SBS Lines Up Ha Ji Won as Leading Lady of the K-remake of In Time With You

I see what SBS is doing here, releasing the casting news this early just to distract everyone from the disaster that is Hyde, Jekyll, Me. Even worse is doing so via Hyun Bin‘s equally famous and beloved Secret Garden costar Ha Ji Won, almost like rubbing salt on my already open wound. The K-version of the hit Taiwan drama In Time With You has landed a network and a leading lady at the same time. Of course there are reports that this casting isn’t finalized yet, while other reports state that it’s confirmed, either way SBS has guaranteed conversation will not be on sucky Hyde and instead will be looking forward to Ha Ji Won as the leading lady of the Korean ITWY.

The drama will is tentatively called The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days, which explains in a nutshell why Ha Ji Won has been cast as the leading lady, a character who was 30 years old in the TW-version but will now be in her mid-to-late 30’s. So in this version the poor sap that is male lead Li Da Ren has loved his supremely self-absorbed girl best friend Chen You Qing for two decades instead of just twelve years like in the original? Poor poor sap, I would feel sorry for him more except he totally takes whatever she dishes out and willingly goes back for more. With Ha Ji Won onboard (definitely or maybe), the hunt is on for the male lead who will be playing the same age as her since they met in high school. A few of the possible candidates below for your eyeball enjoyment.

So Ji Sub

Jang Hyuk

Ji Sung

Lee Jun Ki

Lee Seon Kyun


Go Soo

Lee Dong Wook

Joo Jin Mo

Joo Sang Wook

Song Seung Heon

Kang Ji Hwan

Gong Yoo

Jo In Sung


Watch as it turns out to be none of the above guys, LOL. I’ve already discounted Binnie since he is clearly not going to be doing another SBS drama soon (if any drama ever again). SBS says the drama is heading into pre-production soon with a script penned by the screenwriter of Full House. The time slot for the drama is currently discussed as a weekend series to follow after Divorce Lawyers in Love.


SBS Lines Up Ha Ji Won as Leading Lady of the K-remake of In Time With You — 228 Comments

    • No way will they dare to cast pretty boys much weaker actors and pair with Ha Ji Won. Those two are 10 years too young for her too. So Ji Sub,Jang Hyuk type macho, strong actors are needed plus the same age as HJW.

      It will be one of those guys Koala had pictures of or someone of their age,experience level. Actors born 1980 to 1975. 34-40 year olds and not younger generation of 1987s, 1989s.

      • Agree, agree. She had wasted so much time on her recent drama the plot of which was so ridiculous. Hope its short and sweet this time round. Her match with either Go Soo or Soh Ji Sub or Jang Hyuk will be fantastic.

      • @Mohammed
        Did you forget her last two dramas, Lee Seung Gi and Ji Chang Wook, both of whom are only decent actors and they did good enough opposite her, don’t get me wrong she’s one of my favourite actresses, but i think both Lee Jong Suk and Lee Min Ho are capable of acting opposite her.

        @dal Lee Jong Suk is and looks too young, but Lee Min Ho could possibly look older enough

        What about her Yoon Sang Hyun, then it would still me a secret garden reunion

      • Sure why those younger actors who are not more popular than movie, drama stars older than her. Lee Min Hoo is big China but i dont think he is bigger rating than So Ji Sub and co in korea. Lee Jong Suk is also very new popular leading man. He is not proven rating king on his own.

        SBS have had many hits with So Ji Sub type level stars. CF star in China doesnt say anything about rating, in SK popularity. Those two guys are not even film stars….

      • @Mohammed let’s see, ratings is a yes but whoever can sell it and earn from it is a must.

      • @dal you are really hilarious.
        I remember you now, as you saying LJS acts ONLY for the craft and not for the money like HB.
        Keep deluding yourself and dreaming.

        This synopsis,this drama isn’t a noona romance. It needs nuanced, GOOD actors especially against a co-star such as HJW.

    • How????????
      Did you even read the synopsis?
      How can you convince an audience that HJW and LJS/LMH were in same class from high school??

      Pls stop randomly putting ur favs

      • I watch rhe original, and I know they are the same age. Its just a feeling, and sometimes I got it right.

    • @dal, do you really think Lee Min Ho and Lee Jong Suk are bigger stars than guys like So Ji Sub, Go Soo, Gong Yoo, etc? All I’ve got to say is that the pretty boy 1987ers and beyond are lucky that most of the 30+ actors think they’re too cool for dramas.

      • Exactly in what world is actors like Lee Min Ho who havent had a hit film, a rated film be more popular than big movie stars who does dramas only now and then. Some fans think just because a young drama star is popular online outside Korea that means he is big in SK too.

        CF in China doesnt make you in Sk bigger than big stars that are older, too cool for dramas often.

      • @Rina its not because they are bigger, but who the market wants. Its just a feeling they are never been cast. Like I drop in front your face when you reacts. Keep it cool dude.

      • So the market wants Lee Jong Suk or Lee Min Ho more than the people I mentioned? Tell me another one!

      • @Rina you are a lil bit overreacting there, woman calm down, there’s no even names that out. All the guys that has been listed are all marketable, I’m just stating what the market wants now, it will always change

      • @Mohammed, what are you talking about for movies? K movies are different world, They can be hit or miss. Only veteran actor like Choi min sik, Huang jun min or at the youngest Won Bin can make a movie become a hit. are you trying to say Ha Ji Won better actor for movie? check box office of Chronicles of a Blood Merchant and compare it to Gangnam Blues if you dare. Dont spread false info here, Minho can easily beat name above in terms of rating nowadays, it’s the fact. I dont want to see Minho to be paired with this lady. Let her play drama with older man like So Ji Sub or Gong Yo.

      • @I, what do you mean not to compare a better actor with critically aclaim for gangnam blues and failure actors of Chronicles of a Blood Merchant? Flopped? more than 2 million admission for a rated movie and topped box office for a week you call a flop? WOW. It’s amazing for a newbie actor in chungmuro anyway. Try harder and spread more lies to bring him down if you can. good luck. If you Ha Ji Won fans want to praise her it’s okay, but at least give me more logic reasons to believe in.

      • @guest

        Gangnam blues and Blood Merchant were flopped in terms of admissions,no need to compare,the two movies did not even reach break even point..

      • Agakn, we have delusional LMH fans trying to “convince” us how great he is! GB is a flop. He doesn’t have the star power you guys all believe he has. Get it?!? Probably not, and that’s the sad part.

