Park Min Young Focused on Her Acting and Counters Netizen Critique of Her Looks in Healer

I’m comfortably bipolar when it comes to Park Min Young. She is one of the few acting talents that I judge project to project and don’t carry too much previous opinion forward when it comes to whatever she’s lined up next. It’s pretty evenly split on her dramas I loved her in (Man of Honor, Healer, A New Leaf) and hated her in (Dr. Jin, City Hunter, Sungkyunkwan Scandal). She’s got a natural camera-friendly effervescence, but doesn’t have the deeper acting chops to deliver every time, which means delivering even when her character sucks, or the script is bad, or the directing is wonky. She reflects more the costars she has, good ones elevate her craft and bad ones expose her limitations.

With Healer wrapped up two weeks ago, Min Young has been doing the post-drama interview rounds which has unfortunately been dominated by recent netizen complaints about her looks in that drama. Bad acting is totally a legit complaint, even after a drama has wrapped, but there is none of that with respect to her performance as sunny with a side of grit Chae Young Shin. K-netz is harping about her looks, namely she looks older and isn’t styled very attractively in the drama. Now that’s just silly. She’s actually aging well IMO, and despite wishing she didn’t do that much work on her face early on in her career, what’s done is done and luckily it hasn’t impeded her ability to act. Her face emotes nicely and I thought her look in Healer was supremely adorable (other than Young Shin’s latter helmut half hairdo).

During the media interviews after the drama wrapped, Park Min Young directly discussed the audience commentary at her less than attractive looks in Healer by basically saying she doesn’t give a fuck on that complaint. In very diplomatic terms Min Young said all her attention is focused on acting and continuing her development on becoming a better actress. Good for her on having her priorities straight. With that said, please don’t don’t do anything else to your face sweetie~ M’kay?


Park Min Young Focused on Her Acting and Counters Netizen Critique of Her Looks in Healer — 68 Comments

  1. Well I find her beautifull and the Netizen are very Demanding. More than her hair or haw styled she was in Healer it was her losing weight for the caractere that affected her beauty.

  2. Yes…please don’t do anymore damages to your face. I know people age but it hasn’t been that long and she already look so different from “City Hunter.”

    • Yes, I think she is beautiful, downright luminous in Healer but then I would see a close-up of her perfectly chiseled nostril and I would get a Michael Jackson vibe – I hope she stops now.

  3. “Efferversent” is an apt description. I enjoyed her in SKKS and City Hunter … and (imo) her best by far – Healer.

    I think she comes across as colder and less bubbly in real life. If really so – the onscreen projection is already a huge effort.

    As for her looks – for whatever reason, she’s always reminded me of Eugene (forehead maybe).

    • Short hair makes her look older and serious
      Yeah the later part of series hairdo made her look tired
      The curly bob was better suited for her
      But what’s this netizen complaint about her hair so much
      Koala is right
      She was adorable, intelligent and mature in her chae young shin role – that’s what matters most

      • Everyone has different standards about beauty. She looks gorgeous to me with short hair either in the first half of Healer or the second half. I’m not her devoted fan. But honestly she looks way better with short hair than long hair. I don’t like her style in City Hunter. In general, working women with long hair looks unprofessional and incapable. That’s my bias.

  4. I don’t know whether my beauty standard too low for K-net or theirs are too high. I find her very adorable and beautiful in Healer. Even though she had some work done but she looked really natural on screen.

  5. Lol, I’m waiting to see if this article can reach 190+ comments like the Blood does. One is about look and the other about acting.

  6. Its official Koala have no taste whatsoever.. this is shocking! you said she looked good? Watching healer i could connect with Ji chang wook cuz he did perfect and looked believable but on the other hand I found it hard as Man to believe there romance since PMY looked waaaaay to bad in this drama.

