isnt only for his acting, the face has important part in some ones popularity. and as hasti said i prefer internationality popularity instead to be popular only in korea or some other countries.

  29. I swear, I’ve been watching dramas since 2004 and I’m still waiting to really see Won Bin in something besides a movie. I fell in love with him after watching FRIENDS and wanted to see more, but I can’t watch Autumn in My Heart. Only other thing I’ve seen him in is Man from Nowhere. Ugh, come back Won Bin.

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