      • @guest

        lol..okay..1st i’m more of a fan of Lee Min Ho than Ha Ji Won or maybe i could not even call myself as her fan while i almost watch LMH’s projects even the crappy drama The Heirs,so im not here putting down LMH.Last time I checked Gangnam Blues did not even reached break even point which means they loss some money..For a Big Budget Movie like Gangnam Blues 2mil+ admissions is a flopped..If they reached the Break even point then it’s good and as for the reviews it’s true that Gangnam Blues received positive and decents reviews and Blood Merchant received bad reviews even their actings but overall Ha Ji Won and Ha Jung Woo are far more talented actors..

      • @I, are you seriously a Minho fan? liar. Oh at least you watch more of his dramas right, great news. Are you seriously compare Minho with Ha jung wo? this is Minho’s 1 st movie and already gain attention. About the budget, they still earns much money by selling it to China and other Asian countries. I still stand firm to my opinion, Ha ji won is not as good as an actress, she’s sure has limitation for showing her cutesy, she failed. She’s suit tough character and action genre more. They way all of you praise her just too much. About her movie, am I wrong to take example of her latest appearance rather than old ones? Blood marchant still her movie is isn’t? duelist? ooh pls, it’s KDW who shine in that movie. Sega? it’s Hyun bin for me. sorry.

      • @guest Yes I am of Lee min Ho fan,I watch almost his projects since Mackerel Run..Believe me or not I don’t care..

        “Are you trying to say that Ha Ji Won better actor for Movie?Check box office of COABL and compare it to GB if you dare.Don’t spread false info here,Minho can easily beat name above in terms of rating nowadays,it’s a fact”

        This is what you replied to someone,you were implying here that Ha Ji Won is not a better movie actor,why?Because Blood Merchant has lesser admissions than GB?And since your emphasizing the BOX OFFICE and RATINGS here my first reply to you is “no need to compare the two movies because both of them were flopped”. But it seems that you did not understood my comment and you replied “What do you mean not to compare a better actor with critically acclaim for GB and failures actors of Blood Merchant?”Aren’t you the one comparing “The Better and Acclaim Actor of GB and The Failure Actors of BM”..And I think you’re the one who putting down other actors here,calling the Actors of BM “FAILURES”?Yeah,it’s not wrong to take example to her latest appearance but comparing two who is better movie actor just based on 1 film?lol..Duelist?Oh yeah maybe it was KDW who shines more and maybe same with SG but do you know that most kdramas and movies are male centered thus creating more well written male characters and thus making them shines more but it does not make the actress less talented..

      • Ahh I want to laugh right now, you said you’re Lee min ho fan and you don’t even know he only has one movie? how can I compare at least two movies? hmm, sorry, yes I dont believe you as Minho fan, obviously you’re a fake fan like many I’ve met before. As I said before, I didn’t want to criticize her, but because all the “mighty” Ha ji won fans comments, I said that, I’m sorry to state the truth and ony take current example, and it hurts you. No worries, I’ll no longer give her comments because I hope I’ll never watch her drama/movie anymore. bye.

      • @I, oh one more think, are you seriously asking me to consider your fav actress as talented one while all others talk bad about Minho and never consider his contribution in K drama or now K movie? sorry I can’t. I tried to be neutral, but considering all hurting comments, no thanks. All I can say is, lets see in the future who will be more successful as an international actor. I’ll congratulate you someday when your fav actress get the level of Choi min sik or Huang jung min, which is more possible because she’s more experienced and older, and also based on all of your comments a better talent in acting. I’ll be waiting that day.

      • Lol,better check your understanding..What I mean of two movies were Gangnam Blues and Blood Merchant..And yes Lee Min Ho has two movies and that was School School E.T..

      • And I’m not even hurt of what you said about Ha Ji Won even if you say bad things about her..haha..Neither do I want you to acknowledge her as an actress and I’m not even concern of what you think about her. The reason I end up commenting that Ha Ji Won is a better movie actress is stop you for being delulu..I think it’s you who trying so hard to make people here acknowledge that Lee Min Ho is a better Movie Actor..

      • @guest Hey! Delusional Fangirl! Go wait for a Lee Min Ho article and spread your stupid nonsense there! You keep on mentioning two movies that are not related to this drama. One or even a few movies that are not well received doesn’t define the career of an actor or an actress. Even A-list Hollywood actors have flop movies but that doesn’t make them less of an actor. Ha Ji Won who just appeared for 20 minutes for the Chronicles of a blood merchant was just a supporting actress for Ha Jung Woo. COABM was a Ha Jung Woo movie. Ha Ji Won’s acting was heavily praised ( like always) by the critics and movie experts and that’s what matters! It’s something that your beloved LMH would never ever achieve! It’s so sad that your boy only has one facial expression in all of his dramas. He always has the i don’t give a f… about acting as long i look pretty and i get cf’s look. His nose job is pretty distracting as well. There is no way in hell that i would ever want a Top-Notch A-list award winning actress like Ha Ji Won to work with an average, mediocre actor like Lee Min Ho! Go back to the rock where you have been hiding troll!

      • We never know, whatever lures HyunBin in HJI may works again and will be LMH’s comeback.

      • @dal, do you mean this Ha Ji Won who got many critics in her latest movie “Chronicles of a Blood Merchant”. No, thanks, I dont want Minho to be paired with her. Additionally, she looks too old for Minho.

      • @guest But your boy Lee Min Ho looks way older for his age. It’s probably due to his smoking. The dude smokes like a chimney! Eeewww! Look at Jang Geung Suk, Lee Seung Gi and Ji Chang Wook, all are the same age as Lee Min Ho but they all look younger and Quite frankly, better actors than him. All of them worked with Ha Ji Won as the male lead and people can’t even tell the age gap. Ha Ji Won is forever young. I rather have this men work again with Ha Ji Won than your average, mediocre, i only have one facial expression Lee Min Ho. Lee Min Ho to work alongside with THE ONE AND ONLY HA JI WON? Que Horror! No bloody freaking way! The Hallyu Queen deserves the best! Pair Ha Ji Won with actors in her same Top-notch A-list level please.

    • Girl, I know your LMH/LJS are very popular around the world and brings much $$ for a drama, but still … feels like the other experience actor in their 30 are not worth anymore even for a drama which should have male lead in 30’s, because they couldn’t bring massive popularity/$$

      I really really hope one of those in the pics will be the male lead!

      • Are all Ha Ji Won fans like this @I or @Mohammed? Who spread bad words towards other fellow actor easily? if yes, sorry, I lose respect because of her fans.