    She lost to much unnecessary weight and her hair cut looked really bad BUT Aside from that her acting was good but the looks alone is tough to come thru the drama for men espiecally cuz the man the guy is romanzing have to be believable to our intelligence but sadly PMY character was far from that.

      • @Joey100, Linda20 She’s a reporter who is continuously on the run chasing people/bad guys and her looks fits her profession. Do you expect her to wear designer clothes, dresses, high heels, long locks, make up????? She ain’t have time for that, girl!!

    • Guess people have different tastes, but PMY did look good in Healer. I do not always agree with Miss Koala but I do agree on this one with her. Plus if you watched the drama you will realise that Seo Jung Hoo fell fr her unique character and not her ‘beauty’ even though PMY as Chae Yong Shin looked perfectly fine.

      • I like Koalasplayground since there is free of speech but sadly this blog is losing credibility. coming in here and telling us PMYs character in healer looked good with straight face is beyond questionable.

        but hey whatever rocks fandoms boats I guess. I Am done with this blog! thanks with the hilarious articles in the past and I truely enjoyed it.

    • I find it funny that people think she looked bad in this drama when she was wearing realistic clothes for her age and her job. I cannot say how many times I have bemoaned the fact that people are shown on television, internationally, wearing clothes that no one who actually works like they do would reasonably wear. Her dad owned a coffee shop, and she worked as a reporter for (sorta) sketchy news service. She was going to be wearing jeans and sneakers. And it is winter, she is going to be wearing jeans, sneakers, sweaters, and hats. Is she supposed to be hiding out and/or sneaking around on people in heals and and short skirts? I thought the clothes fit her realistic character, and her down to earth no nonsense is exactly the kind of character that Healer would fall for in his lonely world, which needed comfort and community.

      • Thats what i am saying. She had a very natural vibe on healer. And people call that ugly. Hahaha then all natural working women are ugly if we follow that thought. That is just fatshit crazy!

        She is not beautiful at SHK or KYH level but she is not ugly. She was pretty and cute.
        But she did change in looks in terms from her gorgeous aristocratic vibe from proncess ja myung go but maybe it is mostly the vibe and yup some work done.
        i certainlu get 5hat one can change the vibe depending on acting with no change in the face much like go ara but people harping on her change of looks to being ugly is just not right.

        But i agrwe with koala she should stop doing something with her face like LDH

      • @Know-It-All Joey

        You and your conspiracy blog theory is getting really boring now.As much as you might find it hard to believe, yes, even we have the ability to recognize posts which are made for clicks and which for sharing views.So I assure you even without your annoying forceful ‘coaching’ in almost every single post of your declared ‘unreliable’ blog, we can decide on our own when to ignore and when to interfere.
        and how many times have it been..1001 times that you declared that you were done with this blog?! Unbelievable!

    • and here comes the one as always! I’ve always tried to ignore your bullshit ‘I’m the wisest’ pathetic attention seeking comments but you win this time! so let me ask you and give you the attention you are craving for, who are YOU to say if one’s taste is right or not? Even if you disagree with what one likes, who gave YOU the right to claim s/he’s wrong and you are right? What makes YOU so superior?

    • Every MAN is different. My dad hates girls with long hair and told me not to have long hair since I was young. He thinks women with long hair looks sloppy and weak. My hubby praised my short hairdo more than my long hair. I don’t pay high regard for women with longer hair with length reaching beyond shoulder at workplace. These women look extremely unprofessional. On top of that, PMY looks gorgeous in Healer. Her costar leading man JCW also praised her for her beauty on screen. So imo, Ockoala has a taste way better than you.

      • Good grief you seriously made my blood boil, and thank god i managed not to write anything before calming down.
        I’m assuming your dad is quite old so I can forgive his misogyny, but as a woman you should be ashamed and I honestly can’t believe a woman has uttered something of the sort. Why do they look unprofessional? Because long hair is traditionally feminine? ‘Cause that’s the root of your dad’s problem with hair. Because oh my women are weak and sloppy, and long hair makes them look so…womanly.

