Roy Qiu and Alice Ke Reunite From Office Girls to New TW-drama Marry Me, or Not

Waking up to magical drama casting news definitely sets the mood for the entire day to “ecstatic”. It’s been four years since the last SETTV mega-hit drama, which was the unexpected success of Office Girls with Roy Qiu and Alice Ke. It was so popular it even beat In Time With You in ratings by a long shot. I loved OG, draggy warts and all, entirely due to the effervescent and perfect chemistry between Roy and Alice. They got along well during filming and thoroughly sold their characters and the romance, elevating a mediocre office setting growth story into something delightful to watch once a week.

It’s been two years since Roy did a TW-drama, not since the disappointing Miss Rose, which also spawned countless memes about how much the two leads couldn’t stand each other during the filming but had to play love onscreen. Now the right pair is back together again as Alice and Roy will headline the upcoming ETTV network produced TW-drama Marry Me, or Not? (Chinese title 必娶女人 Woman Who Must Be Married), alongside second leads Joanne Tseng and Harry Chang. I’m so happy to see Roy back in TW-dramaland, and reuniting with Alice is the whipped cream and cherry on top of the tasty cake.

Alice and Joanne play similar personality characters, strong-willed successful women who have been frenemies since their college days. Roy is a divorce lawyer who doesn’t believe in love or marriage having seen too many fall apart. Harry is the playboy who is the main reason the two rival leading ladies hate each other as he got between them years ago. To start getting into the mood again, have one of my favorite scenes from OG, the scene that turned the drama from mere like to full blown love for all the viewers, myself included.

Scene cut episode 5 Zi Qi to Xing Ren “Don’t go!”:


Roy Qiu and Alice Ke Reunite From Office Girls to New TW-drama Marry Me, or Not — 24 Comments

  1. Omg!!! I am so happy!!! Really what a surprise… To wash off the initial stink of ep 16. Good grief!

    I have been loosely following tw dramas currently airing. And only Annie’s really caught me but even that one is making me go a little cra-cra.

    Let’s hope this one is a keeper. I am so happy Roy is back in a tw drama! I did follow miss rose all the way through. And thought – well it kinda had potential except for the whole chemistrt debacle.

  2. Yes! I really loved them in OG. They were great together. This may be the one that gets me back in the groove of watching dramas again.

      • I remember Koala saying that she never fell under Roy’s charms – and that is why they work so well together. There is mutual respect and friendliness but a little bit of distance, non?

  3. Yay, this is great news! A new T-Drama to look forward to! Love Alice & Roy in Office Girls. Thanks okoala for this news. Can’t wait to see this one! 🙂

  4. This is seriously the best news I have had in a while.
    While listening to Never from the OG OST today, I swear I had a physical need to see Roy on my screen again. It actually made me a little worried about myself and I was going to ask you about him.
    IF ONLY, I had — you would have thought I was psychic! I would have been able to live off that coincidence for ever.

    I AM SOOOOO HAPPY. I NEED ROY. So.much. There isn’t anyone else like him.

  5. OMG! OMG! This is too exciting! I couldn’t believe what I was reading in the title. I had to do a double take. Office Girls was my first TW drama and I loved it so, so much! So this news about them reuniting is like the best thing ever!


  7. Also, I just rewatched some scenes from Miss Rose yada yada… and even just those few scenes reminded me of what a rom com is!!! I had forgotten after being sucked into the vortex that is HJM that is devoid of all things rom or com. THis is all cause of Roy!

  8. i absolutely loved OG and this news made me squeal like crazy…

    One thing though… Alice looks soooo thin, i’m worried about her. Please someone hand her a sandwich or something. Does not look healthy at all…

  9. One of the things that made OG for me was the music. From Genie Zhou singing Bu Yao Bu Yao and 想飛的自由落體 as heard in the clip to Yisa Yu with 微加幸福 (the song Roy sings to Alice while playing guitar), it all just worked. I hope the music is as good this time as it was in OG.

  10. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this piece! On the strength of your raves, I watched Office Girls over the last week and, WOW. Just WOW! It was over long, of course, as most T Dramas are, and some of the side characters irked me to the end (Manager Shi ESPECIALLY, her Mum too), but that OTP was sublime. I know I’m gongi to be rwatchnig their arc A LOT, while hoping they can can at least come close to recapturing the magic of Office Girls.

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