    • No, I hope Minho doesn’t sign into this drama. I already scared with Ha Ji Won after she got a lot of critics for her latest appearance in the movie “Chronicles of a Blood Merchant”. No Ha Ji Won please. I hope he’ll choose better script and leading lady. If SBS wants to save their nightmare about rating, please do experiment with other actor, not Minho.

      • you again, FYI, I believe Pierce Conran as K movie critics who praise Gangnam Blues and Minho’s acting, rather than your non sense.

      • @guest

        Maybe she got a lot of critics in Blood Merchant but i think you might as well count Lee Min Ho’s.

      • You need not be scared of HJW as no one is pointing a gun at your head to watch her drama. I don’t think HJW fans are looking for your respect or approval. It doesn’t matter what you think.

      • @guest

        Your comaparing their acting in just 1 movie.??lol..Then you’re agreeing that Ha Ji Won and Ha Jung Woo are better actors because they received many praises on their acting than LMH did and they had many good projects than LMH..

      • Stop being fallacious there, ms/mr guest. How can you hastily generalize HJW as a bad actress after that 1 latest movie of hers? If you do your research, HJW actually is a critically-acclaimed movie actress. She is also a hitmaker in dramas. (has not had a flop drama since Damo ’til Empress Ki)

        Your LMH most probably looks up to her as a good actress sunbae.

        In my opinion, your comment is purely trash. No offense.

      • @sue, I dont have any problem to watch Ha ji won movie or drama before, because she’s not that bad even she’s not the best either. Why are you fans so hard to admit her limitation and even put down another fellow actor even though they are younger. obviously all of you guys should learn the meaning of RESPECT. I didn’t want to criticize her before, but you guys really beyond limit. Thanks for making me lose my respect to your fav actress. Hope in the future you wouldn’t do the same mistake that can cause Ha ji won lose more audiences with your disrespectful act. Luckily, this time you only lose one.

      • @guest Criticisms? Really? Absolute lies! Ha Ji Won despite being just a supporting actress for Ha Jung Woo’s movie “Chronicles of a blood merchant” received praises (like always) for her acting from the movie experts and critics. Sadly, You’re boy Lee Min Ho will never accomplished something like that and would never ever reach Ha Ji Won’s level as a Top-notch A-list Award winning actress! Casting an average, mediocre Lee Min Ho alongside a superb actress would be just wrong and nightmare! Just the thought of it makes me wanna barf. Ha Ji Won should be paired up with actors in her superstar level,

    • Thanks for this! I was gutted when I heard that the writer of a Drama I totally LOATHE got the job and annoyed when they cast completely the WRONG person for a female lead. Your absolutely HILARIOUS comment was the perfect antidote. Such an abusrdly risible idea that I couldn’t stop laughing, and now I feel much better. Thank you VERY kamsahamnida! �

    • Well, Lee Jong-suk is impossible. And SBS is pushing for a release in the first half of the year, whereas Lee Minho said he’s going to take a drama in the second half. If I had to choose though, Lee Min-ho would be better simply because Lee Jong-suk would look totally awkward next to Ha Ji-won.

  1. Make it What Happened In Bali 2 but with So Ji Sub as the main lead this time around and get the girl.
    My heart is still bleeding from WHIB, knowing what happened to the three leads! T.T
    Dramagods need to repay us!

    • Yes please! So Ji Sub will be a good candidate! I can imagine a scene where Jo In Sung is the ex-boyfriend of Ha Ji Won and they’re with the best friend, So Ji Sub. How exciting, this pairing!!

  2. I like HJW but I don’t think she can be better than Ariel Lin. Ariel really was awesome as Chen You Ching, Wonder when she’ll be back on screen….missing her.

    • ITWY is one of my top 5 Asian dramas where usually i dont rate TW dramas that high and Ariel Lin was perfect for the role but HJW is clearly the stronger, more skilled actress. Lin was great because of the writing,directing. HJW needs good writing but she is stronger.

      Korean drama will be weaker because its a remake and they wont give it to one of the best korean writers. Some hack will prolly write this remake…..

      • I agree with you.HJW will be stronger and I’ m so glad that she’ll have another drama.I would like HB to be her co-star but I guess it is not possible.I want Jo In Sung or Goo Yo.

    • I don’t think she was an awful person, just very self-centered and selfish. I liked her though because it made her more human to me.

      • She reminded me of a lot of selfish people that I would rather not have in my life so I guess that’s why I was not a fan, lol.

    • I agree! That would be a nightmare! *shrieks

      I hope she’ll be paired with any of the actors above. The casting here has a high potential of being the best on-screen couple of the year!!

  3. I’m really rooting for Jang Hyuk after they didn’t get to pair up in Secret Garden. I know JH is busy with SOGC but if this is airing summer, it’s possible since he’s such a workaholic. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him have bad chemistry with a costar and HJW is the queen, so they’ll be explosive together, me thinks.

    But if ever there was a glimmer of hope, my first choice would be Binnie. I do think he’ll do dramas in the future, maybe just not in SBS. I’ll be crying tears of blood if he leaves dramaland even if trying to establish himself as an A-list movie actor isn’t a bad career move. Plus he could easily do it too given all that popularity and talent.

    • Im a big fan of HJW, my fav female korean actress along with Kim Sun Ah and i think Binnie was not good enough for in the days of Secret Garden and he isnt now either. Jang Hyuk, Gong Yoo, So Ji Sub, Ji Sung, Kang Ji Hwang for example are better imo, more even.

      • Secret Garden was a very weak role for HJW i agree, it wasnt her best. If that is his best i dont him near HJW. I enjoyed it early eps but it got so weak in later half i forced myself. Its popular drama but very overrated quality wise.

        Im not saying he was good there but im saying imo there are stronger actors in her age group she can act better with. Ji Sung for example is amazing right now in KMHM. So Ji Sub has done many complex characters well. Jang Hyuk is awesome in Shine or Go Crazy even though i think like my fav male korean actor in Cha Seung Won they are both too macho, too handsome action star to play a timid guy like korean version of Li Da Ren.

      • We can disagree of course but i wonder have you seen SJS films? I think he get better roles in his films than his drama roles. Hyun Bin is just few years younger than Jang Hyuk and co thats why i find it weird he hasnt improved alot since mid 2000s. Im not saying he is weak but there are better options for HJW.

        Jang Hyuk is great but not his fault he has such a macho charisma that they always make him play the tough hero role. In Saeguk, action shows.

      • That’s fair since its personal opinion. But Binnie owned SeGa and easily out acted HJW there. She’s had better roles in K2H and Empress Ki but to say Hyun Bin isn’t ‘good enough’ is very odd since he won the Daesang for that role in the Baeksangs. And that’s proof of how fabulous he was there – and still is as the only saving grace of HJM.