        What the f**k does one’s hair have to do with professionalism? Oh right, men are professional, women are less competent and less professional than men, so the less traditionally feminine they look the more professional they look. You might not be aware of it on a conscious level, but that’s exactly what you think.

        Most of my life (until a few years ago) I had really, really short hair. I got a lot of crap for it, and some random people on the street took it as their right to warn me that everyone will abandon me and that I will be left alone and everyone will avoid me yada yada. Cause you know, I was a chick with short hair. So at one point I got so fed up I decided to grow it long, just to make some people eat their words. I ended up liking it, and now my hair reaches my waist (it’s never shorter than bra level cause I end up eating it with my food).

        And now you’re f***ing telling me that regardless of my level of competence (and I’m more hardworking and perfectionistic than most people), I don’t deserve respect because my hair reaches my waist? You as a woman to another woman? It’s just too sad. Look up internalized misogyny. You’re a capital offender.

        Really, now I’m not even pissed anymore, I’m just sad. I think I lost the last traces of faith in humankind I had.

        And all of you who think that PMY looked bad (as opposed to like a normal girl) and that it was a bad thing for this drama, you’re beyond hope.

      • WTH….

        You are aware that you sound incredibly jealous and misogynistic, right?

      • I cannot believe I am hearing this from a woman. You judge professionalism on your fellow co-workers based on the length of their hair instead of their work contributions. You should feel ashamed of yourself.

    • If guy only falls for girl because of look, then i feel pity for men cos they’re too shallow, and i feel pity for average girls like myself everywhere cos we have to depend on look to get the man. I believe Healer falls for the girl not because of her look but because of her personality. At his first meeting, Healer didn’t even care about the girl, not the omg-shes-so-pretty-i-need-to-check-her-out. So, whatever look PMY has in Healer is consistent with the character she supposed to play, and of course par with decent acting, she’s done her job as an actress.

  7. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I dropped the show cause it didn’t grab me sadly but I LOVED her look there which was realistic, not that baby doll look she had in City Hunter (for a bodyguard at the Blue House? Ridiculous). I thought her acting had improved too.

  8. I blame the hair… Short hair does not suit her & the fact that her hair has so much volume in it makes it worse.. IMO hair does play a big factor in someone’s looks…

    But acting is really important so I rather have good acting than pretty looks! I love that she doesn’t give a dang on what people say!

    • She looks adorable to me in Healer, specifically with that short hair with much volume, just gorgeous. I hate her style in City Hunter. In my opinion, long hair doesn’t suit her complexion. Obviously everyone has different definitions of beauty.

  9. Her look was perfect for her character in Healer. PMY looks like a star when it’s appropriate, but it would’ve been a hard sell for a girl like Young Shin who lost both her mothers young and was raised by a group of rough-and-tough guys plus her awesome dad. I thought they did a good job of showing her ineptitude with makeup when she was getting ready for her first “date” with Healer, so it was justified in-show. People complain about how unrealistic the looks on TV are and then complain when stars don’t look red-carpet ready even though they’re playing not-very-successful characters.

  10. That criticism is unfair. She looked adorable in Healer. I’d say, even richer than suggested by her character: just think of those nice infinity scarves and … infinite coats!

  11. I think she looked fine and ok in healer. Having said that, its not fair for her to say that she doesn’t care much about appearance than acting,when she actually did plastic surgery to beautify her face.

    • Though in this case I don’t think it’s as “unfair” because she got her PS mostly in her early career days and her attitude towards acting has changed lately (consistently about honing her craft than looking her best).

  12. This pisses me off. They sit there praising the male lead (who is very attractive but also looks plastic sorry) but bash her because of her looks which was part of her immersion in the role? I’m not even a healer-stan and even I loved her in this role and I didn’t care for her before. I thought she looked beautiful too! It just felt like she finally immersed herself in a role and she seemed like she had a great time with it. It must be annoying to come off a high to meet petty ass criticism like this.

