SETTV Readies Aim High Successor Friday Drama Starring Danson Tang and Ivelyn Lee

I’m sooooo happy there is finally an end date in sight for Friday night SETTV idol drama Aim High. The title is just ripe for skewering considering it did the opposite of that, calling it Aim So Low or Aim High and Fall Flat on Your Face would be more apt. Even my beloved Lego Lee couldn’t make me stay on for more than two excruciatingly dull episodes. The central problem was having two unlikable female leads, one the plucky dime-a-dozen hardworking poor girl played by chipmunk on acid Summer Meng and the other a bitchy career driven gal that Guo Shu Yao just could not make me care about.

Aim High ends in two weeks and on March 20th arrives the new Friday night TW-drama tentatively called Could This Be Love (莫非,這就是愛情). I’m sure it’ll get a cheeky English title from SETTV in the next week or so but filming has already started with leads Danson Tang and Ivelyn Lee. I haven’t watched either in a drama in years though Danson did a SETTV daily last year as the male lead of the female-centric Fabulous 30. I would say this drama doesn’t interest me right off the bat but with Aim High being such a disappointment at this time one doesn’t have a high bar to cross when it premieres in three weeks.

Teaser for Could This Be Love:


SETTV Readies Aim High Successor Friday Drama Starring Danson Tang and Ivelyn Lee — 10 Comments

    • Extreme weight loss, Botox, fillers, and maybe shaved chin. The inexplicable make over/unnecessary fix.

      I decided to watch Boysitter, because it had few episodes and as a way to give T-dramas a chance again. It actually started off well, and I was pleasantly surprised, but then it went off track. How does a 15 episode drama derail so spectacularly. The leads and side characters are annoying, and unlikeable. The writer doesn’t commit one way or the other and instead waffles about and ended up alienating the viewers.

  1. Did he get crazy amounts of plastic surgery. I swear he looks nothing like he did 5 years ago, the last couple dramas he did if his namr wasnt attached id have no clue its him

  2. Don’t know if I will like this one but I did like the drama that he did with Alice Tseng a few years ago. I didn’t really like Fab 30 all that much.

    I think Aim High just was really bad all around. Boring leads and dull as beans story line and the way they shot it was just lacking in any spark. I don’t know… both Chris & Lego’s characters are also dull. Don’t know where it all went wrong but something just didn’t work.

  3. Yes! I could really get behind this cast although I wish Jolin Chien is the lead instead. I quite liked Jolin Chien in Pleasantly Surprised. Danson Tang obviously followed after Jiro Wang and got a face changed but mainly, I’ve always found his acting to be extremely prentenious and 耍帥. And this is coming from someone who watched ALL episodes of his drama with Alice Tseng.

  4. I really hope this drama is better than Aim High because Aim High was a let down and so frustrate with Lego and Yaoyao coupling.

  5. I really miss Danson acting! And Ivelyn too! Though she did annoyed me a little in Love Recipe. Frankly speaking, I didn’t know her english name was Ivelyn, always knew her by her mandarin name.
    So many good Taiwanese actors have not acted for so long T___T Miss those really good dramas. Now, almost none of them excites me anymore.

  6. Oh my, I actually like Aim High. I could do without Summer Meng and Chris Wang though. They really have no chemistry together, and I could not see for the life of me saw any spark. I love Lego Lee and Yao Yao pairing though! I really liked their story, and also the girl who was in love with Yaoyao whom was eventually paired with Chris Wang’s brother. I don’t remember their names. I also loved the bromance between Chris Wang and Lego Lee too, and though Lego Lee and Yao Yao intimate scenes were a little awkward, it was still pretty cute. I think if they took out Summer Meng and Chris Wang’s story, they would’ve had a decent rating.

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