      • Let’s just say your opinion on quality acting is nothing like mine. Because to me, there’s now way in hell SJS can be considered a better actor than Hyun Bin. Jang Hyuk is love and a pretty brilliant actor but he can be repetitive in his roles at times. Cha Seung Won, I agree is a great actor and so is Jo In Sung.

        Either way, let’s agree to disagree because Hyun Bin to me is quite easily amongst the best actors of his generation. SeGa might be overrated, Hyun Bin is so not.

      • Yep, I’ve seen a whole lot of SJS actually. A lot more than I’d like given how I think he’s one of the most overrated actors out there without too much versatility to boast. I think it’s ironic that you claim HB hasn’t improved since his debut when I actually think he’s such a fabulous actor now compared to the past and SJS is the one stuck at the exact same place.

        I do agree that Jang Hyuk is fantastic. But I also think he has the choice of picking different roles if he wants. I love him in Thank You and that was a lot different from Chuno-SOGC-Fated. I won’t argue that he’s not amazing. I just don’t think Hyun Bin is a lesser actor than him is all I’m saying.

  4. this wont happen, but i hope HJW can pull Kang Dong Won or Ha Jung Woo back to small screen.

    as from the list above, my pick is Go Soo. Park Hae Jin just turned down MBC drama, he can be a good candidate as well.

    • Oh Yes! Kang Dong Won, love their chemistry in Duelist. Some of my choices are Goo Soo, Joo Sang Wook, Gong Yoo and hopefully someday she will be paired with Jung Woo Sung. 🙂

    • Kang Dong Won would be a good choice for this. I wish he would come back to dramaland.
      I wish they stuck with the early 30’s age for the age of the characters, because the plot of In Time With You depicts the uncertainties about career, lovelife and marriage that is more central concern of the early 30’s rather than the late 30’s when most of this issues are resolved by this age unless we are dealing with really immature adults.

      I wished it was Song Joong Ki playing Li Da Ren , and I wouldn’t mind a Moon Chae Won reuninon… but i guess that dream would be impossible now.

      Kim Rae Won would also be nice to play the role of Li Da Ren because he has a meek and amiable aura that befits Li Da Ren’s Role.

      From Your list, I like Lee Junki, Joo Sang Wook, Go Soo, Lee Dong Wook. Only Lee JunKi has enough baby face among the list that who could still play the role of a highschooler. The rest, its already too much to swallow seeing them play a highscool student in the flashback scene.
      Since they decided to make the character’s older, I hope that the highschool part is actually played by younger actors much like in “Angel Eyes” . It would really be hard to watch Jang Hyuk, So Jisub, Gong Yoo in a high school uniform. No amount of suspended belief would make me swallow that concept.

      • Yeah, I agree. Jang Hyuk for instance, doesn’t have the Li Da Ren vibe. Go Soo is great too, but somehow I think he is too handsome for the role.

  5. Really hoping for Gong Yoo. I really think he would be perfect!!

    Realistically, it probably wouldn’t be Ji Sung, Jang Hyuk or any of these others guys currently working. Hadn’t thought of Lee Seon-kyun but can you IMAGINE? So Ji-sub, Rain or Eric wouldn’t be necessarily bad choices either.

    Oh, the possibilities. Really hoping SBS doesn’t screw this up!

    • I can already imagine what a Lee Seon-kyun – Ha Ji Won pairing could bring to a drama. Don’t think this will happen though as he is working on that film with Shin Min-ah. Still …

      • true! the second I saw his pic, I already pictured him in it! Oh, how I hope it’s possible!

        On the other hand, a WHIB reunion would definitely grab media (and my) attention. 🙂

  6. Gong Yoo gives the Lee da ren feel. Watched the original a few years back but never expected ha ji won as the female lead but love ha ji won so I’m happy. That time slot is dying in ratings so sbs is really desperate to pull it up

    • From synopsis I read, Da Ren’s character is very similar with Kang Tae Ha (Eric’s character) in Discovery of Love. So, I guess the team production won’t offer the role to him.

      Gong Yoo maybe the better choice.

  7. I’m a fan of the Taiwanese version and out of the the hotties listed above only Gong Yoo can be Li Da Ren for me. I could not picture Jo In Sung or Eric Mun being Da Ren.

  8. I want Eric-Ha Ji Won paired. Their chemistry in Love Letter Season 1 was so cute and warm hearted. Though it won’t happen since the guy is busy with his group comeback…siggghhh…

    • …synopsis didn’t call for it are getting too often these days. There are whole generations of good actors in Korea. We don’t need pretty boys in every drama. Some of us like manly men who can act, have charisma and are sexy. Not scrawny.

      • Amen to that some think their mid 20s,late 20s fav pretty boy actors are all there are to korean drama,film actors. Like there are many quality actors 30-40 years old. Mature men who are usually better than limited flower boy,idol that they cast for generic dramas…

        You cant have a 27 year old play a man who has been friend of the heroine for 18-20 years.

    • I think it’s the young and very vocal whippersnappers who want their oppas in every drama under the sun and not really a sign of huge shifts in overall preference.

  9. i would love it if they cast someone with same age with Ha ji won but has young looking face coz we know there would be many scenes when they are still at high school. I know Ha ji won still can pass as high school girl.I would love it if they cast someone like Jin Yi Han. He is same age with her but has that younger looking face. Lee Junki is quiet good too. There definitely give off some younger face but got matured character. That is how he will be so charmingly and kind with piercing gaze but yet the heroin still see him as her bestfriend.

      • Ha Ji Won never ages. She recently took a selfie with SNSD’S Soo Young and they look like they we’re the same age. People we’re like “Is she a freaking vampire goddess?” My forever young and beautiful Ha Ji Won. Can’t wait to see her in a high school uniform.. That would be adorbs!

  10. My top picks would be
    so Ji sub
    Ji sung
    Jo in Sung
    Gong Yoo
    Jang hyuk
    But I am gonna cancel out Ji sung because he needs a break and go home to his beautiful Prego wife…

  11. You list is perfect, and I think all of them are likely option. Except for Ji Sung, I don’t think he’ll do another drama so soon after finishing KMHL, especially not since Lee Bo Young is pregnant.

    But my god, on a scale of 1 to infinity, how thrilled do you think I’ll be if it’s So Ji Sub? I’ve been waiting for 10 years for them to do something else together.

    • I agree, after KMHM Ji sung is likely to take a break and take care of his wife…. I think he would suit the role too and I would like to see him pair with HJW but I want him to take a break after KMHM…. I’m really leaning toward so ji sub and gong yoo as leads… like you I want a reunion of SJS and HJW from ”What happen in bali”….