    Ah well, I hope she knows she did a great job and will always look back on the show and her performance with pride. That’s what’s most important.

    • Unlike her, he’s thought not to be plastic because his childhood photos/highschool photos look similar. But it don’t matter to me.

      • i’m not gonna be mean. even i like ji chang wook look, but it is very noticable he has plastic surgery.. his face is pretty but the nose job look so plastic. the childhood photos also could not help, he looks different in his early debut

  13. I somehow don’t like her or watch anything she does but she is NOT styled wrong at all. I think she looks pretty.. I don’t get those “older” comments from netizens. I have seen true disaster from style department before and this is no where close. I love her answer and props to her.

  14. I like her but its a bit ironic? She doesn’t care about appearance yet she fix her face after each of her dramas
    She looked fine last time but this time her nose started bugging me because…. she is pushing is a little too far

    I have no problem with PS. I like Park Si Yeon too, but I hope they can stop and start really believe in themselves

  15. In my opinion, she looks best in Healer among all her dramas. Perhaps I’m not the one so much for women with long silky hair. For example, the popular Jung Ji Hyun in My Love from other Stars. People praised her beauty. But I think her long-hair-all-the-time looks so dull and tiring. Idol group Miss A Suzy is another tiring case with long hair in each show. They look so boring in appearance.

  16. If I were her, I would have told them eff off impolitely.
    But then, she is smarter than I and understands the audience pays the bills.

    They will forget soon enough about this complaint, and move on to the next actor to criticize. Really it gets repetitive.

  17. If you saw a white and gold dress when you saw that internet sensation dress you probably think park min young looked bad.

    If you saw a black and blue dress you most likely think she looked good.

    Yeah for blue and black dress people.:-)

      • ร beg to differ.I’m one of those who saw white and gold but I still thought that she looked good.I actually don’t get all this fuss about her looks.It was perfect for her character.

  18. If she cares only about improving her acting than her appearance,then whats the need for all those ps?. Her face has been changing. Honestly wish she should have had this kind of mentality before and avoided doing that much work on her face. That being said, I think its got to do with the hair probably. It was better when her fore-head was seen for me anyway.

    • Minyoung did some PS on her face before she started her acting gig, which pretty much a handful of people in the K-ent do. I was never bothered how she looks because whoever did the PS , Park Minyoung didnt look like a bloody Which is quite good in my book. People tend to be so judgemental when someone goes under the knife, we forget that a lot of them do it to UP self esteem.

  19. Can I ask something is not related to this subject? @ockoala
    one of the site’s header shows a picture of a man with a little boy riding a bicycle, is this picture taken from a drama/movie? If so, can someone kindly tell me what the name of it? Thank you.

  20. She looks good haters are always jealous get a life 2 and stop being hateful pls post ur own pictures let’s see how lovely u look

  21. Why are people always finding a reason to complain? I’ve seen three of her dramas and Healer was the only one where I actually loved her performance. I thought she looked adorable.

  22. I find her so adorable and pretty in Healer. But to some certain angles, her nose looks really like Lee Jong Suk’s. I bet they went to the same PS.

    I remember back then after the dating news of PMY and LMH broke out, people bashed her so much and kept bringing up her PS. It’s irony how LMH also had a nose job and face lift but no one talked about it. The double standard…smh

    • Oh god, LMH’s nose job bums me out. His old nose looked manly and fit his face well, his new face is a bit pudding like and makes him look older than he is. It could be worse but I just wish he never got it in the first place. Ah well as long as he likes it.