      • His wife is not dying just pregnant. XD. As someone who has given birth a few times I can attest that unless she she Is ill, she will be ok without him taking care of her.

      • @coolrepublica

        That is true, but he’ll want to be there when the baby’s born and also help take care of the baby for a couple of months at the start.

  12. will definitely watch this for Ha Ji Won.

    my first preference for male lead is Go Soo, followed by Gong Yoo, So Ji Sub, Eric and Lee Seon Kyun.

    • Gong Yoo is busy these days and has two movies coming out this year. The other two should be free though but I can’t imagine SJS wanting to take on another romcom though.

  13. Why is no one cheering for Joo Sang Wook!! Really like him but haven’t been able to stomach most of his acting projects :/

  14. I want Hyun Bin or Jo In Sung or Joo Jin Mo. Especially Joo Jin Mo for some reason. If their chemistry with HJW worked in the past, I say let’s have another round!

  15. I want to see her pair up with Jo In Sung again. They had explosive chemistry in What Happened in Bali. The ending still traumatizes me so I need them to have a happy ending in another drama.

  16. A few thoughts of mine:

    1. This drama is going to end up like insanely like Discovery of Romance – we’ll hate the female lead, be addicted to watching how everyone fucks up on the way to finding something salvageable, and the male lead will walk away smelling like roses.

    2. It’s going to be a talker – lots and lots of talking. I don’t see the brooders like So Ji Sub or Go Soo in the role. Fast talking guys who think on their feet, like Jo In Sung and Eric, those two are really my top choices. Also with the insane amounts of physical chemistry they exude, mmmmmmmm,

    3. Gong Yoo WILL do a drama or movie with Ha Ji Won, I don’t think this will be it, or should be it. I see a thriller for them more TBH.

    4. Ha Ji Won is the best thing SBS can do with adapting this drama. MGY already played that type of role in Cheongdamdong Alice for SBS, no need to rehash. Hard to find bigger names to headline to bring in the buzz for the network right off the bat.

    5. My wish is for Winnie to direct, it would be the biggest challenge of his career and I think he’ll rise to the occasion. Sadly SBS will probably give it to a hack like Pyo Min Soo, who I hate with the fire of a thousand fiery suns and is the reason I can’t bring myself to start Ho Goo’s Love. >.<

    • Ho Goo’s Love is seriously good. It’s all about the script really, as long as it is good a mediocre PD cannot ruin it.

    • “hate with the fire of a thousand fiery suns” – a nice summary of how I feel about every detail of this “remake” so far, especially the writer. Which is why I won’t urge you to give the really quite decent Ho Gu’s Love a go, despite having a really NICE beta male lead, and an alpha female less self-absorbed than CYQ. 🙂

    • As much as I love Eric, I don’t want him to do drama so early. The dude is dying because of tiredness since he continiously non stop working for his latest drama, Shinhwa comeback and those CEO stuff. Another thing, Dae Ran is pretty similar with his previous character in DoR, so I would prefer he takes another role rather than the same character. IMO, Eric is better in alpha male character.

      I would prefer to see Gong Yoo and So Ji Sub, since both of them are mature-manly looking but seems so sweet boyfriend-type. Not to mention both are great actors so it would be equal with Ha Ji Won in every aspects.

      • Eric maybe super busy to use his brain for taking best strategy to get success of Shinhwa comeback against those juniors. No time for drama this time I guess.

        I love So Ji Sub but I can’t figure him against the selfish character heroine. I think Gong Yoo will be the best choice since he has charisma even when nagging with the girl like he did in Coffee Prince with Yoo Eun Hye.

    • I also hope Winnie directs, it can be a good remake only if the original creators did the remake. I adore Ha Ji Won alot but some hack will prolly ruin this drama. Also the heroine was very flawed,very selfish human. The hero was best best friend ever to take all her crap. I worry the Korean dramas who are more extreme usually will overdo her bad sides and make her unlikeable.

      The heroine in ITWY was selfish at times but you could always see good things in her anyway.

    • I kept strolling down to see if anyone thought Eric was the best choice… Than waaam your comment.. That last two pictures said it all! They exude hotness together. Crossing fingers here!

    • Ever since someone mentioned Gong Yoo on DB I can only see him as Da Ren for the K version, and his drama return is long overdue so I’m really hoping its him. I’m not a big fan of the fact that they have accelerated the ages of the characters in this version (because it fit perfectly wel with the original storyline) and I also don’t find the scriptwriter very appealing. Winnie directing this would be a dream come true but it seems like a far fetched dream. One too many seemingly perfect adaptations crashed and burned last year so only a very fantastic male lead, amazing chemistry between the leads and a somewhat decent script/directing (not setting my hopes too high on this) will reel me into even consider watching this adaptation. ITWY was too perfect a drama watching experience too have a mediocre adapatation ruin for me.

    • How do you know Gong Yoo WILL do a drama/movie with Ha Ji Won? Do you have some insider info Koala? A fan girl needs to know in order to prepare her heart.

  17. Chemistry wise, i like Kang Ji Hwan, Gong Yoo, Go Soo, Hanj Hyuk and Jo In Sung to be paired with Ha Ji Won.. if and only if Hyun Bin is not available.. lol

  18. I am here to say give the make lead role to the acting god Ji sung. He earned his time with ha ji won. XD

    #actinggodjisung for male lead. Please LBY let Ji sung take this role if it is offered to him.

  19. Yes for Ha Ji Won for the Korean remake! For the actor i would go with Gong Yoo or Jo Hyun Jae because they give off that goody good vibe that is Li Daren.

  20. Just why? For me leads from that age group (approaching 30s) made half of the appeal of In Time With You. Chen You Qing and Li Da Ren were both stuck in between their younger selves(scared to face their feelings, living at home with parents) and proper adulthood (job promotions, thinking about starting your own family). I like Han Ji Won for always chosing to play ‘strong’ female characters, but truth is, unless she is acting badass her acting range is very limited. Would she be able to pull of nuances of the character without Ariel Lin’s skills? Obviously not.

    • Before In Time With You there were a lot of people who critized Ariel for her acting and saying she was typecast. Cheng You Qing is a grown up version of her Seventh Grade character but not many people know that.

      Ha Ji Won hasn’t really done a role like this so we can’t really say if she can or can’t do it, just have to give her a try.