  23. PMY was styled appropriately for the role. No, she didn’t look as “pretty” but that was the point. I also truly haven’t liked her in anything but Healer, and I’ve seen it all from the beginning where she honestly had promise (High Kick, I Am Sam, Ja Myung Go) to this current drama. Though I do like PMY as herself. This drama was her best work to date and it shows that she’s taking acting seriously and doing the work to immerse herself in her roles! When I turned it on, I was shocked at how much she improved, certain it was just a fluke, then I read how she’s taken the pains to reevaluate and reexamine her craft and was delighted to know this change was purposeful in her part. So kudos to her! Look forward to see how she continues to improve.

  24. People are so OTT about her.

    I guess itยดs still the LMH-thing.

    I think her face looks pretty much like it did in Unstoppable High Kick just…older. I guess she aged, I heard some people do that.

    • It’s unfortune that PMY was with LMH and got caught. LMH cares about his fans and his fame. If he had stood up for PMY, she wouldn’t have got bashed so badly. Feel sorry for PMY…
      I think that’s why she said in a recent interview that she is looking for the one that will stand by her in any situation and support her.

  25. I’m (naively) shocked that she’s received so much criticism for her looks in Healer. I thought she looked super adorable, and that her styling was absolutely appropriate for her character. And personally, I found it very refreshing that she didn’t look like a K-Barbie.

    I’ve always had mixed feelings about PMY because I thought she had some very good qualities, but also a very limited acting range– however I think all the hard work she did preparing for Healer really paid off and that her performance was way better than anything she’s done previously. She said that this is the first time she’s really immersed herself in a role– I think working with Kim Myung Min rubbed off on her.

  26. I tried to see Healer after all the praises I read but because of PMY I made it up to 2 ep.Never liked her .She looked much cuter though in Healer drama.Her worst was in City hunter.

  27. I realized I also can’t really say whether I like her or not as an actress. I like her depending on the project. I personally loved her character AND look in Healer. I wasn’t so crazy about her in City Hunter and Dr. Jin. I liked her in Man of Honor and SKKS. I think her nose bothers me (same with JCW’s) but I adored them together.

    As for her looks, she looks great! I truly think she looked great in Healer. I love that she wore reporter appropriate attire. Also, she sounds like she is comfortable with who she is and wants to improve her acting.

  28. Poor girl…she really never gets a break.
    She had to hide for 2 years after the horrible way Lee MinHo fans treated her for dating him.

    And She did not get any support from him at all.

    And now she comes back after her hiatus and they(Mostly Minho’s fans again …I bet) and now they criticize her looks.

    I thought she looked fantastic and fresh in Healer…The girl is 30 for crying out loud!

    What’s wrong with these people with perfection?

    South Korea is really disappointing with their high level standard of beauty.
    It’s the #1 country in the world for Plastic surgery. Remember when they were ridiculed last year with the image of the beauty pageants all looking the same after PS?

    I mean…how realistic is it to have a whole country where even people in their 60’s looked unwrinkled with over stretched faces?

  29. PMY is great in Healer and no matter what hair or personal appearance she portrayed she is indeed an EXCELLENT actress. More of great projects for her. Praying for her success.

  30. She did a PS so she can join the industry. She wasn’t look pretty at all in the beginning, but who cares?. If she gets the confidence from PS and improve on the acting, that is what it counts.

  31. Whatever these hullabaloos comments up there, I still believe Park Min Young is the Asian counterpart of Winona Ryder, really pretty petite actress! And yah, she’s definitely more beautiful than Park Shin Hye!

    • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think PSH is much more beautiful without the plastic surgery. Once a person goes under the knife their face has to be ‘fixed’ every few years because we age and our face naturally sags. Look at all those American old actresses. They do end up like Michael Jackson. Scary.

  32. haterz will always av something to say buh she shld not mind….. she remains my best actress both internationally, locally and errywhere……LOVE YA, min young ssii, kip it up

  33. PMY acting in healer was good. 100% sure those hating on her are those jealous fangirl, that hate her for dating their oppa LMH. still cant belive she even date him when he were no were to be found when all his crazy fangirl bash her. the least he could do for her was to tell his crazy fangirl to stop writing hateful coment about her.

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