    • @Sour Grapes Ha Ji Won is known to be THE Action Queen because well.. SHE IS THE BEST! No living actress and I mean NO living actress can ever beat her when it comes to action! She does her stunts and perfectly so while her fellow actresses and all of us less talented females die in jealousy. Limited acting range? Now that’s Hilarious! Ha Ji Won is also called the Queen of versatility(actually she’s also the queen of saguek) because she does all genres of dramas like no one could! Two from her long list of number one hit drama’s (What happened in Bali, Hwang Ji Yi and some earlier projects) had no action scenes. She was superb in those dramas and even won acting awards for that! She won the Daesang Award (THE Highest and most coveted award for all actors and actresses) Actually she won the daesang award twice already and Baeksang for her movie. Let me tell you something.. Not only will Ha Ji Won be able to pull off what is required for this character but she would nail all of the scenes no matter what it is! After watching this people only remember the perfection of Ha Ji Won and forget that it had a taiwanese version. Ariel Lin WHO?

      • I assure you Ms Lin’s fans will not forget her, even those who, like our gracious host, strongly dislike her role in the Drama being remade. Have you seen the original, I wonder? As comments here have shown, it’s a surprisingly polarising Drama, with some, like me, loving it to bits and rewatching often, and others, like Ms. Koala, really hating it. Neither group is likely to forget Ariel Lin any time soon, that much is certain.

  21. Didn’t a Taiwanese site have a poll where netizens picked a Korean actor and actress that they thought got perfectly for the role, I REMEBER they picked KANG SORA and GONG YOO. since it looks like kang sora might be doing je ju island gatsby with kim woo bin, I think they might as well pick gong YOO for the male lead to satisfy the viewers.

  22. out of this male leads I only think Goo Soo match her!! I need someone who look good and of the same age as her not someone 10 years younger please!

  23. Putting HJW in weekend drama? Really? Isn’t SBS weekend drama has always been writing flop? (well not always flopping, but it’s lowest from the big 3 right?)

    • That’s the point of putting it in that weekend slot. It’s a way to win back viewership. Weekend dramas in particular depend on continuity of viewership because the plots and actors are basically all the same and all it takes is for one bad egg to make an entire time slot go sour – like One Fine Day or Birth of a Beauty. Putting an anticipated drama like this in the time slot is the only way to get people to watch SBS weekenders again.

    • @kar The phenomenal and Worldwide hit Secret Garden was a weekend drama. The ratings was even way higher than the overrated My love from the stars. I’m not worried! This drama is a sure fire hit because Ha Ji Won is in it.

  24. I don’t want any of these actors. They’re too handsome and pretty and there’s no way I’ll buy So Ji-sub or Jo In-sung as an everyman. Gong Yoo as just another average dude who’s so shy that he can’t confess to his best friend? With that face? With that body? Part of Bolin’s charm was that I totally bought his insecure act. His charm was being the guy next door and all these chiseled faces and bodies just don’t add up.

    I wanted Kim So-yeon as my leading lady, but Ha Ji-won is acceptable. She can act and I think she can be likable while doing unlikable things and be vulnerable. Personally, I want Jung Woo as her leading man. Not too pretty, but totally perfect as the guy next door. Plus, he needs a leading role on broadcast now.

  25. I forgot what the news was about while scrolling through that beautiful list of possible leading men.

    Thanks, koala. 😀

  26. There’s been so many Kdrama pairing reunions, I think it’s time for either Ji In Sung or So Ji Sub to team up with her once again. Everyone talks about how awesome ITWY is, still haven’t gotten around to seeing it though (can’t seem to find it with subs) so I’ll be going into this drama with no expectations. Anticipating this since I’ve been waiting for a Ha Ji Won rom-com/drama for awhile now.

  27. Weekend drama for Ha Ji Won? Isn’t she a bit too talented for that? I thought weekend dramas were generally known for their ridiculous and weak plots and a large amount of C-rated actors who aren’t good enough to get a role in a prime-time drama. Or am I wrong? I know they’re popular among Koreans, but I always thought their ratings were high because Koreans just have more free time to watch dramas during the weekend, not because of their innovative ideas and excellent quality.

  28. I have one no one wouldve ever thought of: Trash oppa JungWoo. Blame is on 3Meals. But my superpower of jinxing anything I typed out, LOL, will truly save JW like that Twilight Bella shield thingy. In other words I do want him nor anyone precious to me attached to a guaranteed crapping with those at the helm, a TWdrama that got me spitting out expletives nonstop let alone the repeated trauma of hearing young women, so freaken many aspiring to be/ relating herself to a QYC, whom gives the deplorable B word another stratosphere of selfcentered distaste. Gawd, I actually made myself rewatched show just to pick up one sliver of quality, one single scene I care about her and there is absolutely none… which in a sense I guess Ariel did a great job presenting to me the most infuriating heroine as written st up I have witnessed in TWdramaland, someone who bitched about everything unwarranted yet oblivious to her own pot calling kettle black when the kettle wasn’t black to begin with.

    HJW is perfect imo for the role, her trademark aegyo is kitschy yet aware, potently endearing. If she attacks QYC like she was a LSJ fr WHIB 10+ yrs wiser, and didn’t sleep on some bed (she) made in Bali, there is hope for a palatable YC who is not really a YC tyvm TPTB.

    I disagree though QYC is similar to Jung Yumi’s YR in DoR, I see where YR comes from, I can justify her abrasiveness and self preservation. Being flawed is one thing, I can’t fault mourning and not able to get out of the grief, if there is legitimate reason behind I can’t hate…whereas QYC regards almost 30 the new menopause and all her dumping of foul mood to innocent parties 24/7 is not due to explicable hormones but sexism, agism towards her own gender. I had no scene I do not hate QYC, I did not grow to dislike her, she was the most unfathomable selfabsorbed entitled 16 yo Princess since 16 yo or even earlier refusing to grow up yet insisting she is older and wiser than her own Mother or sth in her delulu world.

  29. If Jo In Sung takes on the role of “Li Da Ren” (opposite Ha Ji Won) and manages to pull it off, he will be pretty phenomenal – too perfect! If this remake has Ha Ji Won, then the whole vibe and feel of the female lead will be quite different from the Taiwan drama already. I am looking forward to hearing more casting news and looking forward to this drama.

  30. Song Seung Heon always wanted to act opposite Ha Ji Won.
    So this could be his chance haha.
    Jo In Sung is also another good candidate.

      • LOL!at his best… he should stick to just My Princess type were his acting limitations is not to glaring.

        I agree, lets not ruin the remake by adding him here.

  31. weekend slot?
    then it gonna be long drama, hmm (I hope it just 20 ep)
    the taiwan seems drag some ep and it’s hard to being li daren

    I think,calm look is what I prefer as li da ren
    jo sang wook, gong yoo, and I think of yoo Yeon sook, he needs a drama too
    for younger like LMH, LJS, they too young compared to her and it just li da ren give mature vibe so I’ll prefer older male

  32. I was thinking could Drama gods actually answer to my prayer that Binnie and HJW reunite in ITWY? I really missed their chemistries on screen. In my humble opinion, Binnie is the most perfect actor to act Lee Daren.

  33. since the pairing up of past drama OTPs started last year (e.g. jang hyuk and jang nara, ji sung and hwang jang eum, eric and jung yumi. etc), hope it will continue this year with this drama. i hope HJW will accept it and I want the male lead to be jo in sung, their chemistry is amazing in WHIB. plus the fact that jis drama’s are mostly under SBS (his last two successful dramas are both from SBS)..

  34. Of course, Gong Yu. I have been saying that since I watched ITWY.

    However, I am not sure about HJW here. She’s strong, yes, but also too soft.
    I don’t know if I have ever see her do bitchy cold, have I?

    • As much as I love Ha Ji Won, you are correct. Yes, she has played so many roles but I have not seen any “bitchy” character that she portrayed with. Maybe, in her early days but she was so inexperienced then. I would love to see her in a darker role that will bring out her craft. I also to see her in a seductive and psycho character. If she’ll ever agreed to this, hopefully she can hone more of her craft and show us the little nuances.

      • You should watch her drama Hwang Jin Yi. Her role starts out bright but ends up dark because of some thing that happen which cause her character to change dramatically.

      • @ JazzyCat,

        Oh yes, Hwang Jin Yi. Why didn’t I thought of that and Empress KI? I might have to watch those dramas again and really pay attention with the little nuances. Thanks for reminding me. 🙂

    • Early in her career, she played a bitchy, conniving second female lead opposite Kim Ha Neul and Ryu Shi Won in a drama called Secret. This drama was 15 years ago though. Also, like others have said, she played the titular character in Hwang Jini (which is my ultimate favorite performance of hers to date) who became quite cold and vindictive at some point.

  35. I don’t understand why you don’t like her character in In Time With You. I really like her. And for me, the story is not like Discovery of Love. In ITWY, they are best friends and in DOL, they are exes, it’s not the same dynamic.

    ITWY is one of my faouvrite TW drama, so I’m happy that Ha Ji Won has been casted for it. For the actor, I don’t want a young actor (and I don’t understand the passion for LJS or LMH…), Gong Yoo would be great. (I love him in the movie Finding Mr Destiny )

    • Finally a comment I totally agree with! I was surprised that there’s so much hate on CYQ, when she’s like one of my favorite female characters of all time.

    • I absolutely adore CYQ as well. She was not only my fave Taiwanese lead, but my favorite lead character in any drama. I have no idea why people hate her here so much — I found her feisty, but fun, grounded, and just plain interesting. I’m astounded at the hate people have doled on her here, while fangirling over psychopath chaebol leads in dramas. It’s fine when men are pushy, indecisive, screechy, or flawed. When female fictitious characters do it, people act like it’s so heinous.

      • amen. all the hate is ridiculous. she has her flaws but nothing to hate her for.she’s real and I love that about her. ofc they love the spineless guy who kept his mouth shut about his one-sided love for years. bolin was awesome in his role but his character had more flaws then CYQ.

  36. I think Ji sung will be perfect to play a beta male role. The other actors above are well too ‘handsome ‘ to play lee da ran.

    • What’s this too handsome thing! This is not that important. Its like you can’t say that because everyone has different taste anyway, one may be handsome for you and not for others. I don’t particularly find all the above handsome, JS is the most handsome for me lol i’m a huge fan so i’m a little biased 😛 but yeah I agree that he would be perfect. He’s perfect in anything anyway. Can’t wait to hear more casting news. Although I don’t like remakes I could watch it if the cast is good.

  37. it may sound so absurd that LMH and LJS are possible to be cast in this drama, but there are lots of things that happened for the past months that were insane. LET’S SEE..

  38. I like this actress but … I never acknowledge the role to another .
    Well at least this is proof that it plays well and blends into the character she plays .
    Ha Ji Won is without no doubt one of the best actresses in Korea ,i like his style of play , from us ! Convey the feelings of his characters.
    In addition , she plays in these dramas ,characters which one can only attach the same for Moon Geun Young , thanks to their game !
    I never tired of seeing in movies or series …D
    I want she plays in this drama with :
    -Goo Soo
    -Gong Yoo
    -So Ji Sub
    -Joo Sang Wook
    And especially Jo In Sung …XD

    • I also think Eric could play this role easily. But the dude might be exhausted due to continuously working non stop since he’s promoting Shinhwa and preparing their group anniversary concert and Asia tour. Ahjusshi is getting older and doesn’t have much energy to do those works anymore….lol..

  39. @Koala Unnie
    No matter what the articles is about , you always have the fighting ambiance from fangirls LOOL
    If you read it in full , I guarantee that it will allow you to a dribble so acidic taht even a white dove can not avoid it with his plumage …
    Ho my heads hurts ^^

    • Ha Ji Won is Love! Somehow, when she’s paired with her on screen partner, the guys get to shine and get more love. It happens all the time. She is one of my favorite Korean actress because of how she carry herself. Most of her peers talk so very highly of her regarding her humble attitude and pleasant to work with. A lot of K- actors would love to collaborate with her, because she is one capable lady as far as versatility in terms of acting. Oh did I say, She is naturally gorgeous. 🙂

  40. Would absolutely put all my wishes for a HA Ji Won x Jo In Sung reunion. Their chemistry is amazing and sizzling. And they just need to team up again now that they’re both top actors. That would be very delightful to watch. Brought a lot of memories of bali memories (if that makes sense lols)

  41. One serving of Ha Ji Won and Gong Yoo, please. 🙂 I still remember Koala’s post when they were honored for being good tax payers. So pretty!

    Though I would not be averse to seeing Rain in this.

    On a side note, what is happening with the comments?!!! I always enjoyed the lighted-hearted snarky nature of most this site’s commentators. It never felt too intense and no one took things too seriously. I hope it stays like that. 🙁

  42. Hmmm… interesting. I would also love to see HJW x JIS reunion although I’m not sure if this would be the drama that I’d want to see that in.

    I’m also up for HJW and GY, but seeing has he not keen on dramas anymore, I’m not putting any hopes up for that one.

    I agree that it seems different if they up the ages of the characters.

  43. As much as I want a Jo In Sung – Ha Ji Won reunion, I’d rather seeing them in something thrilling and mesmerizing that would make use of their sizzling physical chemistry to the highest extent, like the crazy WHIB ride. And I don’t see Jo In Sung coming back to the dramaland anytime soon, his next project would totally be a movie. For some reason, I can imagine Gong Yoo as the friend you would want to ‘bff-zone’ just for the sake of not ruining the chance of seeing him anytime you want lol.

  44. Noooooooooooo!

    I love Ha Ji Won, but why are they making the heroine older?!

    One of the charms of “In Time With You” was having a woman in her late 20s, about to enter her 30s, which young adults could relate to. And Li Da Ren’s crush was long, but not THAT long.

  45. Yes Korean dramas are good but when they remake plotlines and dramas from other countries, it JUST DOES NOT WORK with the Korean formula and culture. Their remake of Fated to Love You was horrible (good-looking and amazing lead actors aside); they overdramatized it in a very Korean way that just doesn’t fit into the whole plot at all. With this, already making the female lead a few years older and having the one-sided love last SO LONG; it’s not going to be very pretty. Korean production should lay off remakes and keep to their own stories that are fit for their culture.
    Saying this, the same could be said for the Chinese and Taiwanese entertainment that currently like to remake Korean dramas.
    Also people saying that Ha Ji Won is a versatile actress? No, these past dramas she’s had in the last half-decade, have ALL been type-casts. Her character has always been some type of strong-willed, smart, able-bodied woman that the guy admires. Unless she starts showing something extremely different from what she had done in these past few dramas she put out, I’m not convinced. Yes she’s ACTION Queen but is she anything else than that? can she do a good melo, a good weak character? An amazing actress and a serious actress will not let themselves be type-cast like this for the past couple of projects. She goes the safe route so I don’t get the love for her being a versatile actress when her past 3 or so dramas have shown that she isn’t.

    • or Closer to heaven? She’s portrayed really well the raw emotions of the character there. No action, powerful woman character. Just purely a woman in love with a dying man.

      • Yes I have watched those but I was referring to her more recent works where she resorts to being typecasted to play almost the same characters. She has devolved in her acting variety and she shouldn’t be called a great actress with variety unless she proves again that she isn’t just all about acting and strong characters now. People can improve and can also take a step backwards, unfortunately for her, she seems to be part of the latter group.

      • Yup I agree with your point. But in totality, and not talking about what’s recent of her career, I don’t think it isn’t viable to say that she indeed is a versatile actress. In my opinion, what she needs now is a reinforcement that she still has it (versatility).

  46. Para mi Ha Ji Won es un excelente actris y seria muy bonito que volviera a actuar con Ji Chang Wook ya que tienen una amistad, confianza y se ven muy bien trabajando juntos y no importa la diferencia de edad

    • for my Ha Ji Won is an excellent actress and would come back to Ji Chang Wook actor with as they have a beautiful friendship, trust, chemistry and look great working together and no matter the age difference

  47. I can’t wait for the news of the male lead to come out!! Please, drama gods, don’t disapppoint us. Give us Gong yoo

  48. Oh I love love Ha Ji Won and will watch just about any of her dramas. I hope they do not pick one of the younger actors as her co-star. I would so love to see her pair up again with Jo In Sung or So Ji Sub or the awesome and elusive Won Bin. Yes! Yes! I hope it’s someone who’ll be equally mesmerizing.

    My fingers and toes are going to be crossed until I hear the confirmed leads! Oh the suspense is worst than watching dramas!!!

  49. Most of those candidates just doesn’t have the right vibe to play da ren, maybe ji sung, lee dong wook and my baby, Gong yoo, though he may not be right either, but I will watch it if he’s in!

  50. I was scrolling down looking at the photos, holy cow. I actually want everyone of them to be casted. It’s so difficult to even choose one, that is if they considered the above candidates.

    As much as I want ji sung to be on screen again,he’s probably gonna accompany LBY and enjoy his fatherhood life.

  51. I can see it being one of the actors on the list that is good at, the boy next door, lost puppy-dog thing. Those would be Gong Yoo, Kang Ji Hwan, Joo Sang Wook, Lee Dong Wook and to a lesser degree Eric, then So Ji Sub. O really like the idea of Gong Yoo for some reason. Maybe because it would be nice to see him in a drama again.

  52. You’ve got to be kidding me… So many of them on your list are younger than her.. this is not supposed to be a Noona Romance drama

    • The point is not that they have to be born the same year as HJW but look like they’re around her age. JIS and HJW can pass as old classmates but not a HJW-Lee Jong Suk pairing for example. Who cares anyway? HJW looks younger than her age so it works just fine.

  53. Honestly I think Gong Yoo or Go Soo would be perfect for this role, especially based of Gong Yoo’s performance in the film Finding Mr. Destiny. Go Soo also did an MV with Ha Ji Won back in the early 200s and their chemistry was good.

  54. Isn’t it amazing that those that watch K- drama has their own input on who would be a good match for HJW for this drama.I love HB but with HJW- same age,younger or older actors chemistry is no problem. It is HJW.

  55. Anyone on that list is fine except for Song Seung Hun. He looks too slick and confident to play the hapless but endearing Li Da Ren. I personally vote Gong Yoo and Lee Jun Ki!

  56. @buffy: ” The phenomenal and Worldwide hit Secret Garden was a weekend drama. The ratings was even way higher than the overrated My love from the stars. I’m not worried! This drama is a sure fire hit because Ha Ji Won is in it.”

    Why suddenly made yourself pathetic with obvious jealousy by dragging YWCFTS into comparison with non-related stuff? Your SeGa was years ago and was an weekend drama compared to YWCFTS that was recent and a weekly drama. If SeGa was a weekly drama, would it get that rating? You should have focused into your fight with other fandoms instead.

  57. I have no idea yet in the story to remake In Time With You but I will suggest joo jin mo, he was hot and manly, their tandem of ha ji won is perfect too.

  58. So Ji Sub, Lee Jun ki, Gong Yoo and Song Seung Hun.. I really want her to be paired with this guys for a long time..

  59. I love HJW. Hope she’s confirmed for this drama soon. Wow, these are all very talented hotties and hard to pick, lol. For the actors she hasn’t co-starred with I’d love for her to co-star with either Gong Yoo, Joo Sang Wook, or Kang Ji Hwan. For the ones she had co-starred with I’d love for her to reunite with So Ji Sub and Jo In Sung.

  60. Para una actríz tan espectacular, el actor tiene que ser especial.Me gustan los nombrados antes, pero ya que no es Binnie, pensè en un tremendo actor, guapo y sexy, ademàs de que hace tiempo no actùa… Won Bin 😉

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